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My World Is Shaking

| 01 January 2011
My excitement for the last two hours is visible. Mom prepared so many food and drinks for us to enjoy. Outside our house, people were busy preparing things for New Year. I've overheard somewhere during morning walks that New Year celebration must be special. That also explains my excitement.

When I was young, New Year isn't fun. I just stayed in my room and eat my share of spaghetti and fruit salad. Although I wasn't so happy at that time, I love the taste of spaghetti. Also, missing my buddy (now my cute boyfriend) added my "drama". That New Year, I just sleep and welcomes the next morning with ease.

This time, we don't have spaghetti. I wasn't disappointed, though. The carbonara recipe my Mom prepared is so delicious! As I'm eating my share, I look at my boyfriend with a smile. I'm thinking to take half of her share once she's done. By that time, my wish that she won't finish eating her carbonara will be granted.

I took some fruit salad in the counter. There's a piece of cake in the table, yet I chose to eat cookies. I stayed in a corner to enjoy the food. Now that I'm seven years old, I felt that New Year is special. I enjoy the music too. When I hear Charice Pempengco sing "Pyramid" and her "Glee" music, I feel like I'm in love.

Mom said that it's almost midnight. I'm so excited with the idea of facing a new year. That would be fun, I guess. However, I'm beginning to wonder what's going on outside our house. There's a huge fire, I'm not sure. Noise is also undeniable. Later on, it became to frightening like there's an incoming war! I heard that bombs were thrown everywhere like in the movie "Band of Brothers" that Mom always watch with Dad. There's a whistling sound, then a really huge 'bang" later on. My feet started to shake and I can no longer walk. Should I take my belongings and prepare for evacuation? How about my boyfriend who seems not afraid of the situation. It felt so strange. Maybe, I'll just pretend that it's not yet the end of the world.

Since I was so shaking out of unimaginable fear, Mom embraced me. That made me so calm and secured. I never thought that New Year isn't fun for a fearful dog like me. Yes, my name is Ice but it's so funny that I wasn't shaking because of cold ice, but because of New Year bombs like triangle, Super Lolo, fountain and many others.

That's me (in brown) and Enzo (white), my boyfriend.

Read more about us here, Dog Blog Post.

Happy New Year!


{ LhanLhan } at: January 1, 2011 at 4:58 PM said...

thought it was really you ^^ its a dog pala ^^

{ Krincess Carl } at: January 3, 2011 at 12:04 AM said...

Hahahaha! That's a trick! I got this idea from a very, very old magazine. I'm telling here a story about our dog, Ice. Nanginginig talaga siya sa takot last New Year.


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