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Indonesian Baby Smoking Forty Cigarettes A Day

| 30 May 2010
This is just a comment about the news of an Indonesian baby smoking forty cigarettes a day. Yes, at first I was amused of what the Indonesian baby is doing. I even laughed while watching the video because of how baby Ardi Rizal flipped his cigarette and played with the smoke. Later on, I realized that the parents of the baby should not tolerate smoking or what the baby is doing. We are aware of the negative effects of smoking on our health, and for that Indonesian baby, smoking is really bad for him. However, I heard via news that the parents of baby Ardi Rizal thought the child seemed healthy. Well, that is absurd. Maybe at this time, the baby is still healthy. What about the coming years? If an adult is diagnosed of heart problems due to smoking, the more it will happen to the baby. He is too young and his body is still developing physically and emotionally.

Yes, he throws tantrums when not given a cigarette. The parents should not tolerate this kind of behavior. They should exert efforts to stop the smoking habit of the baby. Spending at least seven dollars a day just to feed the same habit is not right. The money could have been used for the milk supply of the baby instead of cigarettes. Therefore, I was amazed at first, and then entertained by what baby Ardi did. But I was also thinking of the baby’s future especially on his health. Well, this is just my opinion. The decision still depends on the parents and as well as the Indonesian government to intervene on the matter. With that, the headline Indonesian Baby Smoking Forty Cigarettes a Day is a serious matter.

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The Beauty of a Woman

| 17 May 2010
The beauty of a woman is in interesting topic to explore. People usually mention that a woman's beauty can be measured by knowing what is in her heart and not only by judging her outward appearance. I decided to write on this topic after I met a person with a beautiful heart. Her beauty is unique. With a long black hair and simple make-up, her beauty is truly remarkable. For a long time, I was wondering what was her secret. Last week, I also stumbled upon a magazine wherein it was written that a woman always looks beautiful when her actions reflect what is in her heart. In other words, there are myriad secrets to show or express the beauty of a woman.

As they say, speaking words of kindness makes your lips so attractive. I remembered Audrey Hepburn words relating to this. True enough, if you happen to see or hear a woman speaking evil words, her unattractive lips become noticeable. No wonder women always try to speak kind words! Additionally, women who always seek the good in others project lovely eyes. Then, it is true that your eyes become dim and scary when you happen to think ill against someone. Here is a funny yet touching words, to stay fit, share your food with the hungry. It is a written heavenly rule that we should feed the poor and the needy. These people are also our brothers and sisters. Since women are known to be compassionate, it is expected that they share their food to the hungry from time to time, as in literally. In that case, it is easy to maintain one's vital statistics.

Finally, to have poise, women should always think that they never walk alone. As daughters of God, women were considered princesses on earth. They should act and think this way in order to remain poised and dignified amidst all kinds of trials. Indeed, the beauty of a woman is found in her heart and expressed in her eyes and finally seen in her actions. Truly, the beauty of a woman is not only represented in her outward appearance but also reflected in her innate beauty.    

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Jerry Yan in Down With Love

| 14 May 2010
Jerry Yan in Down With Love blog post is an obvious sign of being an avid fan of the said Taiwanese actor. Looking for Asian television drama to watch this weekend, I came across of the latest drama series of Jerry Yan. Down With Love is actually a romantic drama comedy with much emphasis on the lighter side of life. It is a Taiwanese drama set for viewers to test the chemistry of Jerry Yan and Ella Chen.

Down With Love is not a typical Cinderella story since stepsisters and evil stepmother scene is absent. Ella Chen is cute in her role in the drama and her hair matches the character that she portrayed. Although she played as a lowly sister of Jerry Yan character's secretary, Ella Chen knew very well how to wield her acting abilities to make it believable. Wearing a cute red dress made her look stunning in a short hairstyle. Besides, Jerry Yan and Ella Chen's chemistry was discovered during the party set for a friend.

We noticed Jerry Yan's acting in Down With Love as light yet compelling. Why? He played as a famous lawyer but when he finally fell in love with Yang Guo, he had a change of heart. From being strict and stingy, he became very kind and had been transformed as an angel. Known as an undefeated lawyer, he stole from his best friend a girl he thought he really loved, but known it later on to be a thing of the past. Shiang Yu Ping superstar ex-girlfriend fought for her love but to no avail. Jerry Yan in Down With Love is very amazing. He still makes his fans adore him as an actor.

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Let The Love Begin Makati City

| 13 May 2010
Makati City loves me. It is obvious. I have been working for more than two years within that wonderful city. I remembered my job interview in Pacific Star Building. After a few minutes of question and answer portion, I was asked to take a test which is a multiple choice type of test. But before I could finish the mind-boggling exam, I was asked to attend the orientation program. Then, I was asked to report the next day. The job I was talking about left most of my friends asking me some questions- what is with the job that you got to earn more? why is it that you are not allowed to talk about the company? I wanted to answer their questions, but I decided to keep quiet about it.

So, I said let the love begin in Makati City because I realized that I am always lucky in that city. I left my latest work there to rest or to find solace, at least for three months. I decided not to work again in Makati City because it is too far from home and traffic is still a problem. But, I discovered a job that I really wanted to have! The location of their office is still in Makati City. I got the job without having to go through major examinations. Just by being honest and confident, I got it. So there again, I still have to stare at the height of RCBC, eat out at KFC People Support Building, and walk along to Pasong Tamo for a ride to LRT station. It is a relief that the company's location is right at the heart of Makati City. It is very accessible for me to go home and even visit Landmark and Greenbelt from time to time.

I have a new job, a new company to work with, and hopefully gain new friends. In Makati City, I know I could take all that I deserve. I never meant to hurt or disrespect anyone for leaving their good office too soon, I just want to do what I really want and not waste my time for things that I do not like doing. They allowed me to work day shift and in fact, offered me a higher job post. The job is very challenging but I am prepared for everything. Back in the corporate world, I am ready to face challenges. Let the love begin. Have a nice day to all!

Karen got a new job and grateful to Him for the blessings.

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Live Each Day of Your Life

| 10 May 2010
Live each day of your life. Say thank you, I love you, I am sorry, You are beautiful, every time you want to do so and do not wait for tomorrow. It might be, that tomorrow never comes.

In my journal, I pasted a poem entitled Tomorrow Never Comes. The poem is very interesting since it was written by a young husband during the time he was mending over the death of his wife in an airplane crash. The poem was shared to me by a friend then.

Part of the poem reads:

"If I knew this would be the last time I WOULD hear your voice in prayer;
I would record every gesture, every look, every smile, every words you utter.

If you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
Because if tomorrow never comes, you certainly will regret for the rest of your life,
not having spent some extra time for a smile, a conversation, a hug, a kiss.

Because you were too busy to give that person what ended up being their last wish."

To live each day of your life, there is a need to be fair and diligent. Many people are guilty of this scenario, including me, of course. I used to take for granted the things that my loved ones deserve. Family members and friends, I think, just stay there for me, not knowing that they learned to forget me already. It is unfair for the people we love if we allow them to be taken for granted.

I remember those victims of earthquakes, typhoons, and tidal waves who died without being able to say a few words to their loved ones. That is why, it is necessary to express gratitude, love, respect, and forgiveness anytime available in order to avoid late offering to loved ones or that something that ended up being their last wish. So, live each day of your life and avoid procrastination. As we all know, we have no control on the time of death. For each one, you might die anytime. Death is not part of our freedom to choose. It is something that will knock into our doors unexpectedly. By doing the right thing for our loved ones, and loving them wholeheartedly, we cannot totally fear death.


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How To Avoid Car Accidents At Night

| 07 May 2010
My cousin's friend died because of a car accident at night. My high school teacher's husband also died out of the same reason. Many lives are wasted because of car accidents at night. At this day, I remembered the death of my cousin's friend. In order to avoid car accidents at night, here are some tips to go over.

First, lower your speed because distances are harder to judge at nighttime.

Second, make sure all lights and signals are operating.

Third, dim dashboard lights.

Fourth, never drive with parking lights. They confuse approaching drivers.

Fifth, turn on lights at first hint of dusk.

Sixth, keep headlights on low beam when driving directly behind another vehicle and when approaching another vehicle.

Seventh, avoid highway hypnosis on long trips by keeping eyes moving. Check traffic in all directions and do not stare on any single object for prolonged periods.

Finally, be prepared. Pedestrians and objects are more difficult to see at night.

All these tips on how to avoid car accidents at night helped a friend safe while driving at night. Hoping that these tips will help you, hence this post was made.

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Guide on Writing Featured Articles

| 05 May 2010
I found these guides on writing featured articles in one of my writing books last week. Since I have been very busy with other assignments, it was only now that I wrote about the topic.

The first and foremost basic principle is to start with an outline. An outline will give your piece a beginning, a middle, and an ending. It will also guide you along. An outline helps advance your writing because you have always got something ahead to show the way, a series of reference points to shape your path.

The second guide on writing featured articles is the process of sketching. Writing is helped along by preliminary sketching and note-taking by which a writer begins to fill in the frame of his outline as he comes to specific points. Notes can also maintain your momentum. They suggest details you will need to complete your piece of work.

A third device is to use details to build your piece beyond the outline stage as well as communicate with and inform the reader. You have to fill a certain amount of white space. Details will help you fill it.

Once you use these three devices, you will come eventually to the ending. When you do, remember that a clincher, a kicker, a snapper, a punch line is basic to good endings. And do not fail to remember that brevity can sometimes be the secret to success.

Hoping that these guides on writing featured articles will help you, I suggest more passion in writing and there you will start building your confidence as a writer.

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Jerry Yan News

| 02 May 2010
This is a collection of Jerry Yan news for the past four years. Admittedly, I am a fan of Jerry Yan from the time he played Dao opposite Barbie Xu in Meteor Garden I and II. Lately, I am no longer updated about Jerry Yan and so I had this collection of Jerry Yan news.

Stareastasia Entertainment News wrote that Taiwanese drama Hot Shot was shown in Taiwan. With the strong cast of Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Chun, the drama is arguably one of the best drama of year 2008.

 Besides, Jerry Yan will probably play as a famous General based on China’s Qing Dynasty. I have not heard any news that this project came into reality. We remember F4 also when Meteor Garden became hit across Asia. Although its members are leaving the agency, the group is still unforgettable. 

Jerry Yan reportedly penetrated Japanese market lately. In order to expand his market in Japan, he signed in secret with Japanese Top boy group SMAP’s agent Johnny and Associates to act as his new manager. Jerry Yan's latest is a Taiwanese drama entitled Down With Love opposite Ella Chen. Jerry Yan will play a lawyer who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits, who is very cool, smart, sharp tongued, and cold. Ella Chen plays the role of a nanny of two children. I watched the first episode via Youtube and it is very interesting.

Some pictures.

 down with love taiwanese drama

Have a nice day!
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Avoiding Pickpockets or Avoiding Hooks

| 01 May 2010
Let me talk about an unforgettable experience about pickpockets. In this place, pickpockets still exist and being extra careful is necessary. When I was a student, I had been a victim of hooks or pickpockets. I did not realize that they appear everywhere especially during paydays. My friends and I walked to the promenade to chat for while when suddenly I feel something is wrong. I turned around to see any clue of danger, but none seemed suspicious. We passed by a famous coffee shop, but before we reached the door, some old friends are watching me in a strange manner. After an hour, I realized that I lost my wallet and my handbag is already half-open. I was then a victim of hungry pickpockets. Here are tips on avoiding dips or hooks.

Do not flash bills or carry loose money in pocket.

Carry wallet in your inside coat pocket (men) or at the bottom of purse (women).

Be suspicious of anyone who jostles you unnecessarily.

If you realize your pockets has been just picked, scream. Hook will usually drop wallet and run.

Remember, the pickpocket depends on your inattention for his success. Be wary of crowds.

Keep large quantities of cash in bank, do not keep it on your person. Remember, the dip or hook will try to distract you while robbing you, covering up his own actions by reading a paper or book. Fairs, crowds, buses, trams and subways are their working ground.

In my case, I realized that when I noticed my old friends were looking at me intently or strangely, they witnessed the pickpocket doing the job. They were unable to warn me because they saw that the pickpocket is bringing a knife. Besides, an hour already passed when I realized my wallet was picked, hence screaming is no longer necessary. I need to be more careful next time in order to avoid pickpockets or hooks. Wait, avoiding pickpockets or hooks is no fun. Being careful is a primary task. 

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