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Jay Perillo's Journey as Musician

| 26 August 2009
I am an avid fan of Jay Perillo. I cannot forget how he performed well in Star In A Million four years ago. At that time, I hope for him to win and watched all the shows that he was in. He became part of the Top 6 contestants and Kris Lawrence won. He also participated in ABS-CBN's Bituing Walang Ningning top-billed by Sarah Geronimo and Angelika dela Cruz in 2006. For various reasons, Jay never appeared on television from then on.

Just recently, Jay Perillo tried again music contests via Are You The Next Big Star? of GMA-7. He did not won the highest award, but he gained sympathy from the audience as well as of Miss Regine Velasquez who talked to him on barefoot after he was voted out first. Personally, I admired the persistence of Jay Perillo in improving his musicality. He would make it in any way into the music industry because he is deserving enough to have it.

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Bookazines: Dingdong Dantes has it

I have been looking for a definition of bookazine in the net when I could not find one. I ended up browsing news about people who published bookazines nowadays. It comes with the effort of formulating an understanding of the word or concept itself. Basically, bookazine is a book written in a magazine style with articles and pictures in it. The design is made like a book, but the entries are written in a magazine-style sharing of ideas and life stories of individuals.

Local actor Dingdong Dantes is about to publish a bookazine which showcases pictures of different personalities modeled by the actor, such as being a superhero, vampire, a presidential guard and many others. The bookazine tackles different aspects of the life of Dingdong and it includes lovelife, his dreams in life, fantasies, and others. It is a detailed and raw material about the actor that presents what he is all about.
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Trials In Life

| 22 August 2009
This life is full of mystery and only stalwarts are fit to survive. I admit, I am not one of those stalwarts who are brave enough to face challenges in life. But, I made sure that I hold on to the promise of God, that one day, all pain and tribulations will end. I also know that there are people who do not believe in God, and I respect their belief. What is important is the will to survive and the capacity to endure.

I remember one person whose faith knows no boundary as he was trapped in a country that knows no legal matters. In that country, everything is illegal. He was there forced to labor to feed the mouths of the hungry tyrants. Those who are imprisoned to work would be killed at the slightest error made while serving their masters. In the end, that man escaped and was able to find his way to a safe place. The only thing that is in his heart is his family and friends.

My respect would grow deeper to people who know how to handle difficulties and trials in life. There are times that it is hard to imagine how the opposition continue to inflict pain on anyone, but it is also relevant to make us strong. All things considered, trials are made to exist for our benefit. Hence, we must be strong enough to face it.

LDS Meeting House
Guimaras, Phil.

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Globalization in Higher Education

| 20 August 2009
The most notable challenge in higher education is its rapid globalization and introduction in the international setting. Globalization in higher education refers to the changing nature of universities in terms of research, governance, and interaction with the society. Many universities today are seeking research studies in other universities in some parts of the world. Besides, the academe is allowing more students to study in other universities outside the country in order to accumulate innovative research studies and immerse with other cultures necessary for economic, social, cultural, and political development. These challenges are reflected in the thrust that universities tried to uphold to be in harmony with the emerging global and knowledge-driven economy. Therefore, globalization in higher education requires local universities to move in the expansion of opportunities and international partnerships among universities in order to avail of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world.

In connection, an intellectual researcher on education named Brysk wrote that globalization in higher education is a combination of elements such as connection, cosmopolitanism, communication, and commodification. Connection means traffic in goods and services, while cosmopolitanism is growth of multiple centers of power and influence. On the other hand, communication means increase in technological capacity that strengthens transnational networks and commodification is the expansion of world markets. Basically, Brysk is trying to integrate economic factors with the concepts of connection, cosmopolitanism, communication and commodification in relation to globalization in higher education. On the other hand, a researcher on education named Mason believes that it is proper to enhance collaboration with other universities in order to achieve international development out of competition in the global marketplace for students. With that, accessible educational structures and teaching processes must be developed to modernize them and make them viable with universities worldwide. Apparently, Mason wants to bring about educational changes and expand a new perspective on the significance of the globalization in higher education. Knowing the relevance of globalization in higher education towards research development, I agree with both the adages of Brysk and Mason. However, it is better to integrate effective systems between financial support of local universities and outside higher education institutions upon students who are willing to avail of globalization in higher education. Participation in international education might be limited to students from wealthy families, hence it is important to analyze the fact that not all students could afford to study out side the country. The thought of introducing globalization in higher education only to students from wealthy families must be eliminated and scholarship grants must be developed for deserving students. In that way, globalization in higher education becomes effective in achieving economic and political development throughout the world.
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Beware of Backbiting and Gossiping

| 18 August 2009

There was church meeting where I heard someone who shared the applicability of the message [“If you are my friend, your name is safe in my house”], to the daily activities of individuals. Meaning, if someone is my friend, I would not gossip or backbite that person within my home. Besides, I will not allow anyone to speak ill against that person behind his back. Personally, I agree with this message because this has been my principle for years. Gossiping is one of the most dreaded form of killing time and wasting resources. Why? Instead of doing something fruitful, there are people who would prefer talking about non-sense things, particularly the life of their enemies. When I was in college, and even in law school, I witnessed how friendships disbanded because of gossiping. I was also a poor victim of gossipers! I admit that I am not perfect, and there are things that I cannot control. But, my weaknesses should not be a subject of fun and laughter when I am mot around. In my mind, I warned those gossipers that in case they would elevate themselves at the expenses of my weaknesses and difficulties, I will work harder for God to bless me more.

Going back to the message, it is noble to keep the name of a friend safe in one's home. It is one way of showing loyalty and love to our friends. True friends treat each other as brothers and sisters. True friends should remain helpful and supportive to each other. There were times that I was saved by friends who believed in my sincerity and interest towards them. Others only consider me as a friend when they can use some of my resources. The bottomline is, friends should not talk behind their backs for it is a scenario of contention which could lead to betrayal. We should not feel better or blessed compared to our friends for each of us owned unique places in the heart of God. Hence, for my friends to know, their names are safe in my house.

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Bar Exams 2009: Incoming

| 17 August 2009
I sat down the bench prepared for those waiting for their permits to be released. There were two persons before me, asking for their name tags, id-s and permits. Suddenly, one of the guys stepped on my toes and I felt pain. Yes, because he was a huge barrister (heavyweight). In fairness, he asked sorry so many times and I accepted it. He said, he did not know that someone is at his back. Period. Alright, I know that I am still invisible, but I am no longer a coward. I fight back! But it should depend upon any situation.

The bar examination this year 2009 is just part of the signs that I am still invisible. No one felt my weight. The funny thing is, others are throwing their weight on me! Pain! But well, there is no problem with me. The current year brought me so much blessings that I cannot ignore. I thank God with that. I am in good condition, no hidden defects, under no warranty, and capable of breaking your heart. Oppsss! Only when you hate me, I will topple you down-just like how James Mawdsley tried to break the military junta in Burma. Speaking of James, I am still reading his book The Heart Must Break or the Iron Rod despite the fact that I am preparing for the 2009 bar exams. I sympathize deeply with his cause in favor of Burmese people. He tried to convince the military junta that democracy is better than totalitarianism. I am a political science graduate, that is why these terms are not foreign to me. Yet, I still have to meet someone in person like James who really stood for the oppressed. And for that, I want to be a lawyer for three reasons (I did not use these reasons when I took the entrance exams in law school) though: first, I want to protect myself and my family from unjust actuations of others; second, I want to protect the oppressed the best that I could; and third, I want to partake the glamor and enthusiasm in the bar and the bench promenades. Hence, I promise not repeat the same mistakes again. I will answer all the questions on time. And I will pray harder. Being invisible yet responsible is better than having pride. Protecting the oppressed and inculcating democracy is a good cause. And I will never have to visit that office (OBC) again in the coming years for my exam permit. Have a nice day!
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On Leavened Bread by Salman Rushdie

| 07 August 2009
The story written by Salman Rushdie was about bread. Basically, the story talks about Rushdie and the place Bombay where he grew up. Upon living in England, he shared his love of leavened bread. The author shared a part of India’s culture which is about leavened bread and its effect to the people living in the country. Rushdie described the kinds of bread that was found in India, particularly in Bombay. First, he mentioned about dry, crumbling, and tasteless bread. He also talked about real bread called chapatti, phulka, tandoori nan, and Peshawari nan. The concept of luxury has also been linked with leavened bread in Bombay. Second, Rushdie also mentioned about bread that tastes good sold by the nuns in a monastery wherein only the person who came early could buy because it was sold during dawn break.

By the time Rushdie live in England, he mentioned different kinds of bread according to its taste, texture, size, and even form. With that, he was so excited with the presence of tasty bread in England and fell in love with it. He remembered the water in the place he came from which is dirty compared to the clean fluids in England. Lastly, Rushdie confided his rising unfaithfulness of leavened bread in Bombay and admitted his sin of gluttony after discovering his love of bread in England.
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