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The Way Amanda Died

| 07 December 2009
I know I will die,
If I will follow my conscience.
I worry not for myself,
But for my loved ones behind.

I finally closed my eyes,
When I cannot take it anymore.
The way they snatched my life,
Is like a ritual of the devils.

Spare my memories,
Just like my family.
Let me leave my footprints,
As I attempted to escape.

Well, you won this battle,
But only for a day.
I will raise the curtains,
While the heavens let me in.

I died like a pig,
In a barren and far away land.
The cult dug the grave,
Where they kept me warm.

My last breath is for love,
For the family that I cherished.
Someday, when all these trials are over.
I will live like an angel.
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Manny Pacquaio In His Seventh Title

| 18 November 2009

It was in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas wherein people were seated in all the 17,157 seats to watch boxing history in the making with Filipino pride Manny Pacquiao having 49 won with 37 by knockout-3 lost-2 draws trying to grab Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Angel Cotto's 34 won with 27 knockouts-1 lost-0 draws WBO Welterweight title.

No one could underestimate Manny Pacquiao for his boxing prowess. At the third and fourth round, he was able to bring Miguel Angel Cotto down literally. He made history when at the12th round, Miguel Angel Cotto no longer fought for his title. He was too tired to continue the fight when it is almost done. Another notable part of the bout is when Miguel Cotto failed to stay alert to defend himself for the aggressive take-over of Manny Pacquaio in the ring from the seventh to the twelfth round. Besides, Miguel Cotto played with dignity and courage as he tried to reach the last round as much as he could do. He was just stopped by the referee when it was evident that he could no longer defend himself. Miguel Cotto also showed so much respect with Manny Pacquaio by embracing the latter after he lost his title to the boxing champ. Compared to Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto did not show so much arrogance prior to the bout and during the bout.

Miguel Angel Cotto is more powerful than Manny Pacquiao but the latter is faster than him. Manny Pacquiao was able to display his systematic and timed punches with ease and at the same time using his speed to dodge Miguel Angel Cotto. As atated, referee Kenny Bayless closed the stint in the 12th round when he observed that Miguel Angel Cotto was no longer fighting. Finally, the said fight meant everything to Manny Pacquiao as it served as the inauguration of a new-fangled record no Asian boxer has ever achieved until now, that is to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions such as Flyweight, Super Bantamweight, Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Light Welterweight and Welterweight.

On the first to the third round, Miguel Cotto tried to parry with the way Manny Pacquaio execute his own game plan. Earlier, Miguel Cotto's camp boasted of a game plan that would eventually topple Manny Pacquaio. But it seems that Miguel Cotto's game plan is not enough to scare aware the pound for pound champion. During the press conference, Miguel Cotto's camp, specifically his coach wished good luck to Manny Pacquaio like "Good luck Manny, you will need more of that during the bout", which was attacked by the contender with much humility. Yet, Cotto made a good fight during the bout. Besides, he did not show any hint of arrogance and over-confidence.

There were also reports that the people who were watching the bout chanted that Manny Pacquiao's next target should be Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, Manny Pacquaio never confirmed such request for his own opinion. He just enjoyed his latest win and prepared for the after-fight concert that he is excited about.

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Life and Writing

| 09 November 2009
Writing is my way of expressing my thoughts and opinion especially when I felt like I need to share them. It is also one way of sending messages to other people the things that I do not like and the things that I am fond of. Maybe, I was carrying a pen the day I was born because there are times that I could get sick when I failed to write. That's a joke, of course! Well, I learned many things since the day I signed up for a writing job.

The experiences made me a better person, a better blogger, and a better researcher. I am hoping a raise for my salary though for the coming year because I felt it is just and right. It is true that I earned a lot through writing. I wrote about travel, fashion and food. These topics are my favorite. I also wrote about pool parties and featured many Cavite resorts. It's really fun!

I am glad that I did not give up on writing. When I was in college, I promised myself to hone my writing skills in whatever way available. People would comment that writers are not really paid well. But when Internet surfing became a hit, that statement became moot and academic. I am not really good in grammar, I admit that. But sometimes, when you were born as a writer, things will fall in the right places. Yes, I am clever. I used all possible means to study all emotions that a person could express. These emotions really steam from falling in love up to the time when poverty and hunger breaks a heart. Yes, that is true. The complexity of the society actually revolves around eating and loving. Right? Feel the air. You will feel alright when you are loved. Listen to your heart, you will know that you are alright when you are not hungry. Strange but true. It is our survival that we understand the meaning of life. We struggle. Yes.

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To Work Or Not To Work

| 15 October 2009

The main reason why we need to work is to earn a living. We need to be hard working in order to increase our income. We also improve our skills in order to be promoted in work. But, what if there are other factors in work that make us bothered?

First, salaries may not be enough to support us and we need additional income. In this case, the element of time is necessary. In other words, if we know how to manage our time and juggle two jobs in every 24 hours we have, then there is no problem with this.

Second, there are people who wanted to destroy the reputation of the company you work for. In my case, I was bothered by some people who wanted to close the operation of the company because they were not promoted earlier. In my case, I just worked hard and leave the matter to the authorities.

Third, some office-mates are so noisy while working. In some cultures, work is no fun at all. But in my own place, work may be tied with fun. That is why some workers tend to abuse the work with fun moments while working.

And lastly, the element of monotony and laziness may bother workers at times. The best way to combat these problems is to remain positive and energetic while working.

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Life Insurance Consciousness

| 11 October 2009
Why is it that life insurance is necessary for us especially the working people? This question came into view upon reading a message about the Life Insurance Consciousness Week somewhere. The answer is simple: it gives us protection and such protection extends to family members. After all, when people took and signed insurance policies, they usually enlist their loved ones and family members as beneficiaries. People also need life insurance in order to be prepared at all times. Some people die early, hence an insurance proceeds is necessary. Others live too old and they need more money to spend for their personal needs such as food, medicine, shelter, and other things. Imagine the scare and hardship to be experienced by an old man who was not able to keep money for old age days in his life! It is proper for a person then to save and to have an insurance coverage while being young.

Moreover, an insurance coverage is also necessary in order to fund the funeral expenses of a person. This words are too harsh, I know, but this is reality. The way we spend money is too pervasive just like the taxes that we need to pay. Indeed, having an insurance coverage is the best way to prepare for the future.

food is the primary necessity for mankind to live
get life insurance coverage now!

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Blogadvertisingstore: Beneficial For Both Bloggers and Advertisers

| 03 October 2009

There are two most important netizens that we must consider when we speak of business venture in the Internet. These netizens (means those people who are active users of the Internet) include advertisers and bloggers. Basically, there are millions of Internet users that are considered as the target of bloggers and advertisers. The truth is, most bloggers want their blog posts to be paid by advertisers and in return advertisers get a wider market for their products. Due to massive Internet campaigns through a blog post which talks about a specific product is the most important factor in Internet business ventures.

The site blogadvertisingstore is one of the most essential platforms for both advertisers and bloggers. It is the best site for advertisers to advertise more of their products and services to Internet users because the site allows bloggers to review products and services in exchange of reasonable payment. The said website is also easy to use and their services are fit for advertisers who want more clients for their business ventures. For bloggers, it is one site for earning more on blog posts and product reviews because the site really pays them. The advertisers get more benefits in using the services of the sites because blog posts by bloggers are well-written and with quality sufficient to entice readers to try their products and services. The blog posts also are promoted to Yahoo Directory and even to DMOZ Directory for more traffic. Bloggers can also join other bloggers in the activities offered by the site by signing in a free account. Once your blog is approved, you can start looking for open opportunities and write blog posts or product reviews. Once the blog post or product review is approved, money earned for the participation will start to accumulate. When a blogger’s finances reached $100 (US), the site will pay the same to the blogger through Paypal. Hence, blogadvertisingstore is really useful and beneficial for both bloggers and advertisers.
Review us

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SEO Friendly Web Directories For Content Promotions

| 01 October 2009

Since blogging and article writing became well-known in the Internet, various matters should be known by writers. For those who are already experienced bloggers, this post is just a reminder. But for readers who are just new in the blogosphere, this post is worth reading. For one thing, we knew already for the basic rule in SEO and content promotions ideas and principle that is: content and traffic must rule over the blog or websites we developed. In order to do that, we must submit blog sites or websites to SEO friendly web directories in order to promote our articles and blog posts. We gain more traffic by sending our sites to DMOZ, to Jasmine Directory, and even to Yahoo Directory including many other SEO friendly web directories. It also include Max Ditectory and other web directories available. A web directory is also useful for promoting new sites provided that it has at least three (3) months of existence in the net.

Most web directories are free to use and it is easy to participate in their services. A blogger or writer must have time and patience to look for legitimate web directories in the Internet for there are other services that are just designed for them to increase traffic in their websites. The promotions of contents like articles and blog posts are regarded as time consuming and it necessitates patience and determination but the reward is great. Contents that are properly promoted would surely be visible in major search engines. Hence, submission of quality contents to web directories must be done if writers want traffic in their websites and blog sites.
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| 28 September 2009

As a woman of strength and compassion, I always make sure that I have fun in my daily activities. One of my hobbies that would make me enjoy life is taking pictures in every place I go. I also have various photograph albums at home as my collections. In any way, I wanted fun in my pictures as displayed and placed in my albums. I searched in the internet for a website that could transform my photos into different effects to make it more attractive and memorable.

Lately, I stumbled in one website that provides services transforming a simple photo into different effects. The website is named and is a new service where you can upload your photo and make a lot of different amazing effects in a matter of seconds. The website is just simple but its services is unique and the results are funny pictures! All you have to do is to upload your favourite pictures and in a matter of seconds, you have your photo into a new effect. The website then offers online photoshop and they have 100 different effects in tow. The pictures as transformed into new different effects and the results are really funny photos that are worthy to be shared to friends and loved ones. With that makes an everyday new photo effect for all of us.

Having availed of the services of, I really enjoyed taking pictures and uploading the same at the website. Aside from the fact that I eradicated boring moments at home, work, and school, I also have fun memories in relation to my photographs. Thus, is the best website for us to have an everyday new photo effect. Here are the sample pictures that I uploaded in the website:

And here I am:

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I am Skinny Before

| 24 September 2009
People used to pick on me when I was young because of my skinny physical frame. Others would even laugh at the slightest atack of the wind because they thought that I would be carried away by it. Since I grew up as a school track and field athlete, some of my friends even laugh at me because they cannot believe that I could run as fast as a dog. My secret for every win is determination and to get the medal for "Athlete of the Year" award of course to add to my rooster of awards during younger years at school. Going back to the skinny thing, I do not eat a lot and I often skip breakfast just to study for school purposes. Yes, I was once a nerd, weird and all, but I changed. I tried to maintain my brains for purposes of survival in this scary world.

This time, I already weigh 54 kls. from 48 kls. and still vying for the perfect trim. My only purpose is to stay healthy for my loved ones and before the eyes of God. There is one thing that I do not do, exercise. It is difficult for me to squeeze that into my schedule for now. But later, I will also engage again in athletic dispositions in order to stay healthy.

my favorite food
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It's Krrunch Time, get Playful!

| 23 September 2009

I have been aspiring to be one of the most sought-after lawyer in town for years. So, I studied law and tried to pass the BAR exams. In preparing for the said exam in school, I need to read at least 400 pages a day and digest 200 cases per week. Thinking of that hard work alone makes life so boring and monotonous. Being a law student, there is also a need to memorise legal provisions that only the most diligent student could accomplish. The daily habit of reading tons of books in different subjects and memorising legal provisions made life so horrible despite the fact that I still want to be a lawyer. One question popped out in my mind, "So, where's the Krrunch?", and so I changed my study habits from then on.

Since day one, I tried to find ways to combat the ever-boring law books study time. Until one day, I discovered that eating the right snacks in between study period is helpful. I tried to find the best snacks in the grocery stores and I found Pringles! It is a snack made of crispy chips that provides Krrunch and joy in between study time at school. Krrunch-ing has made me alive every time I study and every assignment became easy to accomplish. I always enjoy reading my law books and memorising legal provisions since then because of Krrunch-ing Pringles. Pringles is really the best snack food in town. It has been my partner in reaching my dreams!

Until then...

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If the birds survived

| 21 September 2009
This day is one of the most confusing, intriguing, and trying time in my life. There are many difficult moments that I even voluntarily shed tears. Since, I need to accept the situation, I just paused for a while and think of the times when I survived difficult ordeals. in fact, I thought of other creatures who don't have the qualities that humans had in order to solve problems.

I thought of the birds in the sky, flying eagles, the maya's and the tingkarols in the trees. These creatures do not have the ability to find solutions that humans always do. So I thought, why should I worry? If these birds survived, I will also survive with the Lord's help. My waterloo is a difficult moment when all problems come like rain. They say, "when it rain, it really pours", things like that. Well, it is a matter of courage and faith. So here I am, writing this blog as a gesture of courage and a manifestation that, I too, can survive.

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Things That I Am Grateful

| 16 September 2009
There are things that I am grateful of. In gratitude, I would like to share them all.

1. For a work that I like so much. It's my dream to work in Makati City and I had it already. A relative once said I could not make it, but well...

2. For good health in my family and the people I love...

3. For the opportunity to serve others...

4. For safety and protection during travels...

5. For this wonderful day that I was able to write this post...

Although there are many trials in life, we will always survive through God's help. Our prayers will give us strength and protection. And for all those who helped me find my way, thank you so much. My gratitude never forgets you.
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Good Morning

| 15 September 2009
Just this morning, I felt that lady luck is smiling at me because almost all of the people that I met on the street greeted me "good morning". At first I asked myself, so what's good in the morning? I still have to eat breakfast and I am already starving. Later on, when I reached another corner, a security guard greeted me "good morning" with a matching big grin on his face. I was thinking, security guards had longer work hours than me and they usually work during night time, but they still can manage to smile some passers-by like me. So why should I complain? When I reached the office, another security guard greeted me the same thing "good morning" which made me think that indeed lady luck smiled at me often. I realised that good morning meant hope and abundance because it is free for all. It is just a matter of peace of mind and acceptance in all the things that happened.

I also remembered the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" which was directed by Barry Levinson. Robin Williams played the character of Adrian Cronauer who is a good airman. He made history when he aired using an introduction "Good Morning Vietnam" and people and even soldiers really loved his adlibs on air. That's it, the morning greeting is really helpful just to make one day great.

So, good morning everyone! Have a nice day.

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Robertson v. Princeton Case

| 14 September 2009
There are many things that surrounds the case of Robertson v. Princeton. Some of these matters include:

1. Charles Robertson is a wealthy man who founded the Robertson Foundation with his wife in order to help his alma mater, Princeton University. However, years after he died, controversies surrounds the said foundation due to serious allegations against Princeton University by his son William Robertson and other relatives.

2. The main ehtical issue of the case is about changing the main intention of the philanthropist in donating money to a certain endowment of fund raising entity. In the case of Princeton, it allegedly misused the donations of Robertson Foundation in favor of the students at Woodrow Wilson school. The intention of William's father is to fund the graduate schooling of students taking public service courses and eventually getting a job in the Federal Government. However, it was not the case at Princeton University.

3. William Richardson accused Princeton University that it used the funding of the foundation in other projects like buildings and programs or fellowships not related to the original intent of the donor.

4. Lastly, William also ,mentioned that fund raising activities are affected by the poor governance, fraud, and misuse of funding by recipients of endowments.

Knowing all these points, fund raisers must be careful in their transactions with donors so that they would not commit unethical activities. This case has been considered as the most expensive legal battle nowadays as both parties used hefty amount of money to fund the suit. But the most important point is that the case will surely affect the future of fund raising activities.
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Remembering 9/11 Tragedy

| 10 September 2009
I have a book that provides hundreds of recollections and accounts of those people who survived the 9/11 attacks. I am not yet done reading the book, but I see to it that I still remember the bravery and compassion of those people who helped others to survive in that great ordeal. I also remember the time it happened when I heard about it in the news. All eyes of the people around me were glued to the television screen and were shocked of what happened to the twin towers. We saw the first tower collapse and thought that was the end of it and survivors might find their way.

However, the second tower was hit again by another plane maneuvered by the terrorists. It is notable that most of the survivors survived because others helped them cope the incident. Others were meant to return home because they forgot something and before they could turn their heads to know what was that thunderous sound, the twin towers collapsed to the ground. There was also one flight that was prevented by heroic Americans to destroy targets. For the victims and their families, it has been a great trial and a difficult time that deserves all our prayers.

Thank you.

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Friendster, Who's Viewed Me?

| 09 September 2009
I always change account in I do it on purpose, for I do not want to keep friends who cant be trusted anymore. For those who might be affected, they're out of the question and should not question me. I also expect that when I view someone's account, they would also view my profile back. But I do not know what's the bubble in their minds. But for me, some of them are wondering why I checked their accounts, some are just harmless, some are my relatives that I failed to re-add, and others are even fuming with anger. Since Facebook is now the new "shabu", Friendster is no longer that famous. Only used by most people in Southeast Asia, Friendster is however "in" in my community.

Via Friendster, I also know the whereabouts of people without adding them. I just wait if they would add me. Hahahaha! It's up to them. Maybe, I already canceled at least 5 Friendster accounts that made my friends wonder. To think, logging in to Friendster is not allowed in the office. But I still managed to do it. No matter what, I will still keep myself controlled in using that social networking site. That's it.

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Noynoy Aquino said

| 08 September 2009
Today is 9/9/09 and the jump-start of a glorious battle in favor of good governance and democracy. At the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City, Noynoy Aquino already announced that he would run for the presidential post next year.

1. He declared that, “Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko ang tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamon na mamuno sa laban na ito. Tatakbo po ako sa pagka-pangulo sa darating na halalan." (from, 2009)

2. Having these exact words, people are hoping for changes in the government. Even my circle of friends are asking me to support the call of the people that Noynoy should run. As a political science grad, I understand that a candidacy that is supported by the majority will surely win the race.

Knowing this news, I am inclined to answer the e-mails that I received regarding support for the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino. I will also ask other people to join the cause of fighting for the welfare of the people. And to this day, may the blessings of independence and democracy from the Almighty God be present.
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Boracay tops

| 07 September 2009
Smart Travel Asia which is an online travel magazine conducted a recently an online survey on the best business hotels, luxury resorts, travel hot spots and many others within Asia. What makes me thrilled is the fact that Boracay ranked 6th among the top destinations in Asia in the category of top ten holiday destinations.

Here are the list of the voted top destinations:

1. The Island of the Gods (Bali, Indonesia)
2. Phuket (Thailand)
3. Kerala (India)
4. Hong Kong
5. Bangkok, Thailand and Hoi An, Vietnam
6. Boracay, Goa, India, and Langkawi, Malaysia
7. Palawan, Chiang Mai (Thailand)
8. Angkor (Cambodia), Shanghai, and Tokyo
9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Koh Samui (Thailand)
10. Penang (Malaysia) and Rajasthan (India)

These places proved to be hot destinations over Asia as the readers of Smart Travel Asia voted these places to be included in the top ten.
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Learn To Accept Defeat

Learning to accept one's defeat in small battles in life may help us rise above our weakness. When things are getting pessimistic and sour, it is our responsibility to drink lemonades than eat chocolates. My point is that not all defeats are there to crush one's spirit, and there is no reason to get angry, too. There are things that can be dealt with wit and humor instead of hatred. Before, I have a hard time learning the trick, but now, I had seen myself in the attitudes of other people. I am glad I changed.

Lately, my father died. All I did was to stay strong and prayerful. I also made sure that I had a balanced life. I wrote about Watercamp Resorts in Cavite to finish my writing tasks, I joined a summer workshop and visited my brother. These things helped me cope up with what I had gone through. I'm also grateful for those who helped us.

For one thing, if I failed in a specific goal, I tried to soothe myself by watching movies and reading magazines such as Star Studio, Yes, Meg, Liahona ( a church magazine), Entrepreneur, and many others. Not all of my magazines are the latest issue, some of them are back issues, but at least I have something to remind me that escaping from reality for a short period of time is worthwhile. It is difficult to accept defeat, but it is noble to move forward. All things considered, I am writing this because there people around me that deserve lecture like this.
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Dream That Scares To Death

During my vacation weekends in two particular places, I had this scary, weird, and unusual dreams that was felt by my husband. The first incident happened in a vacation house near Laguna de Bay. The place is nice and comfortable. Aside from its provincial ambiance, the place is relaxing because it was settled near a body of water. The air is also warm and it made me feel secure. However, when I was already asleep, I dreamed of this past story that happened in the Spanish era. I know that my dream happened when the Philippines was under the Spanish regime. There was an old powerful man who kept on laughing near the bed, at the right side. Near the bay, there were people crying and blood spilled out the area. I was scared hearing the powerful laugh of the old man near the bed because it seemed so real. His laughter is like a roaring thunder ready to tear me into pieces, and so I woke up. I noticed that my husband was not asleep then and he told me that he heard footsteps near our bed. He was scared and unable to sleep that made me think that I dreamed the unseen person he was referring to. Because I do not want to linger not asleep at the night, I tried to go back to sleep. And I dreamed again that I was at the shore of the same bay looking for precious stones together with other individuals. It was like a treasure hunting in that filthy and muddy shore. After a while, I was able to dig human bones. To my horror, others also discovered the same. I woke up again because I could take it anymore. I never went back to sleep and just closed my eyes. I concluded, that maybe, the vacation house that we rented was a death camp and that many people died in the area and were thrown in the bay. The man I heard laughing, is maybe, the head of the prisoners camp and the room that we rented happens to be his room too. How odd!

Another scary dream that I experienced was when we stayed in a resort in Camiguin. Upon checking in, we were assigned to a room far from the seashore. However, I do not like the room because it is not comfortable. We were transfered to the former residence of the owner which is situated just a stone away from the seashore. Because I was so tired from travel, I slept early after saying my prayers. At the middle of the night, I dreamed of hanging white ladies near the window and faces of scary animals and humans. I dreamed that I was killed by strangling my neck of one of the scary creatures. I struggled to wake up, and again, I noticed that my husband is not sleeping. We concluded that the room we rented, is again, haunted by restless spirits. I just prayed and asked for protection from God. I have no idea what are those creatures that I saw in my dream but I believed that they are really really bad. Hence, it's really a bad dream.

Thank you for dropping by. Feel free to comment.
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Chupacabra: What is it?

| 02 September 2009
I have read news about this ugly animal lately, and it was in the news due to its being killed in Texas. I remembered local stories about this kind of monster then that made me sleepless when I was young. The video found in CNN projects an unimaginable image of a devilish animal that defies human love for dogs. This is because a chupacabra has a resemblance of dogs wherein it has also tail, protruding teeth, and has dark color. The only difference found between the two animals is the devilish aura of chupacabra compared to the good-natured character of dogs which has been considered as man's best friend.

There were reports that chupacabra was found strolling in some parts of the Philippines which made me believe that stories about 'momo" or "monsters" were true. The long-legged animal with unusual teeth formation is really ugly. Hence, that kind of beast can be considered as the world's meanest dog ever killed.
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Last SONA: President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

| 01 September 2009
I just want to document this state of the nation address (SONA) of President Gloria- Macapagal Arroyo.

Full Speech of PGMA-

Thank you, Speaker Nograles, Senate President Enrile, Senators, Representatives, Vice President de Castro, President Ramos, Chief Justice Puno, Ambassadors, friends:

The past twelve months have been a year for the history books. Financial meltdown in the West spread throughout the world...
Tens of millions lost their jobs; billions across the globe have been hurt 14the poor always harder than the rich. No one was spared....
It has affected us already. But the story of the Philippines in 2008 is that the country weathered a succession of global crises in fuel, in food, then in finance and finally the economy in a global recession, never losing focus and with economic fundamentals intact...
A few days ago, Moody 19s has just announced the upgrade of our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy. The state of our nation is a strong economy. 20 20Good news for our people, bad news for our critics...
I did not become President to be popular. To work, to lead, to protect and preserve our country, our people, that is why I became President. When my father left the Presidency, we were second to Japan. I want our Republic to be ready for the first world in 20 years...

Towards that vision, we made key reforms. Our economic plan centers on putting people first. Higit sa lahat ang layunin ng ating mga patakaran ay 20tulungan ang masipag na karaniwang Pilipino. New tax revenues were put in place to help pay for better healthcare, more roads, a strong education system. Housing policies were designed to lift up our poorest citizens so they can live and raise a family with dignity. Ang ating mga puhunan sa agrikultura ay naglalayong kilalanin ang ating mga magsasaka bilang backbone ng ating bansa, at bigyan sila ng mga modernong kagamitan to feed our nation and feed their own family....
Had we listened to the critics of those policies, had we not braced ourselves for the crisis that came, had we taken the easy road much preferred by politicians eyeing elections, this country would be flat on its back. It would take twice the effort just to get it back again on its feet 14to where we are now because we took the responsibility and paid the political price of doing the right thing. For standing with me and doing the right thing, thank you, Congress...
The strong, bitter and unpopular revenue measures of the past few years have spared our country the worst of the global financial shocks. They gave us the resources to stimulate the economy. Nabigyan nila ang pinakamalaking pagtaas ng IRA ng mga LGU na P40 billion itong taon, imparting strength throughout the country and at 20every level of government...
Compared to the past, we have built more and better infrastructure, including those started by others but left unfinished. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway is a prime example of building better roads. It creates wealth as the flagship of the Subic-Clark corridor.
We have built airports of international standard, upgraded domestic airports, built seaports and the RORO system. I ask Congress for a 20Philippine Transport Security Authority Law....
Some say that after this SONA, it will be all politics. Sorry, but there 19s more work....
Sa telecommunications naman, inatasan ko ang Telecommunications Commission na kumilos na tungkol sa mga sumbong na dropped calls at mga nawawalang load sa cellphone. We need to amend the Commonwealth-era Public Service Law. And we need to do it now....

Kung noong nakaraan, lumakas ang electronics, today we are creating wealth by developing the BPO and tourism sectors as additional engines of growth. Electronics and other manufactured exports rise and fall in accordance with the state of the world economy. But BPO remains resilient. With earnings of $6 billion and employment of 600,000, the BPO phenomenon speaks eloquently of our competitiveness and productivity. Let us have a Department of ICT....
In the last four years tourism almost doubled. It is now a $5 billion industry...
Our reforms gave us the resources to protect our people, our financial system and our economy from the worst of shocks that the best in the west failed to anticipate....
They gave us the resources to do reforms 20para palawakin ang suportang panlipunan and enhance spending power....For helping e raise salaries through joint resolution, thank you Congress.
Cash handouts give the most immediate relief and produce the widest stimulating effect. Nakikinabang ang 20700,000 na pinakamahihirap na pamilya sa programang Pantawid Pamilya.
Our preference is to invest in projects with the same stimulus effects but also with long-term contributions to national progress....
Sa pagpapamahagi ng milyun-milyong ektaryang lupa, 700,000 na katutubo at mahigit isang milyong benepisyaryo ng CARP ay taas-noong may-ari na ng sariling lupa. Hinihiling ko sa Kongreso na ipasa agad ang pagpapalawig ng CARP, at dapat ma-condone ang P42 billion na land reform liabilities dahil 18% lamang ang nabayaran mula 1972. Napapanahon dahil 20it will unfreeze the rural property market. Ang mahal kong ama ang nag-emancipate ng mga magsasaka. Ii-mancipate naman natin ngayon ang titulo....
Nakinabang ang pitong milyong entrepreneurs sa P165 billion na microfinance. Nakinabang ang 1,000 sa economic resiliency plan. Kasama natin ngayon ang isa sa kanila, si Gigi Gabiola. Dating household service worker sa Dubai, ngayon siya ay nagtatrabaho sa DOLE. Good luck, Gigi...
Nakinabang ang isang milyong pamilya sa programang pabahay at palupa, mula sa PAG-IBIG, NHA, community mortgage program, certificates of lot awards, at saka yung inyong Loan Condonation and Restructuring Act....
Our average inflation is the lowest since 1966. Last June, it dropped to 1.5%. Paano nakamit ito? Proper policies lowered interest rates, which lowered costs to business and consumers.
Dahil sa ating mga reporma, nakaya nating ibenta ang bigas NFA sa P18.25 per kilo kahit tumaas ang presyo sa labas mula P17.50 hanggang P30 dahil sa kakulangan ng supply sa mundo. Habang, sa unang pagkakataon, 20naitaas ang pamimili ng palay sa mga magsasaka, P17 20mula sa P11...
Dahil sa ating mga reporma, nakaya nating mamuhunan sa pagkain 14anticipating an unexpected global food crisis. Nakagawa tayo ng libu-libong kilometro ng farm-to-market roads at kasama ng pribadong sector, natubigan ang dalawang milyong ektarya. Mga Badjao gaya ni Tarnati Dannawi ay tinuruan ng modernong mariculture. Umabot na sa P180,000 ang kinita niya mula noong nakaraang taon. Congratulations, Tarnati. We will help more fisherfolk shift to fish farming with a budget of P1 billion...
Dahi dumarami na naman daw ang pamilyang nagugutom, mamumuhunan tayo ng bago sa Hunger Mitgation program na nakitang mabisa. Tulungan nito ako dito Kongreso...

Mula noong 2001, Nanawagan tayo ng mas murang gamot. Nagbebenta na tayo ng mga gamot na kalahating presyo sa libu-libong Botika ng Bayan at Botika ng Barangay sa maraming dako ng bansa. Our efforts prodded the pharmaceutical companies to come up with low-cost generics and brands like RiteMed. I supported the tough version of the House of the Cheaper Medicine Law. I supported it 20over the weak version of my critics. The result: the drug companies volunteered to bring down drug prices, slashing by half the prices of 16 drugs. Thank you, Congressman Cua, Alvarez, Biron and Locsin....
Pursuant to law, I am placing other drugs under a maximum retail price. To those who want to be President, this advice: If you want something done, do it hard, do it well. Don 19t pussyfoot. Just do it. Don't say bad words in public.
Sa health insurance, sakop na ang 86% ng ating populasyon...
Sa Rent Control Law ng 202005 hanggang 2008, 20hanggang sampung porsyento lang maaaring itaas taon-taon ang upa. Iyong kakapirma nating batas naglagay ng isang taong moratorium, tapos pitong porsyento lang ang maaaring itaas. Salamat, Kongreso....
Noong isang taon, nabiyayaan ng tig-P500 ang mahigit pitong milyong tahanan bilang Katas ng Pantawid Koryente para sa mga small electricity users....
Iyong power rates, ang EPIRA natin ang pangmatagalang 20sagot. EPIRA dismantled monopoly. 20But minana natin iyong power purchase agreements under preceding administrations, so hindi pa natin makuha iyong buong intended effect. Pero happy na rin tayo, dahil isang taon na lamang iyan. The next generation will benefit from low prices from our EPIRA. 20 Thank you...
Samantala, umabot na sa halos lahat ng barangay ang elektrisidad. We increased indigenous energy from 48% to 58%. Nakatipid tayo sa dollars tapos malaki pa ang 20na-reduce pa iyong oil consumption. The huge reduction in fossil fuel is the biggest proof of energy independence and environmental responsibility. Further reduction will come with the implementation of the Renewable Energy Act...and the Biofuels Act....again, thank you.
The next generation will also benefit from our lower public debt to GDP ratio. It declined from 78% 20in 2000 to 55% in 2008. We cut in half the debt of government corporations from 15% to 7. Likewise foreign debt from 73% to 32%. Kung meron man tayong malaking kaaway na tinalo, walang iba kundi ang utang, iyong foreign debt. Past administrations conjured the demon of foreign debt. We exorcised it....

The market grows economies. A free market, not a free-for-all...
To that end, we improved our banking system to complement its inherent conservatism. The Bangko Sentral has been prudent. Thank you, Governor Tetangco, for being so effective. The BSP will be even more effective if Congress will amend its Charter....
We worked on the Special Purpose Vehicle Act, reducing non-performing loans from 18% to 4% and improving loan-deposit ratios....
Our new Securitization Law did not encourage the recklessness that brought down giant banks and insurance companies elsewhere and laid their economies to waste. In fact, it monitors and regulates the new-fangled financial schemes. Thank you, Congress....
We will work to increase 20tax effort through improved collections and new sin taxes to further our capacity to reduce poverty and pursue growth. Revenue enhancement must come from the Department of Finance plugging leaks and catching tax and customs cheats. I call on tax-paying citizens and tax-paying businesses: help the BIR and Customs spot those cheats 26
Taxes should come from alcohol and tobacco and not from books. Tax hazards to lungs and livers, do not tax minds. Ang kita mula sa buwis 20sa alak at sigarilyo ay dapat pumunta sa kalusugan at edukasyon. Sa kalusugan, 20pondohan ang Philhealth premiums ng pinakamahihirap. Ponhodhan ang mas maraming classroom at computers.....
Pardon my partiality for the teaching profession. I was a teacher....
Kaya namuhunan tayo ng malaki sa edukasyon at skills training....
Ang magandang edukasyon ay susi sa mas mabuting buhay, the great equalizer that allows every young Filipino a chance to realize their dreams...
Nagtayo tayo ng 95,000 na silid-aralan, nagdagdag ng 60,000 na guro, naglaan ng P1.5 billion para sa teacher training, especially for 100,000 English teachers. Isa sa pinakamahirap na Millennium Development Goals ay iyong Edukasyon para sa Lahat pagdating ng 2015, na nangunguhulugang lahat ng nasa edad ay nasa grade school. Halos walang bansang 20nakakatupad nito. Ngunit nagsisikap tayo. Binaba natin ang gastos ng pagpasok. Nagtayo tayo ng mga eskwela sa higit isang libong barangay na dati walang eskwelahan, 20upang makatipid ng 20gastos ng pasahe ang mga bata. Tinanggal natin ang miscellaneous fees para sa primary school.
Hindi na kailangan ang uniporme sa mga estudyante sa public schools...
We assist financially half of all students in private high schools....
We have provided 600,000 college and post-graduate scholarships. One of them Mylene Amerol-Macumbal, finished Accounting at MSU-IIT, went to law school, and placed second in the last bar exams--the first Muslim woman bar topnotcher. Congratulations...
In technical education and skills training, we have invested three times that of three previous administrations combined. Narito si Jennifer Silbor, isa sa sampung milyong trainee. Natuto siya ng medical transcription. Now, as an independent contractor and lecturer for transcriptions in Davao, kumikita siya ng P18,000 bawat buwan. Good job.
The Presidential Task Force on Education headed by Jesuit educator Father Bienvenido Nebres has come out with the Main Education Highway towards a Knowledge-Based Economy. It envisions seamless education from basic to vocational school or college....
It seeks to 20mainstream early childhood development in basic education. Our children are our most cherished possession. In their early years we must make sure they get a healthy start in life. They must receive the right food for a healthy body, the right education for a bright and inquiring mind 14and the equal opportunity for a meaningful job....
For college admission, the Task Force recommends mandatory Scholastic Aptitude Tests. It also recommends that 20private higher education institutions and state universities and colleges should be harmonized. 20It also recommends that CHED 20will oversee of local universities and colleges. For professions seeking international recognition 14engineering, architecture, accountancy, pharmacy and physical therapy 14it recommends radical reform: 10 years of basic education, two years of pre-university, three years of university...
Our educational system should make the Filipino fit not just for whatever jobs happen to be on offer today, but also for whatever economic challenge life will throw in their way....
Sa hirap at ginhawa, ang ating overseas Filipinos ay pinapatatag ang ating bansa. Iyong padala nilang $16 billion noong isang taon ay record. Itong taon, mas mataas pa....
I know that this is not a sacrifice joyfully borne. This is work where it can be found 14in faraway places, among strangers with different cultures. It is lonely work, it is very hard work....

Kaya nagsisikap tayong lumikha ng mga trabahong maganda ang bayad dito sa atin so that overseas work will just be a career choice, not the only option for a hardworking Filipino in search of a better life...
Meanwhile, we should make their sacrifices worthwhile. Dapat gumawa tayo ng mga mas malakas na paraan upang proteksyonan at palawak ang halaga ng kanilang pinagsikapang sweldo. That means stronger consumer protection for OFWs investing in property and products back home. Para sa kanila, pinapakilos natin ang Investors Protection Task Force....
Hindi ako nag-aatubiling bisitahin ang ating 20 taong bayan at ang kanilang mga hosts sa buong mundo 13 mula Hapon...hanggang Brazil, mula Europa at Middle East hanggang sa American Midwest, nakikinig sa kanilang mga problema at pangangailangan, inaalam kung paano matulungan sila n gating pamahalaan 14-by working out better policies on migrant labor, or by saving lives and restoring liberty....
Pagpunta ko sa Saudi, pinatawad ni Haring Abdullah ang pitong daang OFW na nasa preso. Pinuno nila ang isang buong eroplano at umuwi kasama ko....
Mula sa ating State Visit to Spain, it has become our biggest European donor. At si Haring Juan Carlos ay nakikipag-usap sa ibang mga bansa para sa ating mga namomoblemang OFW. Ganoon di si Sheikh Khalifa, ang Prime Minister ng Bahrain....
Pagpunta ko sa Kuwait, Emir al-Sabah commuted death sentences. For overseas workers, maraming salamat.
Our vigorous international engagement has helped bring in foreign investment. Net foreign direct investments multiplied 15 times during our administration.
Kasama ng ating mga Together with our OFWs, they more than doubled our foreign exchange reserves. Pinalakas ang ating piso at naiwasan ang lubhang pagtaasng presyo. They upgraded our credit because our reserves grew by $3 billion while those of our peers have shrunk.....
Our international engagement has also corrected historical injustice. The day we visited Washington, Senator Daniel Inouye successfully sponsored benefits for our veterans as part of America 19s fiscal stimulus package...
I have accepted the invitation of President Obama to be the first Southeast Asian leader to meet him at the White House, this week....
That he sought us the Philippines testifies to our strong and deep ties....
High on our agenda will be peace and security issues. Terrorism: 20 how to meet it, how to end it, how to address its roots in injustice and prejudice 14and most and always how to protect lives....
We will also discuss nuclear non-proliferation. The Philippines will chair the review of the nuclear weapons non-proliferation Treaty in New York in May 2010. The success of the talks will be a major diplomatic achievement for us....
There is a range of other issues we will discuss, including the global challenge of climate change, especially the threat to countries with long coastlines. And there is the global recession, its worse impact on poor people, and the options that can spare them from the worst.
In 2008 up to the first quarter of 2009 we stood among only a few economies in Asia-Pacific that did not shrink. Compare this in 2001, when some of my current critics were driven out by people power, Asia was then surging but our country was on the brink of bankruptcy....

Since then, our economy has posted uninterrupted growth for 33 quarters; more than doubled its size from $76 billion to $186 billion. The average GDP growth from 2001 to the first quarter of 2009 is the highest in 43 years.
Bumaba ang bilang ng nagsasabing mahihirap sila, mula 59% sa 47%. Kahit na lumaki ang ating populasyon, nabawasan ng dalawang milyon ang bilang ng mahihirap. GNP per capita rose from a Third World $967 to $2,051. Lumikha tayo ng walong milyong trabaho, an average of a million per year, much, much more than at any other time....
In sum:
1. We have a strong economy in a strong fiscal position to withstand political shocks....
2. We built new modern infrastructure and completed unfinished ones.
3. The economy is more fair to the poor than ever before....
4. We are building a sound base for the next generation....
5. International authorities have taken notice that we are safer from environmental degradation and man-made disasters....
As a country in the path of typhoons and in the Pacific Rim of Fire, we must be as prepared as the latest technology permits to anticipate natural calamities when that is possible; to extend immediate and effective relief when it is not 26.The mapping of flood- and landslide-prone areas is almost complete. Early warning, forecasting and monitoring systems have been improved, with weather tracking facilities in Subic, Tagaytay, Mactan, Mindanao, Pampanga....
We have worked on flood control infrastructure like those for Pinatubo, Agno, Laoag, and Abucay, which will pump the run off waters from Quezon City and Tondo flooding Sampaloc. This will help relieve hundreds of hectares in this old city of its age-old woe....
Patuloy naman iyong sa Camanava, dagdag sa Pinatubo, Iloilo, Pasig-Marikina, Bicol River Basin, at mga river basin ng Mindanao....
The victims of typhoon Frank in Panay should receive their long-overdue assistance package. I ask Congress to pass the SNITS Law....
Namana natin ang pinakamatagal ng rebelyon ng Komunista sa buong mundo.
Si Leah de la Cruz isa sa labindalawang libong rebel returnee. Sixteen pa lang siya nang sumali sa NPA. Naging kasapi sa regional White Area Committee, napromote sa Leyte Party Committee Secretary. Nahuli noong 2006. She is now involved in an LGU-supported handicraft livelihood training of former rebels. We love you, Leah!
There is now a good prospect for peace talks both with both the Communist Party of the Philippines and the MILF, with whom we are now on ceasefire....
We inherited an age-old conflict in Mindanao, exacerbated by a politically popular but near-sighted policy of massive retaliation. This only provoked the other side to continue the war....
In these two internal conflicts, ang tanong ay hindi, 1cSino ang mananalo? 1d kundi, bakit ba kailangang mag-away ang kapwa Pilipino tungkol sa mga isyu na alam ng dalawang panig over issues na malulutas naman sa paraang demokratiko.
There is nothing more that I would wish for than peace in Mindanao. It will be a blessing for all its people, Muslim, Christian and lumads. It will show other religiously divided communities that there can be common ground on which to live together in peace, harmony and cooperation that respects each other 19s religious beliefs....
At sa lahat ng dako ng bansa, kailangan nating protektahan an gating mamamayan kontra sa krimen -- in their homes, in their neighborhoods, in their communities.
How shall crime be fought? Through the five pillars of justice. We call on Congress to fund more policemen on the streets....
Real government is about looking beyond the vested to the national interest, setting up the necessary conditions to enable the next, more enabled and more empowered generation to achieve a country as prosperous, a people as content, as ours deserve to be....

The noisiest critics of constitutional reform tirelessly and shamelessly attempted Cha-Cha when they thought they could take advantage of a shift in the form of government. Now that they feel they cannot benefit from it, they oppose it.
As the process of fundamental political reform begins, let us address the highest exercise of!
In 2001, I said we would finance fully automated elections. We got it, thanks to Congress....
At the end of this speech I shall step down from this stage...but not from the Presidency. My term does not end until next year. Until then, I will fight for the ordinary Filipino. The nation comes first. There is much to do as head of state 14to the very last day.... 20
A year is a long time. Patuloy ang pamumuhunan sa tinatawag na three E 19s ng ekonomiya, environment at edukasyon. There are many perils that we must still guard against....
A man-made calamity is already upon us, global in scale. As I said earlier, so far we have been spared its worst effects but we cannot be complacent. We only know that we have generated more resources on which to draw, and thereby created options we could take. Thank God we did not let our critics stop us....
As the campaign unfolds and the candidates take to the airwaves, I ask them to talk more about how they will build up the nation rather than tear down their opponents. Our candidates must understand the complexities of our government and what it takes to move the country forward. Give the electorate real choices and not just sweet talk....
Meanwhile, I will keep a steady hand on the tiller, keeping the ship of state away from the shallows some prefer, and steering it straight on the course I set in 2001....
Ang ating taong bayan ay masipag at maka-Diyos. These qualities are epitomized in someone like Manny Pacquiao....Manny trained tirelessly, by the book, with iron discipline, with the certain knowledge that he had to fight himself, his weaknesses first, before he could beat his opponent. That was the way to clinch his victories and his ultimate title: ang pinakadakilang boksingero sa kasaysayan..........Mabuhay ka, Manny!
However much a President wishes it, a national problem cannot be knocked out with a single punch. A President must work with the problem as much as against it, and turn it into a solution if I can 26
There isn 19t a day I do not work at my job or a waking moment when I do not think through a work-related problem. Even my critics cannot begrudge the long hours I put in. Our people deserve-a-government that works just as hard as they do...
A President must be on the job 24/7, ready for any contingency, any crisis, anywhere, anytime....
Everything right can be undone by even a single wrong. Every step forward must be taken in the teeth of political pressures and economic constraints that could push you two steps back-if-you flinch and falter.. I have not flinched, I have not faltered. Hindi ako umaatras sa hamon....
And I have never done any of the things that have scared my worst critics so much. They are frightened by their own shadows....
In the face of attempted coups, I issued emergency proclamations just in case. But I was able to resolve these military crises with the ordinary powers of my office. My critics call it dictatorship. I call it determination.... We know it as strong government....
But I never declared martial law, though they are running scared as if I did. In truth, what they are really afraid of is their weakness in the face of this self-imagined threat....
I say to them: do not tell us what we all know, that democracy can be threatened. Tell us what you will do when it is attacked....
I know what to do:
I know what to do, as I have shown, I will defend democracy with arms when it is threatened by violence; with firmness when it is weakened by division; with law and order where it is subverted by anarchy; and always, I will try to sustain it by wise policies of economic progress, so that a democracy means not just an empty liberty but a full life for all....
I never expressed the desire to extend myself beyond my term. Many of those who accuse me of it tried to cling like nails to their posts....
I am accused of misgovernance. Many of those who accuse me of it left me the problem of their misgovernance to solve. And we did it....
I am falsely accused, without proof, of using my office for personal profit. Many of those who accuse me of it have lifestyles and spending habits that make them walking proofs of that crime....
We can read their frustrations. They had the chance to serve this good country and they blew it by serving themselves....
Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones. Those who should be in jail should not threaten it, especially if they have been there....
Our administration, with the highest average rate of growth, recording multiple increases in investments, with the largest job creation in history, and which gets a credit upgrade at the height of a world recession, must be doing something right, even if some of those cocooned in corporate privilege refuse to recognize it....
Governance, however, is not about looking back and getting even. It is about looking forward and giving more 14to the people who gave us the greatest, hardest gift of all: the care of a country.
From Bonifacio at Balintawak to Cory Aquino at EDSA and up to today, we have struggled to bring power to the people, and this country to the eminence it deserves....
Today the Philippines is weathering well the storm that is raging around the world. It is growing stronger with the challenge. When the weather clears, as it will, there is no telling how much farther forward it can go. Believe in it. I believe...
We can and we must-march-forward-with-hope, optimism and determination.
We must come together, work together and walk together toward the future.
Bagamat malaking hamon ang nasa ating harapan, nasa kamay natin ang malaking kakayahan. Halina at pagtulungan nating tiyakin ang karapat-dapat na kinabukasan ng ating Inang Bayan....
And to the people of our good country, for allowing me to serve as your President, maraming salamat. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.
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Jay Perillo's Journey as Musician

| 26 August 2009
I am an avid fan of Jay Perillo. I cannot forget how he performed well in Star In A Million four years ago. At that time, I hope for him to win and watched all the shows that he was in. He became part of the Top 6 contestants and Kris Lawrence won. He also participated in ABS-CBN's Bituing Walang Ningning top-billed by Sarah Geronimo and Angelika dela Cruz in 2006. For various reasons, Jay never appeared on television from then on.

Just recently, Jay Perillo tried again music contests via Are You The Next Big Star? of GMA-7. He did not won the highest award, but he gained sympathy from the audience as well as of Miss Regine Velasquez who talked to him on barefoot after he was voted out first. Personally, I admired the persistence of Jay Perillo in improving his musicality. He would make it in any way into the music industry because he is deserving enough to have it.

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Bookazines: Dingdong Dantes has it

I have been looking for a definition of bookazine in the net when I could not find one. I ended up browsing news about people who published bookazines nowadays. It comes with the effort of formulating an understanding of the word or concept itself. Basically, bookazine is a book written in a magazine style with articles and pictures in it. The design is made like a book, but the entries are written in a magazine-style sharing of ideas and life stories of individuals.

Local actor Dingdong Dantes is about to publish a bookazine which showcases pictures of different personalities modeled by the actor, such as being a superhero, vampire, a presidential guard and many others. The bookazine tackles different aspects of the life of Dingdong and it includes lovelife, his dreams in life, fantasies, and others. It is a detailed and raw material about the actor that presents what he is all about.
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Trials In Life

| 22 August 2009
This life is full of mystery and only stalwarts are fit to survive. I admit, I am not one of those stalwarts who are brave enough to face challenges in life. But, I made sure that I hold on to the promise of God, that one day, all pain and tribulations will end. I also know that there are people who do not believe in God, and I respect their belief. What is important is the will to survive and the capacity to endure.

I remember one person whose faith knows no boundary as he was trapped in a country that knows no legal matters. In that country, everything is illegal. He was there forced to labor to feed the mouths of the hungry tyrants. Those who are imprisoned to work would be killed at the slightest error made while serving their masters. In the end, that man escaped and was able to find his way to a safe place. The only thing that is in his heart is his family and friends.

My respect would grow deeper to people who know how to handle difficulties and trials in life. There are times that it is hard to imagine how the opposition continue to inflict pain on anyone, but it is also relevant to make us strong. All things considered, trials are made to exist for our benefit. Hence, we must be strong enough to face it.

LDS Meeting House
Guimaras, Phil.

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Globalization in Higher Education

| 20 August 2009
The most notable challenge in higher education is its rapid globalization and introduction in the international setting. Globalization in higher education refers to the changing nature of universities in terms of research, governance, and interaction with the society. Many universities today are seeking research studies in other universities in some parts of the world. Besides, the academe is allowing more students to study in other universities outside the country in order to accumulate innovative research studies and immerse with other cultures necessary for economic, social, cultural, and political development. These challenges are reflected in the thrust that universities tried to uphold to be in harmony with the emerging global and knowledge-driven economy. Therefore, globalization in higher education requires local universities to move in the expansion of opportunities and international partnerships among universities in order to avail of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world.

In connection, an intellectual researcher on education named Brysk wrote that globalization in higher education is a combination of elements such as connection, cosmopolitanism, communication, and commodification. Connection means traffic in goods and services, while cosmopolitanism is growth of multiple centers of power and influence. On the other hand, communication means increase in technological capacity that strengthens transnational networks and commodification is the expansion of world markets. Basically, Brysk is trying to integrate economic factors with the concepts of connection, cosmopolitanism, communication and commodification in relation to globalization in higher education. On the other hand, a researcher on education named Mason believes that it is proper to enhance collaboration with other universities in order to achieve international development out of competition in the global marketplace for students. With that, accessible educational structures and teaching processes must be developed to modernize them and make them viable with universities worldwide. Apparently, Mason wants to bring about educational changes and expand a new perspective on the significance of the globalization in higher education. Knowing the relevance of globalization in higher education towards research development, I agree with both the adages of Brysk and Mason. However, it is better to integrate effective systems between financial support of local universities and outside higher education institutions upon students who are willing to avail of globalization in higher education. Participation in international education might be limited to students from wealthy families, hence it is important to analyze the fact that not all students could afford to study out side the country. The thought of introducing globalization in higher education only to students from wealthy families must be eliminated and scholarship grants must be developed for deserving students. In that way, globalization in higher education becomes effective in achieving economic and political development throughout the world.
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Beware of Backbiting and Gossiping

| 18 August 2009

There was church meeting where I heard someone who shared the applicability of the message [“If you are my friend, your name is safe in my house”], to the daily activities of individuals. Meaning, if someone is my friend, I would not gossip or backbite that person within my home. Besides, I will not allow anyone to speak ill against that person behind his back. Personally, I agree with this message because this has been my principle for years. Gossiping is one of the most dreaded form of killing time and wasting resources. Why? Instead of doing something fruitful, there are people who would prefer talking about non-sense things, particularly the life of their enemies. When I was in college, and even in law school, I witnessed how friendships disbanded because of gossiping. I was also a poor victim of gossipers! I admit that I am not perfect, and there are things that I cannot control. But, my weaknesses should not be a subject of fun and laughter when I am mot around. In my mind, I warned those gossipers that in case they would elevate themselves at the expenses of my weaknesses and difficulties, I will work harder for God to bless me more.

Going back to the message, it is noble to keep the name of a friend safe in one's home. It is one way of showing loyalty and love to our friends. True friends treat each other as brothers and sisters. True friends should remain helpful and supportive to each other. There were times that I was saved by friends who believed in my sincerity and interest towards them. Others only consider me as a friend when they can use some of my resources. The bottomline is, friends should not talk behind their backs for it is a scenario of contention which could lead to betrayal. We should not feel better or blessed compared to our friends for each of us owned unique places in the heart of God. Hence, for my friends to know, their names are safe in my house.

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Bar Exams 2009: Incoming

| 17 August 2009
I sat down the bench prepared for those waiting for their permits to be released. There were two persons before me, asking for their name tags, id-s and permits. Suddenly, one of the guys stepped on my toes and I felt pain. Yes, because he was a huge barrister (heavyweight). In fairness, he asked sorry so many times and I accepted it. He said, he did not know that someone is at his back. Period. Alright, I know that I am still invisible, but I am no longer a coward. I fight back! But it should depend upon any situation.

The bar examination this year 2009 is just part of the signs that I am still invisible. No one felt my weight. The funny thing is, others are throwing their weight on me! Pain! But well, there is no problem with me. The current year brought me so much blessings that I cannot ignore. I thank God with that. I am in good condition, no hidden defects, under no warranty, and capable of breaking your heart. Oppsss! Only when you hate me, I will topple you down-just like how James Mawdsley tried to break the military junta in Burma. Speaking of James, I am still reading his book The Heart Must Break or the Iron Rod despite the fact that I am preparing for the 2009 bar exams. I sympathize deeply with his cause in favor of Burmese people. He tried to convince the military junta that democracy is better than totalitarianism. I am a political science graduate, that is why these terms are not foreign to me. Yet, I still have to meet someone in person like James who really stood for the oppressed. And for that, I want to be a lawyer for three reasons (I did not use these reasons when I took the entrance exams in law school) though: first, I want to protect myself and my family from unjust actuations of others; second, I want to protect the oppressed the best that I could; and third, I want to partake the glamor and enthusiasm in the bar and the bench promenades. Hence, I promise not repeat the same mistakes again. I will answer all the questions on time. And I will pray harder. Being invisible yet responsible is better than having pride. Protecting the oppressed and inculcating democracy is a good cause. And I will never have to visit that office (OBC) again in the coming years for my exam permit. Have a nice day!
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On Leavened Bread by Salman Rushdie

| 07 August 2009
The story written by Salman Rushdie was about bread. Basically, the story talks about Rushdie and the place Bombay where he grew up. Upon living in England, he shared his love of leavened bread. The author shared a part of India’s culture which is about leavened bread and its effect to the people living in the country. Rushdie described the kinds of bread that was found in India, particularly in Bombay. First, he mentioned about dry, crumbling, and tasteless bread. He also talked about real bread called chapatti, phulka, tandoori nan, and Peshawari nan. The concept of luxury has also been linked with leavened bread in Bombay. Second, Rushdie also mentioned about bread that tastes good sold by the nuns in a monastery wherein only the person who came early could buy because it was sold during dawn break.

By the time Rushdie live in England, he mentioned different kinds of bread according to its taste, texture, size, and even form. With that, he was so excited with the presence of tasty bread in England and fell in love with it. He remembered the water in the place he came from which is dirty compared to the clean fluids in England. Lastly, Rushdie confided his rising unfaithfulness of leavened bread in Bombay and admitted his sin of gluttony after discovering his love of bread in England.
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Corner With Love

| 09 July 2009
I am a certified drama addict as I would not stop watching the show until it wraps up. Since I love writing and reading literary pieces, I also watch telenovelas or soap opera just to learn how plot develops, different genre and its combination, and even how the characters embraced the story. I finished watching "Corner With Love" recently with matching remembrance of the TV-hit Meteor Garden I and II. This is because the lead female star of "Corner With Love" is the also the female lead star, and yes, I am talking about my favorite Barbie Xu.

The story is very interesting as this time, Barbie played the character of a rich princess named Sherry. Alan Lou played the leading man named Qin Lang who is an artist and a grandson of a famous oyster omelet cook. The story started in Shanghai when the family of Xin Lei (Barbie) are living while Qin Lang worked as oyster pancakes chef. The two characters met when the rich princess wanted Qin Lang to teach her how to prepare oyster pancakes. Xin Lei is about to marry a son of a rich couple. There are many twists and turns of the story aside from the fact that the title itself presents the possibilities of meeting anything good or bad in corners. When the family of Xin Lei experienced financial difficulties and announced bankruptcy before fleeing away and leaving behind their daughter, the life of Xin Lei changed. Her fiancée is also about to marry another girl for family business purposes. She was forced to transfer in Taiwan with a key and a house address in her hand. The said address turned out to be the house of Qin Lang! The rich princess tried to live the life before her, when there is no personal chef, driver, and housekeeper anymore. When she is about to love the people who accepted her in Taiwan, her ex-fiancée asked her to return to Shanghai. Her heart is for Qin Lang, but her fate is for her ex-fiancée who made her family take back their properties. Xin Lei decided to forget the past, but her mother (who happens to be the best friend of Qin Lang's mother and the co-owner of their house in Taiwan) allowed her to choose what she really want in life. Of course, the story ended well where Xin Lei went back to Taiwan with Qin Lang.

Barbie Xu is really a good actress while Alan Lou is very talented also. Besides, the drama Corner With Love has 16 episodes with genre romance/comedy. It is indeed, a magical story of two people who truly love each other.

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Michael Jackson: The Legendary Singer's Death

| 25 June 2009
For the fans of Michael Jackson his death would remind them of what he contributed to the music industry. His performances marked the word legendary and being a singer, his fame led him to a superstar status. Reports about his death soared in the tri-media showing how people mourned on his death for it was really a loss in the music industry. It is undeniable that his love for music surpassed his trials like financial problems and involvement on legal matters.

Days before his death, he was rehearsing for his comeback shows in some parts of the world. It was reported that he died due to cardiac arrest but until the autopsy results will be released, the real cause will be disclosed. It could be remembered that he had strong follow-up albums with 1987's "Bad" and 1991's "Dangerous," but his music career started to collapse in 1993 subsequent to an accusation that he molested a boy who often stayed at his home. The singer denied any wrongdoing, reached a settlement with the boy's family, reported to be $20 million, and criminal charges were never filed. Eventually, the superstar experienced financial troubles and is set to pick up the pieces hours prior to his death.
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