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The Lost Kingdom

| 24 February 2010
The Lost Kingdom

Chapter One

"I came all the way from the capital just to say goodbye", Princess Yena said. Prince Lander just smiled and nodded. There were many people around them and it seemed easy to feel suspicious. Why is it that the Princess brought along with her the candidate? Prince Lander could not breath his last life for the Princess. There was no way to save the sinking boat. It means that the Princess need to marry someone else and bring her future husband to the throne. There is no way to stop it. Then the conversation continues despite the fleeting moment...

"Then, how are you?", Prince Lander was in a hurry for the answer. Time is fleeting, indeed.
"I am fine, and I am ending it here. Though my soul will always find our Kingdom, my mind says otherwise. Let this be the end". Princess Yena released a sigh and joined the crowd.

The noise went louder as the people were coming inside the house. The food was served. Princess Yena secretly searched with the Prince. All other visitors from far away kingdoms enjoyed the night, but in one spot of the hall, someone silently wept with resolve. Outside the hall, someone decided to give up. The invisible link of true love must be loosened.
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Justice Is What I Yearn

| 23 February 2010
This post is for a neighbor who considered my family as intangible-people that they hated so much but they cannot do something about it. They keep on badgering us, talking unfounded words, and belittling our knowledge. However, when any member of my family passes by their place, any one of them hides...AFRAID? or WHAT?

So, what are you trying to show? Arrogance and cowardice placed in one bowl and tossed with anger? This neighbor must talk to us face to face, just like a professional must act. So, what is your problem? That our dogs are considered nuisance? I asked all my friends in law school, is there a law in the country that prohibits taking care of dogs in apartments? Forgive me for my ignorance, i missed that question way back in law school. But then they answered me in unison: "nope, but try to check the city ordinance and ask your landlord about it..."

That is my point, the landlord never showed me the lease contract that I was looking for since day one in order for me to know the terms and conditions of the lease. It seems that my poor neighbor does not know about this fact. Am I that stupid to bring dogs inside the house knowing that it was not allowed by the absentee landlord? The caretaker failed to let me sign a lease contract which is supposed to be the law between us-landlord and tenants....I just presumed that it was allowed by experience.

And that neighbor of mine? Just wait for the day that we will leave this place. For your information, we are leaving this place soon to our new home where we could bring with us our dogs. I never dreamed of living in an apartment in my entire life. You? It is supposed to be you who should live in your own house because you had your second generation with you. As for me, we are just starting as a family and we were able to do something about it. How about you? You are so mad thinking that we will live here forever? No way!

I did nothing despite what you did to us. Remember, you are only human just like me.......just a caveat...justice is what I yearn...
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The Origin of Law

| 20 February 2010
The obscurity of the origin of law is founded on the fact that law is a precondition of society. Basically, law started from the rule of only one person who controls the activities of others. It was later on developed into a set of rules that governs the activities of the people belonging to a specific country. Hence, the rule of law and not of men was developed. Although some countries remained elusive to this legal system, most of the people around the world believed that the implementation of laws would make the world a peaceful place to live.

The nature of a law may be positive, negative and or restrictive which would allow all men to follow. A positive law mandates to the performance of a necessary act. For a negative or restrictive law, a person is prohibited from doing something that would probably injure of damage the rights of others. Thus, the ultimate purpose of the law is to set a harmonious environment in every society. Without laws, chaos and tyranny will rule all over the society. There will be no freedom and liberty for men to enjoy. With that, only those who are duly-constituted authorities who could create and implement laws. In other words, no one is even allowed to transcend the law even those authorized by the Constitution of a certain country.

Essentially, the concept of law and as well as the origin of law was obvious to primitive men when they realized that the rule of one against the other is not an effective government. Men tend to understand the law when they experienced its essence and usefulness especially in their dealings with other people. Indeed, the topic on the origin of law is an important issue.

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You Can Do Magic

 "You know darn well
When you cast your spell you will get your way
When you hypnotize with your eyes
A heart of stone can turn to clay"

Yes, you can do magic. Each one of them left an impression in my heart. Somehow, somewhere...I became what I am because I met them sometime...

Ruth- when i will have a chance, i will do the same thing that you did to me
Karem- it is because i was too busy that time that you were angry with me?
Jo Aileen- you are really intelligent, thank you for calling me through a private number
Ane- just like a biological sister, you look after me during those times...
Arnold- i never hated you, its just that my heart hated men where i always listen to my heart...
Christine- just a short time you were my friend, i am grateful...
Christine- i will never forget our journey when we visited a classmate's memorial...
Christine- having the same birthdays really meant were real friends
Rhoda- what you did to me will happen to you in some circumstances
Corsene- it was not you, that is why I turned around and left many traces for you to always sigh
Rejoice- i failed you, but your wisdom, principles and merit are valuable, one day, i can make it..
Gina- did you noticed that your money made you infamous? i hope you are not getting poorer right now..forgive me for the revenge
John- high school sweethearts do not exist
Red- i forgive you...but
Airez- i know what is gmail and all bookmarking sites available
Oyet- i am fully aware that everyday is valentine's day, i am just being practical...
Anne- you are not perfect, hence you do not have the right to correct me in front of so many people

Thank you.
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kirtsy / Upcoming

| 19 February 2010
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Shopping Online Using Price Comparison Site

| 18 February 2010
Shopping online is a fun-filled activity as long as it is done wisely. Since most individuals realized that saving money is a wise decision nowadays, online shoppers must use a right method in buying products via the Internet. There should be a reliable solution to impulse buying which could harm financial freedom of a person. In that case, online shoppers must use a price comparison site prior to making purchases online. Most price comparison sites will provide online shoppers with up-to-date prices of various products such as home decors, cosmetics, gift items, appliances, gadgets, jewelries and many others. These price comparison sites are also designed to warn online shoppers of the dangers in going into impulse buying by providing a hint on products that were sold not in favor of buyers for purposes of getting more profits.

Most online shoppers rely on hearsay as they buy products online. Some fail to do their homework on what products should be bought with their hard-earned money. The point is that online shoppers can save a whole lot of money by using a price comparison site. When you are looking for expensive items like laptops, television sets and pushchair, it is essential to consult some price comparison sites in order to buy the right products with the right amount. One of these price comparison sites is Save Buckets Website. When buying laptop computers, pushchairs and prams, and also television set, it is wise to visit Save Buckets Website for price comparison purposes. With Save Buckets Website, online shoppers can search millions of products for them to find the right price. Since we are aware that products like laptops, pushchairs and prams, and as well as television sets are expensive or costly, online shoppers must make the most out of price comparison sites like Save Buckets Website in order for a best buy. 

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Family Matters In This Life

| 17 February 2010
We knew already that a family is a basic unit of society. When family members interact with people outside the home, we created a society that works for the survival of mankind. In this sense, it is the family which is the source of all decisions, events, ideas, and achievements in the society. For that matter, there are two articles that I had come across at E Articles Website. The first one talks about How Do You See Family and the other one How Do You See Your Role As A Family Member. Both articles are intriguing since people view families in different perspective nowadays.

Let us deal with the first topic. I view family as a very important thread of human relationships. Imagine how a nation dwindle because of the increasing number of dysfunctional families. Parents has a very important role in rearing and caring for their children so that they will not become problems in the society. On the other hand, children must take heed to their parents' advices in order to gain wisdom. It is how we see family that makes us do something to protect families from becoming dysfunctional.On the other hand, what is our role as a family member? Personally, I must help each member of the family reach their goals. I know that it is my role to sow love and patience within my family. Besides, it is also my role as a family member to make sure that the family is protected from any forms of vices, corruption, and temptations that will annihilate its existence and strength. With all these information, I am always reminded that the safety and welfare of my family are the primary priorities amidst hardships and trials.

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The Three Types of Soul and The Concepts of Heaven and Hell

I had come across of a very interesting article via Article Input Website entitled the three types of soul and the concepts of heaven and hell. The first part of the article gave a definition on the concept of heaven which basically meant harmony. Prior to the discussion on its connection with religion, the author discussed also the meaning of hell. What I learned from the article is the declaration that people can have the chance to live forever in heaven wherein peace, love, and happiness are abundant. Aside from that, individuals can have a chance to live with the Creator from eternity to eternity. 

In addition, the most scary type of soul is the destructive soul. Obviously, a destructive soul cannot enter in heaven and may dwell in hell. The author of the article fully explained the three types of soul and its connection with the concepts of heaven and hell. We are aware that being righteous is the only way to reach heaven. Therefore, having a destructive soul is calamitous not only of the physical body but also of the spirit. Since people are not perfect, there are instances that we may commit mistakes as we tend to represent the destructive soul at times. Hence, physical healing as well as spiritual cleansing are essential for mankind.
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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and ACG

A storm is considered as a natural calamity that caused destruction to mankind for so many years. Calamity preparedness has been introduced to prevent further destruction of the lives and property of many individuals because of storms. Hence, everything that may cause problems due to storms must be prevented.

In connection, it is dangerous for rain water to pick up excessive amount of sediments. It will cause environmental problems along the way. Being familiar with storm water pollution prevention plan is an essential task in relation to industrial development. For the safety of all people in construction sites, civil engineers must see to it that the storm water pollution prevention plan is faithfully implemented. The emphasis of the plan is appropriate use of barriers to keep the rain water from picking up extra sediments. In that case, ACG is a licensed contractor with the right qualifications for preparing and implementing these plans. The storm water pollution prevention plan has been utilized in various places like Orange County, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles. You may check their sites for more information on ACG and storm water pollution prevention plan.

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Web Directories and Blogging

Blogging became widely known through the web because it is a fun-filled activity. People maintain their blogs because of different reasons, but whatever the reason is, having more blog visitors is what makes blogging an exciting activity. So, what is the use of web directories here? Is it true that a web directory helps a lot to invite more blog readers? Let us visit the world of web directories then.

A caveat for new bloggers, a web directory is not a search engine. Basically, web directories are listings of websites by categories and sub-categories. It is one way of collecting websites and arrange them by category and sub-category for readers to easily find the information they want. Hence, bloggers can make use web directories to boost the number of their visitors in one way or another. Now, here is the catch. Most bloggers sell products online by reviewing them for readers to know. In that case, a business web directory is essential to increase the number of potential clients. One of the most growing business web directories is Jasmine Directory which provides website listing services for business bloggers. Another one is the Max Directory which is also a business web directory. This website is an SEO friendly web directory which could help bloggers and website owners increase traffic everyday. As for me, I could increase the number of visitors of my business website by applying the services of Jasmine Directory and Max Directory since it will surely expand my name and the brand that I developed. In that sense, my online business will grow day by day.

Moreover, one way of utilizing web directories for traffic increase is to choose free web directories. One of the most well-known and authoritative web directories is the DMOZ Directory. It is a human edited web directory but ask bloggers and website owners to strictly follow their rules of submission for obvious reasons. Due to the effective and efficient editing of submitted websites prior to its inclusion in the web directory, DMOZ Directory has been known for its authority and usefulness in the web. Besides, Yahoo Directory is also a choice so that bloggers and website owners can attract more readers online. With all these information, it is still wise to study each web directory to achieve greater results. After all, there are myriad ways of achieving one's goal via the Internet.

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Battered Woman Leave

| 16 February 2010
Since I already explained the solo parent leave in my last post, I will now dwell on the battered woman leave. An even more current addition to the list of statutory leaves is that which required under Republic Act No. 9262. This law which referred to Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children approved on March 8, 2004 allows the victim of violence, which may be physical, sexual or psychological, to apply for the issuance of a protection order. It will shield her from further violence and give her related reliefs. If the victim is an employee, she will be entitled to a paid leave up to ten days in addition to other paid leaves under the Labor Code, other laws, and company policies. It is also worthy to note that the leave can be extended when the necessity arises as noted in the protection order.

A requirement to apply for the battered woman leave is a certification obtained from the Barangay Captain or Kagawad or prosecutor or the clerk of court that an action based on R. A. 9262 has been filed and is pending. The use of the ten-day leave is at the option of the woman employee. It shall be used for the days that she need to attend to medical and legal concerns. Leaves not availed of are non-cumulative and not convertible to cash. Indeed, the battered woman leave is useful for women as victims of violence. Lastly, this law is only applicable in the Philippines.
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Solo Parent Leave

Someone in the neighborhood asked me about the solo parent leave. He was also discussing about other statutory leaves provided as employee rights like vacation leave, sick leave, and the battered woman leave. However, what concerns him most is the solo parent leave and the battered woman leave. The last issue will be featured in my next post.

Based on the explanation given for the implementation of the labor laws, a recent addition  to the list of paid leaves given by law is the parental leave which is also called as the solo parent leave. This name was given because of the enactment of the Solo Parent's Welfare Act of 2000- R. A. No. 8972. This act took effect last November 28, 2000. Section 8 of this act provides that:

"In addition to leave privileges under existing laws, parental leave of not more than 7 working days per year shall be given to any solo parent employee who has rendered  service of at least one year".

This means that the solo parent leave is in addition to the legally required leaves such as the service incentive leave, the SSS sick leave, the SSS maternity leave and the paternity leave. The solo parent leave is beneficial to a woman who gives birth as a result of rape or crimes against chastity, a widow or a widower, a spouse separated legally or separation in fact for at least one year, and so on. The requirements for claiming this right include showing that he or she is left alone with the responsibility of parenthood and also showing to the employer a solo parent identification card duly issued by an authorized representative of the Department of Social and Development. 

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My Regency

| 10 February 2010
Some of my readers in this blog asked me why I used the title My Regency and Best of Life to share my opinions and experiences in life. Basically, I am fond of reading fantasy stories involving Kings, Queens, Prince, Princess, and even castles. I am amazed on how a princess live her life and the way a prince learns to fight his enemies. In connection, regency means leading, reigning in a kingdom, and handling the royal court. On a personal basis, I believe that in the Kingdom of God, I am a princess because I was created in His image. I need to govern myself and care for my loved ones. I need to show leadership skills and look after my loved ones, friends, and even strangers.

My regency is in tune for this perspective. I reign in my own Kingdom. I must be a strong and valiant princess to fight against evil and negativity. Opposition is all over me, and it is my duty to decide properly for personal protection. My regency must be like a fortress against inevitable situations and uncompromising events. With that, preparation is the key. I must learn from my past mistakes. In turn, my regency will prevail no matter how scary that world is. Hence, my regency will continue forever and ever.

Message for my readers:

The only way that man can survive in this crazy world is to abide by the rules of the universe. Give what you want to receive. Help and get help. Kill and get killed. Working hard to earn a living is normal. Women are created and designed to be at par with men no matter how men want to dominate the earth. Throw positive things in the universe, it will do good to individuals. Above all, we are designed to be with families, we must keep family members in any way for peace, progress, and success in all our endeavors. Remember, life is a gift you were happy to receive ever since you were here. Do not waste it for nothing.
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Noynoy Aquino Mar Roxas Votes

As the election is fast approaching, people are still on the rise, thinking, watching, dreaming, and speculating as to who would be the next president of the country. There are numbers of netizens who are typing words against Manny Villar. Some hated Noynoy Aquino and his clan because of Hacienda Luisita. Mar Roxas seemed to be safe, but what is next? But then, could we stop all these activities and ponder for a while? Here are few questions that we can start pondering.

What are the long term consequences of voting corrupt officials? Come to think of it, we already knew that candidates who spent much money during elections will do something to regain their funding.

Think of the platforms of the candidates and their background, especially for those who are running for President. Are they industrialists? People like them would develop agricultural lands where possible and build homes and buildings. What will happen to the environment? We need more trees to prevent floods and other natural calamities. We need farmers and agricultural lands for them to produce food.

Will I choose a candidate that has integrity? Integrity which is even running in his or her blood? It is up to you to evaluate on this point. Who is really the candidate that was born of parents who love democracy and peace? How about leadership skills? Leadership skill that runs in his or her blood?

All these points are necessary in choosing for the next leaders of the country. Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas and the rest of the LP are the best candidates for the coming elections. We will support Noynoy Aquino as president and Mar Roxas as vice president because we know that they are capable of leading this country to progress and peace.

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Beautiful Radiance

| 09 February 2010
It was Beanizer_05 who passed this beautiful radiance award to me. I was amazed that this blogger friend included me for the beautiful radiance award list. I want to thank Beanizer and 12 others for their friendship via Bloggers. But before that, I wanted to post the beautiful radiance award first and include the rules then.


-Put the award on your blog or in your post
-Pass the award to 12 bloggers
-Link the nominees within your post
-Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog
-Share the love and link to the person who gave it to you

Here are the people I want to share with the beautiful radiance award:

 Arindam- your blog on sports is interesting
Danmark- whose motto in life is worth pondering for
Ghun- your message in my wall inspired me to improve my blogs
Kim- thank you for being interested in my educational background
Ebot King- one of the few people who could express well their ideas
Robert- your observation about Filipino bloggers is correct which explains why most of us are seen in the blogosphere
Ashwin Tank- your blog is an eye-opener of the society
Neel- your observation with Robert is very much appreciated
JaneSBM- your post about technology in the third very interesting
Jake- with an informative blog on technology
Kyungmee- photography: dream reality
Didz W- Didz's world is very refreshing

What I like about Bloggers is that people are friendly and eager to share their opinions to other users. Here, I find beautiful people with artistic and witty personalities.


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Choosing The Best Dogs For Your Kids

Over and over again, I would say that a dog is a man's best friend. There are things that made me believe in this saying.

First, dogs give fun and laughter. I already mentioned this words in my other blogs, and this is really true.

Second, dogs help me become stress-free. I really enjoy their company. I watch them grow and learn many things.

Third, dogs are amazing especially in times of emergency. My husband had a recent nightmare wherein our dog woke him up. The dog just heard him experiencing a nightmare and immediately jump into him.

And fourth, dogs are good security guards at home.

Parents may purchase dogs for their kids. But there are things to be learn before doing so. For those who are interested you may click here "Choosing The Best Dogs For Your Kids".

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Betrayal in Love

| 08 February 2010
Most people do not know that some women are wise in terms of love. They are smarter than a robber in stealing one's heart. A woman is sometimes much stronger and valiant than a mighty soldier just to fight for her only love. Other women knew how to make things all right just to appease a man's worried mind. Some women do not consider friendship when it comes into love. For instance, if both women loved the same guy secretly, the tendency is that one will betray her friend. Betrayal in love is common among women all over the world. And that is a fact.

Since most men are aware of these scenarios, they were amazed how women fight over their hearts. So, what is the catch? I write about betrayal in love issue because I was benefited in this situation. I had a friend, friends, and even best friends who betrayed because of love. But you know, I am glad they did it. I had  now the courage to think that men are not all and all in this world. Women should be wise enough to win over a betrayal in love situation. After all, if the man really loves you, he would stand by you. Otherwise, he would help your friend, best friend, and their best friends to hurt you. Hence, betrayal in love is a situation that woman must find strength for. No one could pin a woman down if she would not allow anyone to do so. So, girls! Remember the mantra: mind over matters of the heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

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also a victim - 25 random things..

| 04 February 2010
I am so amazed how active other bloggers are, not like me, it was only this day that I really gave so much time for my blogs. Just like Beanizer, I had also fun reading few responses on this interesting "tagging" until i found out that he also tagged me as one of his chosen victims.

This is in response to Beanizer's tag.

"25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about ME.At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you"

Here is my list:

-i do not eat cooked turkey meat
-i love watching koreanovelas
-i wanted to be the best lawyer in town
-i took up political science in college but do not want to enter politics full-time 
-i wanted to be a scientist when I was young
-i love eating fruits every morning
-i wanted to learn Spanish
-i am a frustrated fashion designer
-i easily feel charity towards beggars, as in homeless beggars
-but i hate being bothered so many times, like peddlers who wanted me to buy their products even if I already said
-i hate mathematics
-i was amazed in watching avatar movie
-my favorite subject in college is political philosophy
-i have two beautiful and wise dogs
-i do not want to talk about my past love life
-i love nature, it has been my anti-depressant
-i love sleeping in hotel rooms
-mr. bean is my favorite
-i love flowers, especially roses
-i love cooking, especially pasta
-i love watching american idol
-i am a fraternity/sorority member
-i love watching war movies, and i do not know why
-i am a woman of faith
-i wanted to have twin son and daughter

and now, I would like to tag:

lucky angel 

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My Love Story

| 03 February 2010
This post is a reply to Beanizer's request about my own love story. Beanizer is a regular visitor of this blog.

Back Story

Love is something that I look forward to in this life. It gives me a reason to smile, laugh, think, work, hope, help, and be the best that I could be. But I learned one lesson about love that made me a better person. I met Enzo because of fate. I fell in love with him because of charm. And I fell out of love because of hope. One day, i had a feeling that Enzo would be the guy for me. Why? We share the same interests, we had the same dreams in life, and we both believe in being sentimental. We used to talk within long hours about things that makes life mysterious. We deal with the same problems. We had been separated for years and met again amidst the twist of fate. Enzo's eyes are magical. Having a gaze with him is forever. Well, that is the problem. Having magic is not forever. With just one click of the magic wand, it may end, stop, deteriorate, and disappear. He fell in love with a common friend without me knowing what is going on. Cheating heart. He did not only cheated on me, he turned my world upside down. Maybe, the magic went dreary and our love fell apart. No, it is my world that fell apart. I have to leave him for good. Indeed, the magic must end. There was only true love and great love is only for  moment. He was just a great love but not my true love.

I Found The Castle

For sometime, I went somewhere to move forward. I wanted to find the castle that has been promised to girls that were betrayed by their love ones. I walked, traveled, and climb the mountains to pick the pieces as fast as I could. I will not let time kill me of the pain that I felt. I must do something to live again. Well, it was not easy. But it could happen. Let us say, I met a prince in a certain place. He was alone. He is looking for her princess. And there I am, shedding a tear. The prince wiped the tears and married me when the sunshine finally comes in. I am now happily married living under a castle roof. My love life in the past turned into a cottage of hay. Is it not interesting? There is really something at the end of the rainbow. Believe me.

Don't stop believing!

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Parenting Teens

Parenting teens nowadays is more difficult than in past years because of far-reaching technological and sociological changes that have occurred. Teenagers have always been exposed to activities, data, and individuals that challenge their families' standards and values-but never so much as recently. Parents whose own teenage years do not seem so very long ago are finding their children growing up in a changed world. These changes have brought great benefits to society, but problems too. Parenting teens on the other hand, is a very challenging role.

Moreover, families have not escaped the changes taking place in the rest of society. Parent-teen relationships have been dramatically affected- so much so that today's parents are generally not capable to control their teens easily and effectively. Besides, the demanding approach that may have worked for their parents simply does not work as well as for today's parents. Hence, parents must learn to adopt with the current ways and means by which teenagers develop in terms of psychological, social, cultural, spiritual, and physical aspects. In short, parents must ride on with reality in order to control and influence their teenager's behavior and character. Indeed, parenting teens is something that must be given emphasis in  family life.

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Make Money With Cell Phones

| 02 February 2010
Cellular Phone treasure. That is our topic for this time. Is it really true that we earn by using our cell phones? Yes, that is true. If we earn through the Internet, we earn also through our cell phones. Through a new and high converting system, Adam Horwitz teaches so many people and the complete newbie on how to make an absolute killing with affiliate marketing through cell phones.

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The Diet Solution Program

This blog is my favorite because I could write anything here-from personal to health, from politics to finance, and even travel. But for one thing, I would like to emphasize on health since I know that it is the most important thing in this world.

In relation, we must be also concerned of being fit and fab. One way of achieving a healthy body is to follow a diet regimen especially those who are not that fit. Here, I would like to introduce a diet solution program that is really helpful. The Diet Solution is the number one honest and all natural diet nutrition program on the Internet.

Healthy living is essential for a happy life. If we are healthy, we can do anything that we want. Imagine a person who is not healthy, the possibility of doing all the things that he wants to do is limited. Hence, we must be mindful of our health then. Here is a helpful diet solution to try with "The Diet Solution." 

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Love Is Mysterious

There has been many changes on how people view love. Others would say that it is an essential ingredient for a happy life. Other would prove that love is the source of pain and trials. One person even told me that love is the answer of his prayers. For me, love is forever. When it strikes a person, of which I am referring to true love, love will never end no matter what.

I had one story to tell to prove that it is true. My friend's mother told me one sad secret. She was a Muslim. When she was young, at seventeen, she was betrothed to a young man who is also a Muslim. The guy belongs to a rich clan in the community. In their culture, marriage will be fixed by their parents. She was inclined to leave the house in secret for one reason-she fell in love with another young Muslim. However, her parents knew about her plan. She was forced to marry her fiancee in a much earlier date then. Hence, she still think of the man she loved despite the fact that she is already sixty years old! That was her agony for so many years. For her, she always wanted to be married to the man she truly loved. But fate twisted it all.

Love may be mysterious and powerful, but it had one weakness. The weakness of love is love itself. Imagine how brave the Muslim girl was, to live with her husband for so many years despite the fact that she loved someone else. She was told by her parents before she got married that when she would continue seeing the young man, he would be killed. For that, she cannot afford to let it happen. In exchange of her man's safety, she married the guy that his parents arranged for her. Indeed, love is powerful. Love never has to end, but it could sacrifice for some reasons.

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