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North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

| 27 July 2012
Blog posts about bankruptcy is common in the blogosphere. Most bloggers talk about looking for the best lawyers, such as a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney, to resolve the legal dilemma. We think that the problem is huge, especially for the concerned debtors.


According to Wikipedia, "bankruptcy is a legal status of an insolvent person or organization, that is, one who cannot repay the debts they owe to creditors. In most jurisdictions bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor." In this definition, we know that a debtor may face two or more creditors that made the burden so overwhelming. No wonder it is essential to hire the best lawyers in town.

There is no other solution to the legal problem than hiring an expert attorney to handle the legal process. It's true that some people are capable of looking for remedies to ease the financial burden, but the presence of a counsel is often indispensable. They're trained to prepare the needed documents. Some lawyers are even expert in dealing with the bankruptcy case with no wasted resources. Lastly, attorneys have important tips and advice that will clear your mind from worries while solving the problem.

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Iligan City and its Undeniable Beauty

For a decade, I was a resident of Iligan City as I worked hard to finish my studies at Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University. I've visited almost all corners of the place with my relatives, classmates and friends. I've experienced attending parties and enjoying festivals, hiking and participating in community projects. In 2007, I've decided to transfer in Manila with my friends. Even though I'm no longer in Iligan, the city has a special place in  my heart. No wonder I'm always enthusiastic in sharing about its restaurants, schools, shopping centers and tourist attractions.

 lunch at Dear Manok

The beauty of Iligan is popular across the globe. The chartered city is well-known because of Ma.Cristina Falls, Mimbalut Falls and Tinago Falls. Ma. Cristina Falls is the most beautiful waterfall  in Iligan. Known as the "Mother of Industry" and "Fountainhead of Progress," the waterfall is the landmark of the city. On the other hand, Mimbalut Falls is very captivating with its naturally crystal-clear water. The majestic beauty of Tinago Falls has also enthralled many visitors. The tourist spot has a dazzling view with the falls cascading beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean, and deep with icy cold water. The three scenic spots contributed to the development of its economy, tourism and food industry. 

Gorgeous Ma. Cristina Falls

In 2008, one year after I left the city, I immediately returned with my true love. I was newly-married at that time and part of our two-week travel to Mindanao includes a side trip to Iligan City. Of course, I wanted to let my husband see the beauty of the highly urbanized industrial city. We had an opportunity to visit Timoga Swimming Pool, Bucana Beach and other tourist spots. I really love the mouth-watering pork lechon and snacks sold in the streets of Timoga. We enjoyed dining at Dear Manok, Big Dipper Restaurant, Epay's Lechon Manok and Peek 'n Berry. During our three-day trip, we stayed at Famous Pensionne House and Casa Royal II.

Stunning Tinago Falls

These days, my love affair with Iligan City is still obvious. I still enjoy reading write-ups about the city and my stalking days are not yet over especially when I've heard about the existence of new restaurants and shopping havens. On our next vacation, I'm planning to book at Cheradel Suites and dine at Dear Manok and Jacko's Kan-anan. I've heard that Jacko's Kan-anan is offering crispy squid to their loyal customers. I'll also visit some of the most elegant waterfalls found in the city.

My husband enjoying at Timoga

I would like to invite all of you, my fellow bloggers, travelers, backpackers, foreigners and tourists to visit Iligan City. Enjoy an exciting vacation and adventurous tour around the city. You can choose from any available mode of transportation such as jeepney, taxi, foot-pedaled tricycle, horse-drawn carriage, motorcycle-for-hire. Let the adventure begin. Cheers!

“An official entry to the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012"

Source: Scenic Spots

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Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

| 25 July 2012
These days, our health is a primary concern especially for those who are reaching old age. We tend to prioritize having good health because we want to enjoy life to the fullest. If we are ill, we cannot enjoy quality time with our family and friends. We need good health to finish school, travel and perform household tasks. Hence, we need to monitor our physical health.

One of the most essential part of our body is our teeth. We know that a good dental hygiene is important to avoid dental problems. With that, relying on a skilled dentist for our dental needs is a good decision. But, what if there's no skilled dentist who practice the profession near our place? What if no dentist in your area has studied in schools located in other countries such as SULTARC or  Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center?

It's easy to find the best dentists in town as long you know some people who work with them. You need to choose a dentist who have regularly studied abroad to learn the latest techniques in dentistry. What do you think?
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Featuring Watercamp Resort in Cavite for Pool Party

With the development of Cavite Expressway, traffic problems within Cavite area was lessened. The convenience of going to Kawit, Rosario and Imus in just a few minutes from Baclaran  is evident. No wonder many travelers choose to visit the province every time they want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are many places to visit in Cavite. Aside from the popular hotels in the area, there are also resorts that offer pool party. One of the most exciting places to go swimming is at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. With an enjoyable swimming party with family and friends, it's easy  to unwind and take time to relax. The resort had six swimming pools: the mini wave pool, kidney-shaped pool with slides, 160-meter lazy river, children's interactive pool, dunk pool for 2 meter slides and the adult pool. For your convenience, there is also a restaurant found inside the resort. Thoughts?
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Knowing about Northern California Bankruptcy

| 20 July 2012
I've shared many stories about bankruptcy in this blog for years. However, I've rarely blogged about the basics of the legal case. No wonder I'm so excited to talk about Northern California bankruptcy and the meaning of bankruptcy in legal parlance.

Photo Credit:

Based on Wikipedia, bankruptcy proceedings are processed with the help of skilled lawyers. But before talking about attorneys, let's learn the definition of the legal proceeding to make it easy to understand. For easy understanding:

"Bankruptcy is a legal status of an insolvent person or an organization, that is, one who cannot repay the debts they owe to creditors. In most jurisdictions bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor."

Since the debtor has the right to seek relief because of the state of bankruptcy, asking help from reliable lawyers is necessary. They're trained to process the necessary legal documents that are needed during the bankruptcy proceedings. Some expert attorneys provide important advise to their clients to easily solve the dilemma. In this sponsored post, we should also remember that bankruptcy lawyers help seek a fast and legal solution to the problem.
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Our Dog Enzo, My Bestfriend

| 16 July 2012
We consider dogs as best friends because of their loyalty to humans. Enzo, our white dog, has proven that he can be trusted in looking after our home. I can personally talk to him as if he is a friend. As of now, he can understand basic communication cues, including "sit down here," "wait for me," "eat now" and "sleep, close your eyes." Here's the alpha male in our home. :)

Dog Enzo is only one and a half years old. He only eats cooked chicken, pork and dog food. We don't feed him other food menu because he easily get allergies.
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Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona record duet track for 'Just One Summer'

Together Forever lead stars Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona recorded earlier today their duet version of "Girl Be Mine," which is a Francis Magalona composition.  The song will be used as one of the soundtracks of their movie "Just One Summer," which will hit nationwide theaters beginning August 15.   

During the recording session, Elmo and Julie Anne collaborated on how they could give a new "flavor" to the song.  Julie Anne helped Elmo out on some tricky second voices, while Elmo guided Julie Anne on some of the melodies since he's more familiar with his dad's song.

After months of waiting, the hugely followed love team of Julie Anne and Elmo -- endearingly called by their fans as JuliElmo -- will finally hit the big screen next month.  The two are excited to see the final outcome of their film which took almost six months to complete.  They still have several scenes to shoot in the following days, though, including a very "costly" helicopter scene which will be shot in Subic.

"Just One Summer" is directed by Amaya director Mac Alejandre and is produced and distributed by GMA Films.
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Mad Mimi Newsletter Templates

| 13 July 2012
Have you tried reading more than ten newsletters everyday? Or are you an online marketer who used newsletter templates like Mad Mimi? For a clearer view, let's talk about the benefits of Mad Mimi newsletter templates in internet marketing.

I'm writing this blog post with the premise that I know what's in it for internet marketers, especially when there is stiff competition in the market. There is a need to use techniques to reach millions of online shoppers who usually buy products online. Even if newsletters are not popular among the young group of online shoppers, there are ways to highlight a simple message to attract more readers. In that case, Mad Mimi is an expert. No doubt thousands of busy online marketers rely on templates to create an attention-grabbing email for potential customers.

take advantage of travel deals and enjoy clean sheets and 
comfortable accommodation...

In this sponsored post, let us consider the other side of the fence. On the perspective of email readers, it is important to read offers and deals everyday. We read newsletters because we don't want to miss the latest and hottest deals on travel and promos on our favorite products. Most of these offers are limited so we have to be the first in line. What do you think? :)
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The Benefits of Blogging and Online Marketing

| 10 July 2012
Blogging is a tool to freely interact with people who have the same interests and passion. It's a way to share ideas, photos and even dreams. In most cases, it is used to review products and share the latest news.

However, there are many people who have no idea about blogging. They thought it's a way to brag about things and ideas. That is why I thought of sharing some thoughts about the online activity.

We know that online marketing is related to blogging. So why is it that blogging is very essential in today's fast-paced world? We cannot prevent the proliferation of online marketing websites, selling products that we really need nowadays. Because of their presence online, we need blogs to read information about the products that they're selling. We find proofs in blogs that the products are safe, useful and affordable. Lastly, we can find tips and ideas in blogs about the negative effects of the products and any other information like bad services offered online.
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Barangay LS 97.1 is Best FM Radio Station of the Year

Barangay LS 97.1 TugStugan Na! won as the Best FM Radio Station in the 2012 Yahoo! OMG! Awards.  The flagship FM Radio Station of GMA Network bested four other finalists in the category in a star-studded gala held in the Mall Of Asia Arena last July 6.  Barangay LS 97.1 is the first recipient of the award among twenty six FM stations in Mega Manila and over a hundred radio stations nationwide.  

 Photo Credit: Behance

The Yahoo! OMG! Awards is the first of its kind purple carpet event that recognizes the most searched entertainment personalities and celebrities online.  The selection of nominees was based on how they often trend in the Yahoo! Philippines search engine.  The winners were those who got the highest votes in the online poll and thru text messaging.   

In a news article released by the site, Barangay LS 97.1 got the fourth highest text votes - only behind the top two nominees in the Love Team of the Year category and the top nominee in the Fan Club of the Year category.  In the online poll, the station cornered 38% of the total online votes cast in the Best FM Radio Station category at the close of June 28 after a month-long voting period.

Barangay LS 97.1 TugStugan Na! is a consistent favorite among listeners from all ages and social demographics.  The station brings and all-hit music format spiced up with crazy fun features, interesting stories and live interaction via phone calls, text messages and social media.   

The daily programs are dished out by Papa Jepoy, Papa Bodjie, Mama Cy, Papa Dudut, Ate Liza, Chikotita, Papa Tolits, Mama Belle, Papa Baldo, Papa Kiko, Papa Obet and Papa Dan.  Among the highest rating programs of the station are Barangay Love Stories, Talk To Papa, and Wanted Sweetheart. 
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In an interview with entertainment bloggers last Saturday, July 8, veteran actress, director Gina Alajar said that she will combine her ferocious Dian Lamitan character in the GMA epic series “Amaya” and her motherly character as Zeny in the recently concluded afternoon soap, “Hiram na Puso” in her new stint as one of the mentors of the upcoming artista search “Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break.” 

“Binabase ko rin yan sa pagtuturo ko sa mga workshop e.  When you spoon feed someone, halos nakadepende na siya sayo, halos hindi na siya magtatrabaho because you’re giving him/her everything na, there’s no challenge for him na kasi you’re giving it to him/her in a silver platter.  Samantalang kung maghihigpit ka nang konti at ipapakita mo sa kanya na ‘hindi, huwag kang tatamad-tamad, magtrabaho ka, you should learn and you should learn by doing. ’ So combination yan.  Anyway, I have the Dian Lamitan side and the Zeny side all in one nandito kay Gina (laughs),” she said.

Asked what her bases are in selecting her proteges, she said that she is not very strict at this point in the screening although she emphasized that looks is one of the first factors she looks into.

“Kailangan mga artistahin na talaga tapos nandun na yung talent, nakikita mo na yung pwedeng madevelop, tapos madaling sumunod, madaling turuan.  Importante rin na meron siyang karisma, meron siyang “It”, yung mamahalin siya ng madla.  Mahirap yun e kasi hindi lahat na-chacharm ang taong bayan.  So, kailangan meron siyang gaang, meron siyang magandang bukas ng mukha para i-embrace siya ng tao,” she explained. 

“Mejo mahirap hanapin yun and I think dun palang natin malalaman yan kapag inintroduce na siya sa mga tao.  Pero ngayon sa akin, my initial reaction is: meron ba siyang mukha, meron ba siyang tayo, meron bang pag lumakad siya sa isang kwarto ay magtitinginan sa kanya lahat, nakaka-attract ba siya ng attention, yung ganon,” the director added.

So how’s her search for the ultimate protégé going so far?

“Nag-decide ako sa sarili ko na since artista search, glamour talaga yung hinahanap mo e.  Pwedeng pwede mo na dapat siyang ilakad sa red carpet.  I think hindi ganun kalaki yung time para i-build up siya, kailangan maisabak na siya kaagad.  I would say I would go for the looks first kasi yun yung importante as of this point.  Kasi I do believe, na kahit hindi masyadong innate yung talent mate-train yun, it can be honed.  Lalo na kung masipag yung tao, pwedeng pwede, magiging mabilis yun.”

Gina’s main predicament is finding the perfect blend among the many factors that make up a completely-packaged “artista.”

“Yun nga yung nagiging problema e, kasi meron namang hindi masyadong kagandahan at hindi masyadong kagwapuhan pero nandun naman yung talent, kaya lang it will not stand alone e sa search natin.  If it’s only pagalingan lang ng pagiging artista, wala yung looks, pwede yun pero very thin ang line ng pagiging artista.”

Gina and the other four mentors will present their protégés to the viewing public for the very first time on August 5, during the show’s first gala night, which will be hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Carla Abellana. 

Will their proteges pass the scrutiny of the judges?  We’ll find that out soon on Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break only on GMA Telebabad.
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Kapuso Stars in MEGA Magazine July 2012 Issue

| 09 July 2012
Kris Bernal, Sarah Lahbati, Bela Padilla and Alden Richards - the hottest young stars of GMA Network - are in the cover of MEGA Magazine July 2012 Issue. Many bloggers and fans were invited to watch the promotional segment of the stars in Party Pilipinas.

 Photo Source: Karenade

I've personally chatted with Kris Bernal, Bela Padilla and Alden Richards together with other bloggers last Sunday. We had a wonderful time with them and had the opportunity to ask them some questions related to their rising career in the entertainment industry.
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My Search for Easy to Own House and Lot

Your guess is right. I'm in the real estate industry these days. I'm impressed with the competition within the business and learned a lot from it. For the first time, I'm at peace with myself since I've found an outlet for my curiosity. What's in it for the increasing popularity of house and lot for sale in Cavite?

House and Lot for Sale in Cavite

My job is to assist several real estate agents to write about the latest developments in our area. It's important that when you transfer in a certain place you'll be assured of the economic and political stability of the area. Am I right? For sure, the house and lot developments in our place a built in an environment that has progress in terms of economy and commerce. By the way, our place is now a city and we have several department stores to be opened soon. What do you think?
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Faucet Repair and Plumbing Services just like Roto-Rooter

| 06 July 2012
It's true that I rarely feature plumbing services information in this website. But when I've heard about Roto-Rooter, I've decided to spice up this blog and talk about one of the most essential homemaking topics - faucet repair and plumbing services. 

Honestly, it's hard to find a company in our place that specializes in faucet repair. Many people try to rely on their own skills, instead of hiring experts to solve the problem. In my case, I have many funny experiences relating to damaged faucets and other home materials that are no longer working. When I was forced to take a shower one afternoon because our faucet acted up, my neighbors were laughing. I didn't know how to fix the faucet. Fortunately, a newly-opened plumbing service business near our area helped us fix the dilemma.

In most cases, we need to keep information about companies that work on homemaking needs and help us make our tasks easy to handle. Since Roto-Rooter has sponsored this post, I'm hoping that you'll informed with their top-notch services. Lastly, the best things to consider in hiring plumbers are availability within 24 hours, seven days a week, expertise and integrity. It's up to you to decide - to hire or not to hire? :)
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Toshiba brings New Generation of TVs and PCs to the Philippines, Solenn Heussaff is New Brand Ambassador

| 02 July 2012
Toshiba Philippines Inc. recently demonstrated the power of its tagline, "Leading Innovation," with the launch of its new generation of products in the Philippines: leading-edge large-screen, glasses-free 3D TV, new Power TV series, and a new generation of notebook PCs, including the Z Series Ultrabook. The company also introduced  its new Brand Ambassador for the Philippines, Ms. Solenn Heusaff.

Explaining the thinking behind the new products, Mr. Tomoyasu Yamamoto, CEO & President of Toshiba (Philippines), Inc. said:

"We at Toshiba are constantly innovating and exploring new technologies that allow us to provide consumers with stylish and functional products. In addition, by enhancing awareness of our brand, we hope more consumers will make Toshiba their choice."
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Benjamin Alves says uncle Piolo Pascual knew he was entering showbiz

GMA Network officially launched Benjamin Alves as its newest star last Sunday, June 24, in the musical variety show Party Pilipinas.  Although Benjamin had signed up with the Kapuso Network much earlier, he decided to finish his studies first, and finish he did – with flying colors!  He recently just graduated summa cum laude in AB English in a university in Guam.

In an interview with the entertainment press on Tuesday, June 26, Benjamin said that he did not find it hard to decide to become a Kapuso.

“I felt at home here and I like yung atmosphere po dito, the people really put their hearts into what they are doing,” he said.

One of the interesting things about Benjamin is the showbiz blood that runs in his blood: he is the nephew of actor Piolo Pascual.  Benjamin said that he told his uncle about his intention of entering show business beforehand.

“During a family celebration, I told him about my plans and that I was already decided to become a Kapuso, and he was happy.  He congratulated me and he was happy for me -- because he is my uncle, a family member, and [as such] he only wants the best for me, and I believe I made the best choice,” shared Benjamin.

Since he will be joining Party Pilipinas as a regular host, will he try a hand in singing and dancing as well?

“They [Annette Gozon and Joey Abacan] saw my potential and they wanted to cultivate my potential as an actor.  Yung singing and dancing (laughs), siguro mamaya na, pero sana meron ding talent dun.  But first and foremost, it’s the acting that they want me for, and they want me for heavy drama.  Hopefully, we can deliver with preparation.”

Although he being compared with his uncle Piolo Pascual seems unavoidable, he hopes to establish his own name in the industry in due time.

“It’s inevitable but I just want to grow as an actor for myself because this is my first year to do acting as part of a main cast.  For me, to try to reach in one year what Piolo did in how many years is so hard to do.  Mahirap naman pong gawin yun.  Nagco-concentrate nalang po ako sa kung anong magagawa ko, kung ano po yung binibigay ng GMA sa akin, yung blessings na binibigay sa akin ni God in terms of my acting, dun na po ako magiging happy, and I’m sure that the audience will be happy with that for now,” Benjamin said.

Does he honestly aim to become as popular as Piolo?

“Of course, lahat naman po ng young leading men ngayon are trying to reach the level of Piolo Pascual, Dennis Trillo, Dingdong Dantes, but they’ve done it for some years, this is only my first year so ineenjoy ko muna,” he said.

Undeniably, Benjamin has got the looks that would make a dashing leading man.  Who among the Kapuso leading ladies does he want to work with in his first TV project?

“Andami sa GMA e, pero siguro sina Marian Rivera, Carla Abellana, Kylie Padilla and Sarah Lahbati.  I’d be grateful if I’d be given a chance to be paired up with them especially because I see them in workshops and magagaling sila,” he said.

Show businesses maybe full of glitz and glamour but it could sometimes be a nasty world to be in.  Is he ready to live the life of a celebrity?

“I’m a 100% ready.  I mean, with the amount of trust that is given me by Ms. Annette (Gozon), Sir Joey (Abacan), Ms. Avin (Marivin Arayata) and my manager Jonas Gaffud, I have to be ready and I want to be ready.  I want to make sure that everything GMA has invested in me is not going to be wasted,” he explained.

Benjamin also goes an extra mile in keeping himself fit in preparation for the long way ahead.

“I go to the gym, I try to get enough sleep.  Mejo nag-aadjust pa po kasi I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.  But I go to the gym especially because I’ll be doing a pictorial that requires me to be fit.  May time pa naman po, magagawa po natin ‘yan (laughs),” he said.

Benjamin’s family is in Guam and he’s the only one here in the Philippines.  It must be a big adjustment for him.

“I’m not used to living alone.  Now, it’s kinda lonely pero buti nalang there’s Skype, I am able to chat with [my family in Guam]. It’s lonely pero I know why I am here, and this is what I want to do so I have to just cope with it,” said Benjamin.
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