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JPMorgan Fund Eyes Ten Percent Stake In Twitter

| 27 February 2011
I've first read about JPMorgan when I read about the successful company three years ago. When I visited business web sites lately, I felt curious to know about the news that JPMorgan fund eyes ten percent stake in Twitter. I've heard this has something to do with the technology fund, otherwise known as Digital Growth fund that JPMorgan has been developing recently. We know that Twitter is also a successful internet messaging and communication site which is perfect for micro-blogging. In fact, it's one of the fastest growing social networking sites.

The ten percent stake is substantial acquisition of JPMorgan over Twitter, I think. However, it is not yet clear if the JPMorgan fund will have a direct investment or buy out existing investors and shareholders according to the approval of Twitter. There's no intention to buy shares on the secondary market either. Also, the deal has not closed.

In the news: "JPMorgan fund in talks to buy Twitter stake".

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On Personal Injury Lawyers

| 13 February 2011
Personal damage is a result of accidents or inevitable circumstances usually caused by another person. Personal injury is destructive in nature, so immediate remedy or relief is expected. The professional help of a personal injury lawyers is needed.

People need to consult with the best attorneys in town to help them in case of personal accidents. Some of the most destructive accidents include car accidents, airplane crash, shipwreck and those that are caused by medical practice. Without the help of a personal injury counselor, it's difficult to access legal relief from those who are responsible of the accident.

Personal injury lawyers deal with a lot of cases relating to accidents. In many parts of the world, subject to different legal implications, many attorneys are equipped with experience, knowledge and expertise to seek and fight for legal remedy or remedies in case of personal damages. An individual needs to report his case to any trusted lawyer and provide evidences to advance the case. In that case, a relationship between the damaged client and the personal injury lawyer is established for the sole purpose of acquiring basic remedies of the problem.

When it comes to car accidents, it is important to hold accountable the person who is at fault. The injured party must show evidences to the court of law through the representation of an appropriate counsel against any respondent. The injured client must see to it that the person at fault does not provide alibis to evade the law.

Damages caused to victims of shipwreck and airplane crash are insurmountable. The magnitude of each damage is definitely huge that the presence and help of competent personal injury attorneys is indispensable. The owner of the airplane and the ship and other persons who are liable must answer their obligation to compensate the victims.

In medical practice, it's undeniable that there are physicians who may fail to provide the most ethical and appropriate practice of their profession. In the legal sense, this is unacceptable. If a patient dies because of medical practice, the physician at fault or anyone responsible should pay the victim or victims.

The role of a top-notch attorney is very important in helping their clients move on despite any accident. All individuals are expected to exercise prudence in everything. Hence, anyone who fails to practice due diligence must compensate for the damages caused by him through legal process.

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How To Recycle Beads and Accessories

| 11 February 2011
When I was a student, I used to collect fashion accessories and beads. I usually go for colorful, huge and sparkling items. Now, I noticed that I already accumulated several fashion accessories. I thought of recycling some of the designs to create a new necklace.

Here's what I did. I collected colorful beads and twisted the items with wire. Then, I took some small Swarovski crystals in my collection to match with the beads. After some experiments for the perfect and simplest fashion design for a necklace, here's what I got.

  fashion beads and accessories

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Kate Middleton Gets Advice From Camilla Parker Bowles Ahead of Royal Wedding

| 10 February 2011
We already know that the royal wedding was scheduled on April 29, 2011. I'm thinking that people who can't attend the event for myriad reasons just go for any of the wedding memorabilia. That's why I wrote this, Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding and the UK Gift Company. Lately, there's a big news that Kate Middleton gets advice from Camilla Parker Bowles ahead of royal wedding schedule.

In Koffman's new restaurant, Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa with Camilla Parker Bowles' daughter Laura Lopez were having a conversation about the wedding. Recently, it was also reported that Kate's style is already copied worldwide by shoppers. Her simple fashion choice became so popular that most of copycat dresses sold out fast.

Are you excited to know the design of Kate's wedding dress? I'm sure most of us want's to know the designer too. By the way, I'm grateful that my Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Glimpse post has been visited by thousands of guests. Thank you so much friends for the support.

simple style of Kate Middleton

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What Makes Me Loud

| 08 February 2011
What makes me loud? Simple. I have more than ten blogs. Don't laugh at me, right? It's just me, organizing blogs. So, what makes it dispersed is the idea of segregating the usual "niche". I'd like my posts about politics, law, business, philosophy, dogs, cooking and many more segregated in different blogs. Although I'm neglecting one fourth of the count, I still keep track of all my blogs, self-hosted and Blogspot-powered.

Also, blogging allowed me to be friends with lovely ladies from other countries, mostly beauty bloggers. That's also the result of my love of "pink" hues found in beauty blogs. It's also exciting to join in contests, like this one, hosted by Nuffnang Philippines. I'm so grateful with blogger friends who occasionally visit by blog too.

By the way, this post is my official entry to the Tommy Hilfiger’s LOUD Contest. To know more about the contest, click here.

Thanks for reading. Thanks also Nuffnang and Tommy Hilfiger for the opportunity. Feel free to leave friendly comments. :)

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Management Tips

| 06 February 2011
I'm inspired to post about management tips since I really want to be effective and efficient in my tasks. I need to slow down on my work in order to focus on my health. So, time management is necessary coupled with handy management tips.

Here's the point, the skills that made a person successful won't last forever. That's why it is essential to develop new skills and expand one's network. For example, my first work involves legal research and legal writing. Thinking that I won't be doing it forever, I need to learn academic writing, business writing, management skills and even blogging. I did widen my horizon by studying many other writing-related skills.

I'm afraid of the risks in not updating my skills, too. Why? The demands of time are always changing, it's safe to prepare for whatever circumstances to come. I can't imagine if writing skills will become outdated in the next twenty years. Lastly, it's also important to become valuable in the organization where you belong. It's one way of expanding networks and having opportunities.

Source: Mosaic Projects

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Search Engine Optimization Blogging News

| 02 February 2011
I've been reading blogging news lately. I got sick, so I really can't post as many topics as I want. For a quick post, I just want to share blogging news from well-known search engine optimization consultants online.

1. It's important to prepare an original blog post. The idea of copying from other sites may harm the ranking of your site. I'm sure this is self-explanatory. I'm writing this because I still bump on blogs with posts copied from other sites.

2. Bing announced of it's detailed stats feature. I'm planning to extend my search engine optimization efforts with Bing. They're getting even more noticed lately.

3. Google is going to launch Google Music. Just wait for additional news about this: "Google wants to launch a music service that lets users buy songs and have them downloaded into the cloud – accessible from anywhere". (WebProNews)

That's all for today. I think search engine optimization is getting more exciting. Until then!
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