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It’s All About Watercamp Resort in Cavite

| 16 August 2015
For so long, I’ve been writing about popular resorts and hotels. Since travel is one of my favourite activities, I always see to it that I record my experiences online and offline.

One of my favourite places to write is about Watercamp Resort in Cavite. The popularity of the resort is notable because I found many positive reviews when I researched about it lately.

Don’t forget that Watercamp Resort in Cavite has wonderful things to offer for many guests.

Lately, Watercamp Resort announced the new rates for their guests. Please be advised that starting March 14 to May 31, 2015, Summer Season Rates and Policies Apply. The price is P260.00 for adults and P230.00 kids below 4 feet. With this announcement, expect the new rates to apply moving forward.

Take advantage of the amazing swimming pools that the resort management offered to the public. My favourite is the lazy river because it reminds me of the time when I spent swimming in the river at the province. It was one of my weekend activities during my younger days.

Aside from the amazing swimming pools, the resort is also very accessible. It’s located in Kawit, Cavite. In other words, it’s near the metro. It’s so perfect for a quick travel escapade.
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Best Practices When Discussing a Brand in Article Writing

We have learned that one of the best ways to build a brand is to be unique and convincing in delivering specific messages to our audience. To do this, creating a brand specific content to promote websites should be a number one priority. Luckily, search engine optimization and anything related to it has been studied by many people to keep abreast with the changes involved in branding through article writing.

For instance, you’re creating a content that is specific to your brand if you write a product review. Why? People tend to search for information that is not generic in nature, any write-up that is so unique about the product or service that they’re looking for.

No wonder it is crucial to write high quality online articles, including informative and specific content to promote all brands that are discussed.

Here are the things that you need to remember in creating high quality articles to keep your branding highly-focused.

1. Do not write anything negative toward any brand or company. It’s a cardinal rule that you shouldn’t mess up.

2. Do not mention brands in writing guest posts. Try being discreet once in a while.

3. Don’t forget to maintain proper brand spelling and capitalization.

4. Use generic terms when you’re not specifically referring to the brand. In other words, don’t use trademarked terms in place of a generic term unless it’s important to the meaning of your writing. For instance, use smartphone instead of "iPhone."

5. To top it all, apply all the techniques to create powerful messages that aren’t obvious to the followers but will create a mark in their minds while reading it.

Are you inspired? Share your comments below. Let’s talk about search engine optimization in a meaningful way.

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Watercamp Resort in Cavite News and Events

| 25 June 2015
There are many options to enjoy a yearly vacation. One of these options is to enjoy a staycation in a nearby resort. Luckily, we have awesome places to visit near the metro. These days, Watercamp Resort in Cavite has wonderful things to offer for many guests.

However, our focus for today is the latest news and events of the popular travel destination. Lately, Watercamp Resort announced the new rates for their guests. Please be advised that starting March 14 to May 31, 2015, Summer Season Rates and Policies Apply. The price is P260.00 for adults and P230.00 kids below 4 feet. With this announcement, expect the new rates to apply moving forward.

Enjoy planning for your vacation! Don't forget to research for the best activities during your vacation and keep a list of the items that you'll need for the event.
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Summer Camping and Swimming

| 26 April 2015
During summer, camping is one of the most enjoyable activities. Many people love to organize a camping event during summer. It is very exciting to live with your friends in the park, especially when amazing activities are in store for you.

Last year, we had an exciting summer activity in the province. It was a three-day camp with the youth. The organizers made sure that everything is well-planned, especially the food, transportation and the program.

One of the most memorable activities is swimming. It made me think about the metro and the pool parties that we had at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. We planned to visit a nearby river because the plan for a pool party in a swimming pool is set another week. We had cooking lessons for the participants, too. After all, it was summer and all forms of outdoor events are in line for the youth.

We walked to reach the river with the youth. We had fun in doing so. At least ten young men and women are with my team at that time. We passed by a creek and a farm. The view is really wonderful. It was worth it all.

I saw many people who joined the swimming activity. I didn't join the team because I was assigned to guard the participants. I just enjoyed the view as I did my task for the day.
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One Great Summer Story

One of the most memorable stories in my life is living in a new place and experience amazing things in life. It is part of my life and I always treasure the things that I learned from it. I’d like to share it in this post.

Two years ago, I left the corporate world to have a vacation in a far away place. It was my first time to live there. I have friends in that small city that is why I didn't feel lonely.

I rented a small apartment so that my husband and our pets can live with me. But before they traveled to be with me, I had a chance to live alone there. I had swimming, too. Because of that, I missed many Cavite resorts. I also visited the beach for sightseeing every afternoon. I was able to travel in many parks, villages and farms.

However, one of the most memorable things that happened there is when I became friends with a dog. Her owner lives with his daughter near our place. I learned something about Chara. It's loyalty that I cannot forget about her. When I finally left the place, I really cried because I have to leave her behind. Her master cannot attend to her needs because of work that is why. But I moved on as expected and just prayed that everything will be alright.
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Fishing Trip During Summer

These days, enjoying summer is one of the most important goals for every family. It’s the time to have a break from hectic schedules and go for a road trip. Many people plan for a wonderful vacation in any tourist spot for a change. It’s really a process of adapting to the exciting changes in the tourism industry nowadays.

One of the most popular activities during summer is to go on fishing trips. In other countries, fishing is considered a sports activity. It’s like a one great hobby for many people. Others go to swimming first, especially at Watercamp Resort in Cavite, and then enjoy fishing afterwards. For every traveler, it’s one way to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

To enjoy fishing during summer, don’t forget to prepare a plan. You can start by researching about the best places to go fishing. Then, check blogs that talk about fishing to get ideas about the activity. It will help you prepare for the event.

Lastly, don’t forget to book in advance hotel accommodation and plane tickets to save money. After all, you’ll a lot of extra cash for more summer adventure.

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Choose to Rent a Peugeot for Airport Transfer

| 16 April 2015
One of the best ways to enjoy a trip to the airport is to rent a car. These days, a classy Peugeot is a popular vehicle for rent to reach the airport. Since the package includes the services of a driver, it is more convenient, safe and affordable. Aside from that, you’ll reach the airport on time so that you won’t be late in your scheduled flight.

Orange Cars Philippines offer an amazing airport transfer package. The starting point is from Makati City or at Makati Central Business District or Bonifacio Global Taguig City to NAIA I, II, III and Domestic Airport Terminal. The usual fee is P2, 000.00 so it’s very affordable.

The office hours of the car rental company are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For questions beyond office hours, weekends and holidays, contact their call center hotline numbers +63 2 843 4343 local 4264.
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Rent a Kia Picanto to Attend Corporate Appointments

These days, top executives in the corporate world prefer to rent a car to attend meetings away from the office. Although there are cars to use for their convenience, many employees try to enjoy a rented vehicle to take advantage of the comfort, safety and added style that it can give while attending corporate meetings.

Orange Cars Philippines offer an amazing airport transfer package and services such as going to meetings and other appointments. The starting point is from Makati City or at Makati Central Business District or Bonifacio Global Taguig City to NAIA I, II, III and Domestic Airport Terminal. The usual fee is P2, 000.00 so it’s very affordable.

The office hours of the car rental company are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For questions beyond office hours, weekends and holidays, contact their call center hotline numbers +63 2 843 4343 local 4264.

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Rent a BMW for Summer Trip

We love to have fun and excitement during summer days. It is the best time to visit new places with our family and friends. It is also the time to have quality time with our loved ones.

One of the ways to enjoy summer vacation is to participate in a tour. It’s an event that is designed to visit popular travel destinations by renting a vehicle for the trip. If you are only traveling with your family, you can visit some tourist spots by renting a BMW to enjoy the trip. It is more comfortable, safe and you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy summer in style.

Orange Cars Philippines offer an amazing airport transfer package and other services for many people. The starting point is from Makati City or at Makati Central Business District or Bonifacio Global Taguig City to NAIA I, II, III and Domestic Airport Terminal. The usual fee is P2, 000.00 so it’s very affordable.

The office hours of the car rental company are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For questions beyond office hours, weekends and holidays, contact their call center hotline numbers +63 2 843 4343 local 4264.
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Breakfast for Summer Days

We know that breakfast is the most important meal every day. It is also very important for those who love to travel nowadays.Before enjoying a tour with your loved ones by riding a rented vehicle offered by companies in Philippines Car Rentals industry, it is necessary to eat a hearty breakfast to have the needed energy and stamina for the tour. It is like preparing for a whole day of fun and excitement through eating nutritious food and drinking water.

The usual breakfast preparation made by the chefs of popular bed and breakfast hotels is tailored to fit the needs of the guests. I had a chance to enjoy a delectable meal in a hotel that is included in the accommodation package that we chose for the trip. It was absolutely amazing. My husband loved it so much.

For summer vacation, the usual breakfast meals are authentic American omelette and salad. These food products are easy to prepare and are perfect for bread and butter. Personally, I prefer broiled eggs, omelette with fish, vegetable salad and sliced fruits.

Lastly, I also love chocolate drinks. It should be served hot, paired with bread and sliced ripe mangoes.

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Relaxing Travel Experience in the Metro

The beauty of travel is seen in the rewarding lives of people who have visited different places. The happiness that we achieved while traveling is measured in the number of things that we learned in every journey. We take pride in the new language that we learn, enjoy every souvenir and keep the photos we have taken on the road. In fact, we think about the people we met after every trip away from home.

There are many places to visit nowadays. The popularity of tourist spots soared high after the proliferation of social media that allows a lot of people to share travel experiences throughout the world. I had seen photos of a unique travel experience in a remote area sponsored by a group of social workers from a well-known company. The organizers rented a bus and took advantage of the amazing packages offered by Orange CarsPhilippines car rental service providers. The photos are totally gorgeous and thought-provoking. Why not enjoy travel and help other people at the same time?

For those who want to roam around the city for fun and relaxation, it is highly recommended to check popular places such as shopping malls, theme parks and other tourist spots. The metropolitan has all the places for a passionate traveler. It is also advisable to check print advertisements, online networks and popular television shows for amazing events in the city.

In terms of relaxation and dining, visit restaurants that are conceptualized to mimic popular places outside the country. If you love Italian food, visit dining places that offer delectable pasta, pizza, grilled seafood and salad.

Personally, I visit parks and food shows these days. I like the idea of having a farmer’s market in the city every weekend. It is the best time to taste authentic dishes that are affordable and completely satisfying for every customer. I also like to visit chicken houses, eat-all-you-can restaurants and dining areas that serve native food.

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Travel Vacation Memories in the Countryside

One of the best ways to enjoy summer is to stay in the countryside. The province is the perfect place to enjoy nature and experience a laid-back lifestyle. You’ll have a lot of time to plan for your next activities in life. It’s the time to avoid being busy and just enjoy life with your loved ones.

For those who love to visit new places, living in the countryside for a vacation is the best way to experience great tours. Many people just rent buses for group tours nowadays. It’s a good thing that PhilippinesCar Rentals companies offer exciting packages for travelers. You’ll have a chance to visit new places in style.
I had a chance to enjoy a two-year vacation in the province. My husband and I stayed there with our two dogs. We rented small apartment and enjoyed living away from the metro.

I have several travel memories after living in the countryside for two years. The place that we chose for the vacation is actually a small city but it is located in the southern part of the country. Obviously, we have access to the beach, hiking trails, eco-tourism parks and other tourist attractions. I really love swimming in the beach. I have time to have a morning walk with our dogs. I also love the food, the weather and the fresh produce sold every week in the farmer’s market. I also like the abundance of vegetables, fruits, seafood and other items for food preparation. All in all, life is the province is just simple and you will have time to plan for your life once in a while.

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My Favorite Food for Summer Vacation

One of my favorite seasons is summer because it is very exciting. The weather is totally amazing for outdoor activities. It is the best time to rent a vehicle, relating to the Orange Cars Philippines industry, to have exciting opportunities to visit new places.

During summer, there is no reason to skip a vacation with your loved ones. For those who love to hike in the woods, this is the best time to go further and enjoy the cool breeze, nature and the beautiful scenery. It is also highly recommended to enjoy swimming in the beach, in resorts and in other swimming areas. In that sense, summer is the best time to experience fun and excitement.

Personally, I love summer because it is the best time to prepare delicious food and drinks. Since the weather is hot and it is sunny most of the time, the best drinks to prepare are ice cold juice and fruit shake. Aside from that, it is also the best time to enjoy ice cream in different flavors. For snacks, it is advisable to try pasta dishes and fruit salad.

My favorite summer food and drinks are green mango salad, seafood, and rice. I also love to prepare mango juice for my family. I used to cook broiled cassava and potatoes for snacks. We love to prepare grilled pork and vegetables, too. Isn’t it amazing?

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My Travel Experience with our Dog Enzo

| 07 April 2015
We have a dog named Enzo. We love him so much. He's very playful, loyal and obedient. He's also a very smart dog. He saved our lives by just doing simple things that pets do for their humans.

A few years ago, we decided to travel with our dog. It's a good thing that we rented a vehicle for the activity. It would be easy to handle him while on the road. No wonder I like traveling with my family and friends through a rented bus, like those offered by Manila Bus Rentals Philippines, especially when we are heading to a far away place. Anyway, they allowed us to bring the dog since he's still a puppy at that time.

While on the road, Enzo made our trip so amazing. My friends liked him a lot so we had no problem along the way. The kids played with him.

Do you have an experience traveling with a dog? Let's talk about it in the comments section. It's a fun topic to discuss nowadays.

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Memorable Summer Days for Kids

| 26 March 2015

There are many ways to enjoy summer. For kids, it is the best time to let go of school-related tasks and just enjoy hanging around with family and friends. It is meant to have quality time with your loved ones.

When I was a kid, we always go to the beach for swimming during summer. We had picnics with our relatives every afternoon. Since we don’t have nearby resorts yet, just like Cavite resorts nowadays, we take time to enjoy swimming in the beach once in every week. Especially during special occasions, we prepare delicious food and drinks for everyone and hit the seashore for a whole day of fun and excitement.

For those who love swimming, visiting popular resorts is one of the most exciting activities. There are many places that offer amazing pool parties with small families and groups. In that case, you’ll have an exclusive way of spending summer with your loved ones.

It is also highly recommended to go on hiking by following trails set up by seasoned hikers nowadays. Many backpackers enjoy it with a friend or a family member. The usual places are those travel destinations that are found in remote areas because nature there is totally breath-taking.

Since the sun is usually up during summer and the weather is good, kite flying is a fun activity, too. In creating the kite, make sure it reflects your personality. It’s really fun to create kites. But remember, it’s more fun to fly one.
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How to Prepare for a Summer Swimming Party


We know that swimming is one of the most popular summer activities these days. It is very exciting, especially for kids. It gives us an excuse to wear our favorite summer outfits, too. No wonder many people love swimming with their family and friends.

To enjoy swimming, it is essential to prepare for the activity very carefully. In that case, you shouldn’t miss anything in order to make the event perfect for all the participants. All the materials needed should be stocked up as early as two weeks before the activity. The resort management must be informed of the event a month before the activity. This is one way to avoid conflicts and to make sure that you’ll have the place before others start to book their swimming parties. For example, it is important to book your event at least one month before the party at Watercamp Resort inCavite. Obviously, there are many people from the metro who would like to use the place for pool parties.

Don’t hesitate to use a timeline in preparing for the event. By using a timeline, you’ll be able to keep track of the things that you need to do before it comes too late. Keep a detailed list of all the supplies that you need such as extra towels, t-shirts, food, water, snacks and medicine. If you need to bring a car, or maybe rent one, research for the best option.

For your safety and protection, don’t forget to assign a coordinator for food preparation, transportation, program and security. There should be someone assigned to look after the kids while they’re swimming in the pool. We wouldn’t want to encounter accidents so we need to ensure safety and security all the time. 

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The Usual Events for Summer Vacation


We know that summer is fast approaching. For that reason, we are very excited to celebrate it with our family and friends. Since we have accomplished something for the school year, it is time to have quality family time by participating to a lot of activities for the upcoming season.

What are your plans for this summer? Personally, I want to visit a nearby place for swimming. I still have work to do in the office so I can’t travel outside the metro for now. My first choice is to visit a lot of Caviteresorts for a change. Then, I’ll have food trip activity with my friends. I’ll also visit a lot of shopping malls because I’m going to update my wardrobe. After that, I’ll visit some of my friends to talk about important matters such as school, work and travel plans.

How about you? What are your planned activities for summer? Many people love to go island hopping these days. It’s also highly recommended to visit popular resorts for a chance to have an adventure with your friends and family. In this country, we have a lot of places to visit nowadays. Just keep in mind the popular travel destinations before planning for your summer trip.

Obviously, you’ll enjoy dining in your favorite restaurants during summer. Or maybe, you can go hiking with your friends. It’s more fun to have a well-planned set of activities before your trip. So don’t forget to lay down your options.
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