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Green Living Ideas For Millennials

| 04 September 2017
Every millennial has a special way to live green because of the instant access to valuable information regarding maintaining an amazing lifestyle. It means that the next generation is even more prepared to make the world a better place to live and that everyone has a way to do its part in achieving such a universal feat.

When it comes to green living, it is true that money is involve in the process of transitioning from a modern way of living to having a sustainable lifestyle. However, there are valuable ideas for green living and millennials will surely benefit from each of these tips.

Use Tankless Water Heater

Before the popularity of the Internet, I have observed people using water heater with corresponding tanks. I think it is a bit more expensive and unnecessary since we can always prefer to use tankless water heater wherein you don't need to store hot water all the time. It is a waste of time, money and resources to use water heater on a tank because you don't need it every now and then. The benefits of tankless water heater are having smaller physical footprint, higher energy efficiency and the endless supply of hot water when needed. So its a good idea to get rid of the traditional water heater and choose a more sustainable way of producing hot water.
Always remember that fewer household energy demands mean fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Many people even mentioned that it is more costly to use hot water than cold water. One example is using hot water in washing clothes and not lining it to dry outside the house. As mentioned earlier, it is also highly recommended to use the best tankless water heater to save energy and money.

Learn To Recycle Waste Materials

Have you heard about a fashion designer who used recycled fabrics to create new stylish clothes? I've heard that he used to tour around the city to find clothing warehouses to collect extra fabrics to create new shirts, dresses and skirts. Now that his new clothes became a popular, he has not only improved his work but also found a way to prefer green living and leverage his business. With this example, what other ideas that you can suggest?

Always Be Modest Yet Chic

Wearing modest clothing pieces is one way to go green but it should be done by following ethical fashion. There are clothes and accessories that are made of natural materials that will help us save the planet. I've seen bags made of hemp and it really attracted me even to this day. I own clothes that are restyled and I usually wear second-hand pieces. I have a hat made of native materials, too. By using green products, you're in the process of simplifying your life but without sacrificng style ans comfort.

Use Homemade Solutions To Stay Beautiful

If you're planning to change your beauty products, it is better to go green. Take time to study the homemade solutions of using Olive oil as a makeup remover. You can also pick fruits in the backyard to make your own facial mask such as avocado, lemon and more. For my hair conditioner, I use coconut oil because it will keep my hair so healthy, shiny, and strong.

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

One of the most amazing ways to go green is to have an eco-friendly home. Obviously, it is related to techniques in conserving energy and water at home. I am really impressed with interior design ideas that include indoor plants or houseplants arrangement inside the living room. Think about using renewable wood for home furniture and try drift wood art for home decor. For your rug, why not use an item that is biodegradable? Aside from that, you can probably source out biodegradable trash bags so you can help in protecting the environment from harsh waste products. 

Use Natural Household Cleaners

If you talk about going green, it includes using all natural and non-toxic alternatives instead of the usual cleaning products that are made of chemicals. Some of these products are not good for your health and merely exposing yourself to any of the cleaning solutions that are toxic isn't good. After all, cleaning your home and getting sick in the process of doing it is an absurd thing to experience.

Plant Vegetable In Your Garden

Before planting vegetable in your garden, you might want to learn creating your own fertilizer or anything that naturally help your plants grow well. Instead of throwing away waste materials such as disposable household trash from your kitchen, try to make it rot in the backyard and use it in planting vegetables in your garden. We've been doing this for years and the result is always fascinating. It helps us save money, too.

The things listed above have been shared by parents and elders who prefer to go green. If we slowly emulate their ways of living, millennials become amazing steward of the environment in general. Let us not ignore this opportunity to do our share of making this world a beautiful place.
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Buffet 101 Favorite Dishes

| 01 September 2017
Buffet 101 is an eat-all-you-can restaurant that has branches in the metro. It is also an international cuisine with a variety of dishes from across the globe.

I've already dined at their SM Mall of Asia branch twice and all I can say is that I had an awesome dining experience for both occasions.

Today, I would like to share my favorite dishes at Buffet 101. Let's get started.




If you have visited Buffet 101 lately, I'm sure that you have seen these delicious offerings of the eat-all-you-can restaurant.

For more details, you can check the Facebook account of Buffet 101 and check my post on another blog, the Buffet 101 Eat All You Can Restaurant Review at Karen Ezine.
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All You Need To Know About Living In Toronto

| 21 January 2017
If you are an international student going to live and study in Toronto, being adequately prepared will help you settle into this beautiful city much faster. Toronto is a great place to live and there is plenty to learn about this buzzing city. Here are some of the important things any international student should know before moving to Toronto:


The climate in Toronto will definitely determine the type of clothing you pack up for your stay. The climate varies depending on the time of the year, the cold winter months can be as low as -20 degrees Celsius while summer is usually at a tropical high of up to 35 degrees Celsius. If you are travelling in summer, pack light, save up on luggage space and buy your winter clothing while already in Canada. Spring and fall is often rainy and cool, sweaters and waterproof coats come in handy at this time. As a student, you do not really have to dress in official clothing, you can keep in comfortable and practical with clothing that is climate appropriate and socially acceptable.


There are a couple of housing and accommodation options depending on how long you will be staying in Toronto. You can opt for a Homestay which is a popular option for exchange students staying in Canada for six months or less. Homestays are usually arranged by the university for international students as a fee. You get to live with a Canadian family and learn more about Canadian culture on a first hand basis.
You can also stay in campus hostels/dormitories within the campus grounds. These are often shared units and amenities such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens are also shared.  If you prefer staying in off campus housing for YorkU students, you can go for shared apartments or studio apartments. These are furnished apartments often found near most university campuses.

Money management 

Proper money management is an essential part of living in Toronto as an international student. It is very important to stay financially wise in the money decisions you make during your stay if you want to live comfortably. Working with a new currency can be quite challenging, especially when you feel the need to constantly calculate everything in your original country currency. Taxes and tipping often add extra costs to a lot of purchases while in Canada. It is a great idea to speak to a financial advisor who can help you understand how to manage your finances better during your stay; there is a lot of information to cover including the potential tax benefits you may be legible for.

Transportation and safety

Canada has a pretty elaborate public transport system including trains, buses and taxis. You can choose the most convenient and affordable route to your college from the housing unit. Public transportation such as buses and trains are much more affordable than taxis which charge by the mile/kilometer.

Your safety and security depends greatly on where you choose to stay while in Toronto. Campus security is provided by the university administration. However, if you choose to live off campus, choose a well secured housing unit and avoid walking alone after dark, especially in lonely parks and roads.
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