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Amazing Things at Watercamp Resort

| 24 October 2013
Nowadays, many people find it fulfilling to share their thoughts on travel, food and other interesting topics. The Internet became a massive sharing field for all people across the globe. To cope up with the hype, I decided to blog about my favorite travel destinations, food trips and fashion decisions. In this post, let's talk about the amazing things at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. Of all Cavite resorts, the place is considered unique with its beautifully designed wave pool.

There are two important things that are considered amazing at Watercamp Resort. First, the accommodation facilities are stunning. The guests are free to choose between the standard rooms, family de luxe rooms and the family villas. Two to three persons may choose to enjoy a standard room while the family de luxe room is perfect for a small family. For larger groups of guests, the family villa is highly recommended.

Second, the resort has amazing swimming pools. It has six swimming pools for the guests such as Mini Wave Pool, Kidney-shaped pool with slides, 16-meter Lazy River, Children's Interactive Pool, Dunk Pool for 2 level slides and adult pool. Obviously, many people love the wave pool. Lastly, the food in the resort is also delicious. 
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Laser in Dermatology Program

There are many ways to stay beautiful these days. Although age is an important factor in the beauty department, there are ways to discard it all at once. Let's say a person wants to look younger. The perfect solution is focus on skin health. In that sense, laser in dermatology courses became popular in the industry. There are many physicians who are inspired to learn more about the treatment to keep up with the demands of their clients.

The role of Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center in providing laser in dermatology course to physicians and allied health professionals is very essential. Of course, dermatology is an important tool in maintaining the beauty of clients that physicians do on a regular basis. Because of the school's ongoing program, laser technology became an effective tool in the field of medicine.
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Krincess Carl Fashion Blog

| 08 October 2013
My new project is a product of all the training sessions that I had in the past. Krincess Carl is my other name and I used it for my new fashion blog.

However, I'll still be updating this blog.
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PRO-FRIENDS launches new mobile site for better customer service

| 22 June 2013
Scouting for your next home while waiting in line at the grocery store or while commuting to work? PRO-FRIENDS, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines, makes this possible with the launch of their new mobile site at

“We launched this mobile site to cater to our tech savvy market who are always on the go. We want to be more accessible to them by becoming more visible in new media platforms such as this, which they can easily access through their smartphones or tablets  any time of the day,” said Richard Tay, PRO-FRIENDS vice president for marketing.

The mobile-friendly site allows the user to zoom in and out of the pages, a specific feature for mobile devices. The mobile site makes sending inquiries easier as easy as tapping an icon. The auto call feature allows the user to reach a customer service representative by just pressing the call icon while the auto email feature allows for sending a quick message to a customer service representative without the hassle of typing an email address. And a more prominent social media integration tool allows the user to share on Facebook and Twitter, making the selection of a new home easier with shared input from people who matter.

Earlier this year, PRO-FRIENDS launched its QR (Quick Response) code campaign, which allows a user to access the specific website for its different projects such as Ilustrata Residences, Parc Regency Residences, Lancaster Estates, Bellefort Estates, and The Palms Lakeshore. The QR codes can be found in various PRO-FRIENDS ads or posters.

To download a QR code scanner, tap on the search bar in the app store for iPhone/iPad or Google Play app for Android devices, look for preferred QR code scanner, then click install.

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The Pink House Effect

| 10 May 2013
The best ways to enjoy the Information Age is to find photos of the things that we've been hoping for. In my case, I search for photos of my favorite cars, shopping havens, fashion items and even houses. Recently, I gave another round of looking at pink house photos. In this post, let me share with you an amazing photo of a pink house that I've discovered in a realty blog.

Do you like colorful houses? I know that my husband won't approve a pink-hued house, but I'm really attracted with this one. The ceiling matched with the exterior color and the veranda. There's an attic and the design is unique. It seemed that all spaces are useful. What do you think?
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Shaving routine and badger brush

| 28 March 2013
I'm lucky to know a lot of business owners who are willing to send products for review. Last month, I received some beauty products to try at home. I also received a shaving kit, including a badger brush. Obviously, my husband really liked it. It's really awesome to be a blogger. What do you think?

Being a blogger gave me opportunities to learn beauty techniques that I've never known before. I had a chance to try products that are eco-friendly, including a set of soaps for whiter skin. On the other hand, I've learned the perfect shaving products for my husband. He's been following the old-fashioned way of shaving so it wasn't hard to shop products for him. When I received an after-shave cologne for review, I let him do the job. Based on his experiences, I wrote the review with amazing tips for the readers.

What do you think about shaving creams, brushes and colognes that are sold online? I really want to know some people who usually buy shaving kits through the Internet since I'm doing the same for too long. Perhaps, I can learn some techniques to save cash and then purchase the best products for me and my husband.

Currently, I'm also preparing an article about badger brushes. I'm still on the rough draft stage since I want to research on the different kinds of brushes for shaving routine. There are websites with personal care topics so I'm still choosing the best sources for the article.

I'm really happy that my husband liked the products that I purchased online for him. He liked the after-shave colognes that I bought for him. But I'm still looking for the best shaving creams since he wanted something made of natural ingredients.

Do you have shaving ideas to share? Let me know in the comments section.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Don't give up

I would like to share an important lesson in life that I've learned last week. I thought I can't go on with my plans since funds are slowly depleting. Fortunately, I was given a chance to go on as planned with His guidance.

Don't give up on yourself. Your dreams are more important than quitting. I've tried to let go of my plans and stay in my comfort zone, but it's not really good. Hence, I choose to be grateful of what I have and move on with confidence that everything will be just fine.
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Internet Marketing and Enterprise seo with Orangesoda

Have you heard about the latest news on Internet marketing today? I failed to check my favorite news websites about search engine optimization so I'm hoping I can read some updates in my favorite blogs. Currently, I'm busy reading about enterprise seo with orangesoda and other related topics. Obviously, I want to learn more ways to promote our real estate websites to increase sales this month.

I have a testimony that Internet marketing is an important part of promoting websites for business. Without the help of skilled Internet marketers, business owners will find it hard to compete in the market. Many entrepreneurs are busy dealing with people who can perform a top-notch search engine optimization campaign. It's true that we can't ignore the way people purchase online and it's our responsibility to cope up with the sudden changes of selling strategies.

Last month, we've decided to hire a local Internet marketing team to promote our websites. We had less sales last month due to stiff competition. Our competitors use state-of-the-art search engine optimization techniques so we thought we're left behind in the trail of realty business. Hence, we hired a team that will help us go along with the current trend in home buying.

Because of our combined endeavors, we noticed increase of sales last week. That was a huge accomplishment on our part since in-house marketing staff of developers were sprouting left and right to compete with us. While the local marketers perform their tasks, we did more promotions on our part through social networking sites. It's a two-way process that will engage future buyers to read our offers.

It's indispensable to use the Internet to sell properties these days. If you find it hard to sell units, don't hesitate to try hiring Internet marketers to help you in the process of offering properties for sale.  By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.
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Realty Business and Homes for Sale by Schwartz

The beauty in real estate business is the opportunity to see different kinds of property. I've visited hundreds of developed areas for free and with a salesperson to guide me about each unit. Because of the latest technological development, I learned about investment techniques with the real estate industry. One of the most amazing investment techniques that I've learned is the short sale process. Being exposed with Homes for Sale by Schwartz, I want to share my thoughts on short sale in this post. But before I talk about the process of short sale, I'll share some tips on hiring a lawyer.

In a short sale transaction, hiring a lawyer is necessary. The attorney will help the buyer assess the property. On the other hand, the seller will be guided by the lawyer once the short sale transaction is started. Just choose an attorney that is experienced in cases about the real estate industry.

Image | Real Estate

Many owners of property, when faced with financial constraints, choose short sale over a full-blown foreclosure case. Basically, a foreclosure proceeding is more expensive than a short sale process. It's also difficult to handle and needs more time to complete. No wonder many people prefer going through a short sale than foreclosure.

The idea of selling a property in a lowered price is perfect for those who can't pay a mortgage debt. Although the debtor can't be absolved with the debt, he or she will have the chance to pay in accordance with the sale of the property. On the other hand, the buyer will have an opportunity to own a property that is affordable. I think that it's one way of accumulating real estate properties on budget. It's a leverage for business owners that can't be ignored these days.

Personally, I'm planning to purchase properties through short sale transactions. It's beneficial to both the seller and the buyer with the help of an experienced lawyer. For those who are in the real estate business, you don't need to spend more money to grow your investment portfolio. By just going into the trade of short sale, you'll have more properties to purchase in lower prices.

Are you planning to buy properties through short sale? I'll be glad if you'll share comments about it.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Collectables and Fashion Accessories

| 26 March 2013
I had an amazing start of the year for 2013. My husband and I attended seminars for financial education with some ideas on Internet business. However, I'm really grateful for the lessons I've learned in collecting items with high value. The seminar has something to do with investment and saving money. Personally, I like the idea of collecting valuable paintings, fashion accessories, collector items and other products with increasing value. Then, I remember the fabulous pieces posted at Collectables for people who love to collect stunning products and personal items. 

 In my fashion blog, I've written about my collections of fashion accessories and clothing pieces from shopping districts and thrift stores. I have tons of bracelets, necklaces and bangles. Before I traveled to the southern part of the country last month, I bought ten pieces of rare necklaces and two pieces of purple-hued bangles. At that time, I was busy preparing for my vacation clothes based on the style I prefer for the trip. In addition, I also create my own fashion accessories at home. I have collections of sparkling beads, hooks and tools for the project. My inspiration in creating the said items came from amazing websites of collector items and online shopping havens.

I also collect different kinds of bags. My very first collection is a lovely tote bag made of native materials. When I was in high school, I borrow bags from my classmates and study the design of each bag. Then, I look for bags that has the same style but in different colors. After finding the perfect replica, I placed it in my room for safekeeping. There are many stylish bags in thrift stores, too. Every Friday, I buy one sling bag to spice up my Sunday look. That's how I prepare for my weekend outfits.
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Give a loved one a home by filming their story

There are several ways to show how much you care for your friends, relatives, and loved ones. One uncommon yet stirring and perhaps, rewarding way, is to share their inspiring stories to others through video.

The Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) gives a deserving individual the chance to own his house and lot through the “PRO-FRIENDS Ka Rin Ba?” film making contest.

Part of the kick-off for the yearlong countdown to its 15th anniversary, PRO-FRIENDS is giving away a Sophie house in Lancaster Estates, the company’s flagship project in Cavite. All you have to do is nominate someone you know who is in need of a house by telling his story through a video.

Interested participants can join by registering at Nominators can upload their original video at the site, not exceeding one minute and thirty seconds.

Entries will be judged according to the number of votes, story, production value and overall impact of the video essay.

Videos should be submitted to PRO-FRIENDS not later than June 30, 2013. For more information on the contest, visit Profriends Ka Rin Ba?

The“PRO-FRIENDS Ka Rin Ba?” winner will get to own a Sophie house in Lancaster Estates. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen, linear park, and garage.
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The latest event of Mount Sea Resort in Cavite

| 18 March 2013
The last two weeks of March is obviously one of my favorite parts of the year. Usually, it's the end of classes for students. In fact, recognition programs are scheduled in these weeks. Many people plan their summer trips and travel escapades, too. On the other hand, kids wait for amazing activities that will give them the opportunity to play with their cousins, neighbors and classmates. No wonder Mount Sea Resort in Cavite organized another fabulous event that will entice kids who are having their vacation this time.

I'm  so amazed with the activity organized by Mount Sea Resort in Cavite. For kids 3-12 years old, they will experience an event named as Easter Egg-tivities. It will be held in the resort on March 31, 2013 at around 10:00 in the morning. With an affordable and exciting activity like this, I'm sure kids will enjoy it and gain some friends in the process.

Mount Sea Resort in Cavite has created many activities for kids throughout the year. The staff has carved a wonderful opportunity to allow children to enjoy life while in a beautiful venue.

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Liam Hemsworth and his fabulous car

I'm not going to share about interior design, fashion and travel today. I would like to share a photo of the fabulous car of Liam Hemsworth.

 The car is a teal-green and black Mustang which is absolutely fabulous. Liam Hemsworth recently visited the Philippines to promote Bench clothing line.

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The Benefits of Drinking Fruit Juices

| 14 March 2013
I'm really excited to share about the benefits of drinking fruit juices. I've written about the healths benefits of juices before, but I want to emphasize on its importance in this post. If you're familiar with xango and other popular juice products, you'll be amazed of the way people take advantage of technology for good health. In other words, we're also invited to learn more about the benefits of drinking fruit juices and stay healthy.

My inspiration for learning about good health habits is the advantage of having a healthy lifestyle. Today, I learned that my Aunt had a disease that has changed her life. Taking her condition as an example, I always think to follow proper eating habits. Life is exciting and I want to maximize my stay on earth to enjoy it.

Here are the benefits of fruit juices. First, fresh fruit juices provide minerals, vitamins and fatty acids necessary for good health. Sometimes people fail to realize the advantages of fruit juices in attaining healthy skin. To have an increased energy, don't forget to include fruit juices in your diet. Second, fruit juice is perfect to have stronger bones. My favorite fruit juice is mango and I'm sure I'll have stronger bones and healthy body by drinking it regularly. There are times that I crave on mangosteen fruit juices. Thankfully, a friend usually invites me to eat in a dining place that serve mangosteen fruit juice. Third, fruit juices will ensure a high fiber diet. It will aid the digestion process, too.

I'm really interested in having a glowing complexion. No wonder I like drinking fruit juices. Since it has a natural moisturizing agents, your skin will have the perfect glow.

These days, the usual problem of many people is lack of a balanced diet. Our food intake is usually not enough. Even though we eat a lot of food and drink fluids, we fail to get all the vitamins and minerals that our bodies really need. That's why it's necessary to drink fruit juices as supplements. Some companies have been developing products that will enhance one's health. Are you excited to know more about it? By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.
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Airplane ride and a photo of an island

| 11 March 2013
I was lucky to experience a smooth travel last week. The weather is wonderful. I'm only carrying two bags and there are only few passengers. On my way to the southern part of the country, I booked a ticket for the journey via Cebu Pacific flight services.

Since the weather is fine, I took photos while on-board the airplane. I can see the islands clearly even though some parts of the sky are painted with lovely clouds. One of my favorite photos is that of an island. It's very beautiful. I can see that it's a clean place. I wonder what's the name of the island.
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Favorite Ultra Modern House Designs

| 10 March 2013
Do you like ultra modern house designs? I'm excited to check the best modern home designs online. I've seen a stunning glass building the other day and it left an impression in me. Basically, I dreamed of building my own ultra modern dwelling place.

I've found my favorite ultra modern house design at IMTEX, after I searched for websites about interior design and home decoration.I like the pool side with matching small bridge. It made the house look huge and gorgeous.

I also like the green, green grass and blue sky background. The trees around the property gave an impressive picturesque, too.
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Travel blogging and yard signs

| 08 March 2013
As a travel blogger, I always visit unknown places. I’m always thrilled going to places I’ve never been before. Most of the time, I can see memorable yard signs, feather flags and parks that have given an impact in my life. I also had a chance to visit a place that’s really perfect for nature lovers.

Travel is a very exciting activity, especially if you’ve found the perfect place to unwind. Along the way, you can spot stunning view of trees, mountains and some bodies of water. It’s my habit to take photos while in transit since it’s really thrilling to do. Some of my travel photos were taken while in car or in an airplane.

Many readers of this blog asked me about solo travel. It’s a topic that I really like. Basically, hitting the road alone is interesting. You’ll learn many things as you immerse yourself of the place that you’ve visited without any companion.

There are many ways to make a solo travel memorable. Don’t hesitate to ask if you can take photos of interesting objects, places and people. In documenting your travel, don’t forget yard signs, museums, beaches and popular establishments. There are people who would ask you about the said places and you will have evidences of your visit.
It’s also necessary to be friendly with the locals. They will guide you in traveling to nearby tourist spots. I’ve experienced a memorable travel escapade with the help of a local tourist guide. The service is truly affordable and personalized. Who wouldn’t want to do it if you’re alone? You’ll be assured that someone will guide you in your trip. In most cases, you’ll meet other solo travelers.

To keep your trip memorable, don’t forget to buy souvenirs. Aside from helping the locality you’ve visited, you’ll have pieces of remembrance in every area.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all points and views are my own.
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My Latest Travel Escapade

| 03 March 2013
Have you noticed my long absence in the blogging world? Well, if you're my follower here's the reason I'm out for too long - I'm enjoying my latest travel escapade. I went home to find a place for a boutique. Finally, I have a chance to put up our own store.

Before I got busy with my tasks, I visited many places with my friend. We had a chance to enjoy walking in a long stretch of seaside shopping district. We also enjoyed a tour by riding a bus. It was a service provided by a company that caters to tourists from around the country. It has the same quality with Manila Bus Rentals Philippines companies in the metro. Obviously, I really like the travel experience. Then, we also tried amazing restaurants for food trip. Some places  have unique ways of offering food items. Now I'm really thrilled in visiting new places, too.

How about you? Have you tried restaurant hopping lately?

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Knowing more about Rotorooter and Plumbing Services

| 28 February 2013
In our home, there are many memorable experiences that gave me important lessons in homemaking. I learned to keep the lawn clean and fully-maintained regularly. In terms of interior design, I see to it that I was able to change the theme of the house every four months. Because of some friends, I became acquainted with the best ways to avoid clogging in the kitchen sink. However, time came that the drainage system of our home needed to be fixed. It was my mother's birthday celebration last year and the holiday season was fast approaching. At that time, I was really grateful of a plumber. I became familiar with Roto-Rooter experts and the way they handle every need of a customer. It was impressive!

we had these grilled banana for snack time :)

Before seven in the morning, my mother and I gathered all the ingredients of the dishes that we're going to prepare. We made sure that we had everything in the kitchen. My brother and sisters love eating fruits, so we decided to prepare fruit salad for dessert. Our drinks is chilled juice from crushed tropical fruits. Basically, we want to prepare French and Italian fare. My mother love spaghetti and I like to have some mashed potatoes in the menu. On the other hand, other members of the family like grilled pork so my father has been assigned to prepare the grilled pork and fish recipes.

By the time we completed the fish fillet recipe, my mother instructed me to prepare the pasta for the spaghetti. After preparing it, I decided to rinse the pasta in the kitchen sink. Well, the faucet went crazy and it showered all over the place! I'm not aware of it and caught by surprise of the defect. My mother just laughed it off and called my father to fix the faucet. Coincidentally, my father is already finished with grilled dishes so he volunteered to call a plumber. We thought he could fix it himself but we found out that the defect of our drainage system is worst this time.

The plumber arrived fifteen minutes, just in time for lunch. We know that it's a holiday but we're grateful that he granted our request. He fixed the drainage system and the faucet skillfully. He enjoyed the job and completed it as experts do. Personally, I'm grateful for his professionalism and ability to fix it within the given time frame. After he completed the task, we finished our cooking assignments before dinner.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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The Advantages of Hair Extensions

| 25 February 2013
Have you seen amazing photos of ladies with hair extensions lately? I'm really inspired with the latest articles about hair extensions shared by beauty and fashion lovers in the blogosphere. If you're a fan of YouTube beauty bloggers, they're always keen in showcasing videos with tips on wearing hair extensions.

Personally, I prefer clip in hair for my bangs. I don't want to cut my hair just to have natural-looking bangs. Thankfully, there are many hair products available in shopping centers and online shopping websites.

Before I close this post, I would like to share some inspiring ideas such as the amazing advantages of hair extensions.

First, clip in human hair extensions are instant. It goes well with any classy style and simple outfits. You can instantly easily change your look with a new style when necessary.

Image | Hairstyles

Second, you'll enjoy a more energized look with hair extensions. It's perfect for those who want to show off feminine-looking ensembles.

Third, split ends can be covered by clip in human hair extensions. That's one way of looking fresh, youthful and healthy.

Fourth, the aforementioned hair products are easy to apply. With amazing clip in hairstyle, you can save time and money during parties.

Don't forget to read tips on applying clip in hair extensions. There are many bloggers who shared their valuable time just to explain the benefits of using the said hair accessory. It's your time to shine, gorgeous ladies!
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Watercamp Resort is a fabulous Summer Getaway

| 24 February 2013
Do you still remember your best summer moments? I've been reading blog posts about this topic and I'm really inspired with many summer-related posts. Many people talked about their memorable experiences in the beach with their family and friends. Some shared their first swimming lessons during summer. Others mentioned the food and drinks they've enjoyed last summer. Personally, I had the best summer experience when I stayed in two popular Cavite resorts last year.

There are many ways to enjoy summer vacation. We had fun roaming around in a sandy beach three years ago. We also attended an event for environmental protection last year. I've heard from a friend that assisting swimming lessons for kids is also enjoyable. How about you? Do you plans this summer? Don't forget to read blog posts about the best hotels and resorts in the country.
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My Thoughts on Homemaking, Plumbing and local Rotorooter

| 22 February 2013
Every person has a way of creating beautiful things to have an enthusiastic life. Even though things are sometimes limited, many people think of ways to maximize what they have and solve every problem with ease. No wonder being resourceful is one of the most important characteristics of a human being. In this post, I would like to share about patience and resourcefulness at home. Let me also share with you some of my experiences on plumbing concerns, which will inspire you to know more about local Rotorooter services.

I've read in a blog post that being resourceful in homemaking is fun. The blogger don't have funds to purchase home decor. To solve the dilemma, she gathered materials to design her own ornaments. Within one day, she was able to make a decoration for the porch and front door by using used materials. She used an old umbrella and placed it with stunning flowers made of plastic and used laces in order to create a bouquet for the front door. I know you'll be amazed of what she did for homemaking purposes.

on our way to the resort :)

In another blog post, I also found a way to decorate the living room using old materials. You can create a beautiful home decor by gathering a pair of old boots, different kinds of artificial flowers and laces. To create some fabulous homemade flower vases, place the artificial in the two old boots and tie it with colorful laces. The finished products can be placed in both sides of the front door.

Lastly, I would like to talk about plumbing experiences. Earlier last year, we had a vacation in a beautiful resort. The travel time to the vacation resort is six hours. Upon arrival, we decided to just use the kitchen to prepare our food for the one-week stay in the vacation house. Then, my mother checked the cooking materials. She discovered that there's something wrong with the faucet. So my brother called a nearby plumber to fix the faucet. Thankfully, he helped us solve the problem. We're really grateful of the plumber at that time.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Tucci Designer Clothing for Men and Women

| 19 February 2013
These days, it's not easy to find amazing designer clothes for special occasions. Even though there are many offers showcased online, it's still necessary to consider many things such as design, materials and reliability of the designer. No wonder many fashion lovers read reviews in the Internet for easy and guaranteed access to the best online shopping websites.

Image Source | Designer Clothing

Earlier today, I've discovered an amazing website while looking for designer clothes. Named as Tucci Designer Clothing, it's an online shopping haven for those who love designer pieces. If you find it hard to shop for chic jackets, then this is the online shopping website for you. They offer different kinds of clothing pieces for men and women. They have the popular footwear and designer items that you've been looking for.

Although there are many shopping portals in the Internet, it's still possible to find the best one. I've discovered some shopping havens online through a blogger friend. You can read articles about fashion and search for items in famous sources. Personally, I consult blog reviews and magazines before purchasing an item.

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Green Chairs for the Living Room and Home Office

| 18 February 2013
I would like to feature some green chairs for the living room and home office today. I've been looking for fabulous chair designs for inspiration. It's a good thing that there are many designs showcased online by popular distributors like Furniture Showroom.

There are three products that I like from the website. For inspiration purposes, I would to share my comments of the said products. First, I like the Posture Task Chair with Arms Green. It has an arms and back rest for those who work long hours in the office. Since it has back height adjustment, you'll have a comfortable stay in the office during work hours. It will also help avoid the dreaded back pain! Second,  I love the design of the Mitt Chair™ Regular Size Green. It's chic and trendy. The design is unique and perfect in a dorm setting.

Images | Green Chairs

Lastly, I love the Griffith 2 Piece Metal Outdoor Conversation Seating Set - Loveseat & Chair in Grasshopper Green Finish. It's an innovative furniture which is perfect for outdoor stay after dinner.

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Dreaming of a Diamond Jewellery

| 17 February 2013
These days, many fashion lovers choose to wear unique clothes and dazzling pieces of jewellery. There's a constant search for the best clothing pieces and rare accessories that will enhance one's style. Personally, I try to get inspired with celebrities and the style that they showed off in popular fashion websites and blogs. I also read useful blogs ans websites to improve my knowledge on fashion and beauty.

Recently, I've discovered an amazing website about jewelries. It's a simple website with tons of information about sparkling accessories. I noticed every detail of the necklaces and rings that they have shown in the website. No wonder I kept on dreaming to have diamond jewellery for my birthday. The Wharton Goldsmith website has many earrings that are perfect to highlight a classic look. Also, they're offering fantastic watches and bracelets for every fashion lover.

In this post, I would like to feature the 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant from Wharton Goldsmith. I really like the design and beauty of the necklace. I know that you'll definitely have a powerful and inspiring style by just wearing this piece.

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Hiring a short sale Attorney San Diego area and its benefits

| 15 February 2013
Every person has a dream home. I assume that all people want to live in a beautiful house and enjoy life. There are thousands of people who are looking for a property every day. No wonder real estate agents are busy showcasing the properties that they're assigned to sell. On the other hand, home buyers are looking for the best deal. I know that they simply want to save money. I also believe that it's good for them to hire a short sale attorney San Diego area to ensure success in their home buying activity. What do you think?

It's easy to find the best property deal in town. In the place where you live, try to find a realty expert to help you work on a short sale transaction. It's one way of saving money. Based on your budget, you can still find a house and lot property and save  a large amount of money in the long run. Remember, short sale is basically a sale of property in a lower price enough to cover the debts of the seller. It's a rush sale to pay a deficiency. Why not grab the opportunity?

With the help of experienced lawyers and skilled real estate agents, you can enjoy the benefits of short sale. You don't have to spend much on a property that you need if you're aware of short sale. Personally, I want to take advantage of a short sale to invest on real estate. It's one way that I can improve my financial portfolio.

Don't hesitate to study the advantages of short sale transaction. Let's talk about the basics of short sale. According to Wikipedia,

"A short sale is often used as an alternative to foreclosure because it mitigates additional fees and costs to both the creditor and borrower. Both often result in a negative credit report against the property owner. It's also a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property, and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens' full amounts, and whereby the lien holders agree to release their lien on the real estate and accept less than the amount owed on the debt." 

Here, the buyer will greatly benefit with the transaction. So if you want to invest on realty, don't forget to study short sale transaction and seek help from a trusted attorney and real estate sales associate.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Local Rotorooter and Plumbing

In every adventure, you will have a memorable moment to share with others. If you love to travel and enjoy the trip with your loved ones, you're aware that there are unavoidable circumstances along the road. Sometimes you need to follow the bend, the twists and turns of events and feel grateful about it. After all, life isn't exciting and fun without it. Do you agree with me? No wonder I learned a lot when a plumber enthusiastically helped us during a mini-vacation last year. It's something like local Rotorooter plumbers have always done.

I still remember the day when we had a mini-vacation in a popular tourist spot. The trip was a gift from one of my relatives. For the exciting travel activity, we prepared for possible unavoidable circumstances. It's a good thing that we will stay in a small private resort for a week. In that case, we will prepare our own food and other necessities. It's like having a home away from home. The experience was totally awesome.

Even though it is a long trip, we enjoyed sight-seeing and chatting while in transit. I really liked looking at seashores, trees, mountains and valleys while on the road. Upon arrival, we immediately checked the area and planned for our activities.

My cousin also checked the materials found in the house. The bedrooms for the guests are fine. The living room is very clean and comfortable. There's a huge firewood in the lawn. In the kitchen, the utensils are complete. However, my cousin discovered that the faucet is defective and the drainage system is not in good condition. We realized we have a big problem!

We don't have friends in the area. Therefore, our only hope is to wait for the caretaker to help us fix the dilemma. Fortunately, he came back after an hour since he left his cleaning materials in the lawn. We asked help from help. So he called a skilled plumber to fix the faucet and the drainage system. We're grateful that he did it. Why? It was a holiday and we expect everyone is busy. At that time, we are really grateful that the plumber helped us fix the faucet and the drainage system. Our vacation was successful and unforgettable.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.
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Small Garden at Home

| 11 February 2013
I'm so inspired with our small garden at home. We decided to plant green leafy vegetables in our garden. Obviously, we have collected many seedlings lately.

For next month, our plan is to plant eggplants, squash and some green leafy vegetables. We know that these healthy ingredients are useful in food preparation at home. Since we love soup or broth recipes, I'm sure it won't be hard for us to find the freshest ingredients for every dish we would like to prepare.

Do you like gardening? Let me know in the comments section.

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Shangri-La Makati | Posh Interior Design

I'm not going to talk about the entire hotel. I'll just share the gorgeous interior design of one of the top Manila hotels. In Shangri-La Makati, the interior design is exquisitely gorgeous. Indeed, it's a luxurious sanctuary.

Since I like hotel interior designs, I took a photo of a Shangri-La Makati lounge area. I just like the hotel's massive paintings and adornment pieces. If the lounge area is so comfortable, what can we expect in their rooms?
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More on Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service

| 08 February 2013
Homemaking and making our lives in order is an essential part of success. The benefits of having an orderly and organized home are endless. No wonder more and more people learn to be skillful in making their homes perfect for their families. That's why Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service is a popular offering for homemaking purposes.

After fixing the faucet, we had a wonderful dinner. Grateful :)
There are many instances that I've reaped benefits in hiring a plumber. However, I'm more enthusiastic to hire a skillful and experienced plumber to fix things at home. In our area, there are many people who are very passionate in their jobs. They're willing to work for others even during holidays and special occasions. After all, problems relating to plumbing sometimes happen as emergency. What do you think?

Personally, I have experienced working with a plumber for our business. I mean, I hired one for a very essential task. One of the houses that we're going to turn over to a client has a problem. It has a defective faucet in the kitchen. Since it was discovered beyond the warranty period, the buyer asked help in fixing the defect. In order to stay true to our costumer service goals, I told the buyer that we'll help him fix the faucet.

A few hours after he consulted with me the dilemma, I hired a skilled and experienced plumber to check the faucet. He was able to fix it on time. We gave him one day to finish the task.

It's a good thing that before three in the afternoon he's already done with the job. As a result, he was able to discover a problem with the drainage system of the house. He told us that he needed to fix it too. The owners of the property gave a "go" signal. So the drainage system was also fixed before the allotted time to finish the work. After that, we had a wonderful dinner. We also invited the plumber.

The owners of the house were really grateful for our help. I'm also thankful with the help of the plumber. These days, it's not easy to find experienced plumber. I would like to suggest that you should be resourceful in finding one. By the way, this is a sponsored review. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Minimalist Living Room Design

| 04 February 2013
I would like to share that I really like minimalist living room designs. I'm impressed with the design of my friend's living room that we checked last Sunday. I know that their house is not too big. But they're able to make it look spacious and dainty. The furniture and other household items were carefully chosen to make the place so gorgeous.

The wall colors are stunning since they chose light colors for the living room and bedrooms. I agree with him that light colors add hype to a minimalist design. It's just perfect to use flowers to add pop of color in the room.

What do you think of this minimalist living room design?
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Tulip Bulbs for Sale

| 01 February 2013
Many people believe that flowers heal a sick person. It is the best cure for a weary soul. I've heard that if you bring flowers to the hospital when you visit a hospitalized individual, it is a helpful act for the sick one. No wonder hospital visitors check details about roses and tulip bulbs for sale. I remember I did the same thing when I visited my best friend two years ago.

My best friend and I loved flowers, especially those that are planted in our own front yard. However, we also check the freshest bulbs in the market to decorate our homes. Our new house became popular in the village where we live since we've planted roses in the front yard. As a result, neighbors asked for some parts to be planted in their own small gardens.

I really enjoyed gardening these days. I don't mind if it is a tiresome activity. Every time I see the flowers in full bloom, I always feel inspired and rejuvenated. My favorite flower plants are roses, daffodils, margarita, tulips and other ornamental plants. Before we transferred in our new home, I already planted red and white roses in the front yard. By the time we moved in, the flowers are already showing little bulbs that are really stunning. The mix of different kinds of roses and other flower colors made the whole place a livelier place to stay. In other words, the garden served as the main decoration of our house.

Basically, I read books about taking care of small gardens. We only have a small place in front of our house so it is essential that I learn to maximize its use. I also read blogs that talk about gardening. It's an exciting activity since I have a chance to learn many tips from other bloggers. I can also see their photos of beautiful flowers.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.
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Featured Blog | Karenade

| 28 January 2013
If you hear someone call you by your blog name, it's a very flattering event in your life as a blogger. I'm a blogger who loves writing about fashion, travel and real estate. For the past four years, I've done many projects for my clients and it seemed that I'm still enthralled with the idea of building an online project out of ideas and points shared in a popular platform. Indeed, I was inspired when someone called me, Karenade, my fashion blog name.

In this post, I would like to share my fashion blog. It's my first project with more than five hundred posts about celebrity style, events, shopping and other lifestyle-related topics. During free time in the office, I started the blog with fashion inspiration and tips in mind as my main topics. At that time, I was a blogger of an international fashion website that caters to celebrity style fans. From there, I learned the basics in style blogging.

Thank you for your continued support of Karenade. I'll truly appreciate your Facebook comments in the blog. Of course, I'll connect with you through social media as usual.
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Finding a Shaving Kit Online

| 25 January 2013
I've been looking for a range of complete shaving kits. My husband asked me to find products that will give him a nice after-shave feeling. He wants a shaving kit that has essential oils and are made of natural ingredients. Since I want to stock up for his much-needed products, I've decided to research on how to find the best shaving kits online.

Earlier today, I've read an interesting article about building your complete shaving kit. It's an informative article with insights on each shaving product that men needed for their shaving routine. These products include pre-shave items, oils, oils for electric shavers, shaving powders, shave products, lathers, brushes, razors and post-shave products. There's a wealth of knowledge for every man's shaving routine.

We know that most men use basic shaving kit. If they have a blade and a can of foam, then that would be enough. However, there are many ways to improve your lifestyle to have inspiration in your daily activities. Are you ready to know the shaving essentials for a perfect shave?

Here are the tips that I have learned from the article.

Use an exfoliant scrub and hot water to open your pores.
Use pre-shave oil to soften facial hair. Natural oils are perfect for this step such as olive, coconut and sunflower.
Use depilatory powder to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
Add shaving lather to your kit to ensure buffer between the skin and the razor. Shaving foams moisturize and lubricate the skin so use it often.
Also, use a badger hair brush to get it right.
It's good to stay away from disposable razors and invest in a quality multi-blade cartridge safety razor or a double-edged safety razor.
Don't forget that post-shave products will relieve burn, dryness and razor bumps, and some will even help heal cuts.

There are other sources of shaving tips online. You can read blog reviews on each shaving products for added knowledge. By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points are my own.
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Thinking about Yard Signs

My part-time job, which is being a real estate agent, is really an exciting activity. Being a blogger is an added opportunity since most realtors choose to work with us. We used to visit newly-developed communities. In every visit, we see different kinds of house designs, fences and yard signs. For amazing Yard Signs, we check each house and compare one sign to another. Every time there's an open house event, we bring our friends for the gathering.

Last year, I had a memorable time attending an open house event. As a blogger, I won a contest wherein all winners will have an exclusive chance to visit a prominent subdivision. I was really happy when I was chosen as one of the open house guests. It will give me a chance to inspect the huge development near our place and write about it. After all, I've been looking for topics to write in my blog.

I was given four hours to decide if I will attend the activity. The venue is not really far from our place but I've never been there. I don't know the exact location of the club house. I used Google Map to have an idea of the location. Then, I researched for the possible routes for my options. Since the venue is not accessible, I decided to just commute and transfer from one carriage to another until I will reach my destination. I've known that the developer or owner of the property has many projects in the area. The community that I'm going to visit is the biggest among his current realty projects.

I safely arrived in the venue before the program started. Technically, I was late for about twenty minutes. In fact, I wasn't able to eat breakfast served in the gathering. During the program, we heard different speakers who introduced to us each community built within the subdivision. It's really huge that it would take half a day to check all the house and lots. We had lunch after the program. During lunch, I met a lot of bloggers. I also learned that the project is for the middle class. The house design and yards were designed to inspire them.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, the points are my own.
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Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center in UAE

| 24 January 2013
In the UAE, there's a school that's considered one of the best international school for dentistry. Named Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center, it's located in Sharjah, UAE. Many medical practitioners have been taught the latest technological advancement in the field of medicine. One of these popular trainings is called laser dentistry.

To understand the dental treatment, let me share with you Wikipedia's words about the subject. According to Wikipedia, dental laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery or dentistry. Many dentists use the same kind of treatment for their patients. No wonder it is really popular in the field of dentistry.

Let me note that the courses offered at Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center are very useful for dentists are other medical practitioners. To ensure safety of the practice, the school also offer Medical Laser Safety Officer. It's a course that is approximately 8-16 hours and designed for those assuming the responsibility of the facility Medical Laser Safety Officer (LSO), who manages the Laser Safety Program, and for practice and clinics owners.
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Contemporary Home of Claude Van Damme

| 21 January 2013
I'm a huge fan of The Expendables movie so I would like to feature the new home of one of the stars of the film. Claude Van Damme's new contemporary home is a very stunning seaside creation. The design of the mega mansion is also the favorite of realty lovers since it's really big and grandiose.

According to reports, the house of movie star Claude Van Damme has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in it's 7,574 square feet design. It is located in Silver Strand neighborhood and is worth $6million.

I remember another gorgeous dwelling of the Hollywood star featured online. The said property was customized just for him.
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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service

| 18 January 2013
It's really fun to visit your relatives and friends these days. The Information Age has given us opportunities to easily track the activities of our loved ones. Simply put, we have the reason to enjoy the gift of family and friendship nowadays. In enriching our lives, we also give time to visit other people that matters to us. No wonder I didn't hesitated to accompany my husband last Christmas to visit my in-laws. On our way to their home, we have seen a sign about plumbing services. In a few moments after we passed by the area, I remember what I've read about Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service  and several homemaking tips last night. I didn't know that my thoughts would be useful in the next two days.

We've enjoyed the holidays in my parents-in-laws' house. We stayed there for five days with my husband's siblings. My mother-in-law cooked seafood and beef dishes. I helped her prepare grilled pork and chicken salad. Throughout the family gathering, we helped each other relive memories and enrich our lives with the lessons we learned along the way.

During our five-day vacation, I also experienced a funny situation. My husband was at the lawn when I started cleaning the dishes, a day before we headed home. As I've prepared the faucet and the soap for cleaning, the faucet didn't function well. It seemed that it was damaged since the other day. I remember my father-in-law's reminder that the faucet in the kitchen was damaged. The water suddenly went crazy, just like a shower. I was like having a shower in the bathroom! Thankfully, my husband helped me to solve the dilemma. He found a way to stop the faucet from spilling water. Later on, he called a plumber to fix the faucet. After fixing the problem, I really thanked the plumber for a job well done.

How about you? Do you have funny homemaking stories? I have shared with you a memorable circumstance in my life. I've even shared what happened in my Twitter account. By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Emerald Home Decor

| 14 January 2013
As Pantone, the well-known color authority, declared emerald as the color of the year many people chose green decor pieces for their homes. I've known some friends who made their living room so lovely by using Pantone-inspired ornaments.

Images: Lamp | Throw Pillow

In this post, I'd like to share some emerald home decor pieces that I really like. I saw a stunning green lamp at She Knows and a green throw pillow at Etsy. How about you? Do you like emerald for your home decor?
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Los Angeles homes and style

| 11 January 2013
I'm aware that many Los Angeles Homes are truly stunning and built with style and comfort in mind. Since I started writing about celebrity lifestyle, I noticed that many of the celebrities choose to purchase homes located in Los Angeles. I've heard that the realty industry in the area is continuously progressing and many investors are looking for the best deal.

But, it's also essential to know the ways and means to snatch the right deal before anyone else can. In the real estate industry, the best properties are usually first sold to early-bird home buyers so it's necessary to be alert. To do so, be connected with the best sales associates in town. You should be aware that not all real estate brokers are trustworthy so deal only with the accredited brokers that have a proven, good track record in the business.

How to find them? Check the realty websites online and study the people assigned with real estate brokerage. These real estate agents are usually trained to process all kinds of realty purchase. Their experiences are not only limited with choosing the best house and lot properties for you but involve laying down the pricing and other related topics.

Since you don't want to be tricked in the business, make sure to trust only those who have shown you complete information and are easy to deal with. Make sure you have asked your relatives and friends for referral to find the best agent. I've heard many stories about first time home buyers that have completed a successful purchase with the help of friends and relatives. In some cases, home buyers read blog reviews first before talking to a particular broker. At least, that will give them an idea about the sales associate and avoid any problems in the long run.

There are many things that you must consider aside from finding a reliable real estate agent. Take time to research about the property and learn of other news related to it. Perhaps, you can ask the people living near the area or if you knew someone you can ask for more information. Check the design of the house and the surrounding. In addition, you should consider its accessibility and price. After all, you want a value-packed real estate deal that's perfect for your family. What do you think?

By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points are my own.

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Eco-friendly homes

| 07 January 2013
I've been thinking of writing a post about eco-friendly homes since I support any activity for sustainability of planet earth. Earlier today, I found a gorgeous photo of an eco-friendly house design.

I really like the design of this house. The surrounding is full of trees and the porch is well-designed. What do you think of this home design? :)

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Regency Home | After shave Balm

| 04 January 2013
Today is really a busy day for me. I had posted several articles in my blogs and studied some of my tasks for the week. I've read about the color of the year and some homemaking tips, including posts about after shave balm. Aside from reading about technology and fashion, I've also checked my Facebook account to keep in touch with my relatives and friends.

By the way, do you have tips about shaving? I've been looking for articles that tackle shaving tips. My friends have been asking me to write about it. Personally, I'm aware that men should use an after-shave cologne or balm to soften the skin. To soothe and rehydrate the skin after shaving, it's necessary to apply a cologne or after-shave balm. This is also the topic discussed in forums and blogs for men to remember and follow in their shaving routine.

If you're buying an after-shave balm, check the label to know the ingredients used to manufacture the product. I prefer an after-shave balm with grapeseed extract and shea butter formulation to rejuvenate the skin of my husband after shaving. To ensure healthy-looking skin and moisture, a balm or a cologne must have natural ingredients that are safe to use for any part of the body.

My husband loves to elevate his daily shaving routine. Usually, he purchases shaving kits through online shopping. He liked eco-friendly shaving materials that are sold in lower prices. He doesn't like highly-commercialized products so I make sure I researched for the latest stocks of useful items in the market. I also ask my friends for suggestions and read blog reviews for guidance.

How about you? Do you have shaving stories to share? I'm excited to read your comments. By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points are my own.

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