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Mulat "Awaken" Film Review

| 29 October 2016
We love to read reviews on indie films nowadays. It's a refreshing way to appreciate creativity in the film industry. For all of you, I would like to share a short review of the film, Mulat "Awaken" which is top-billed by Jake Cuenca, Loren Burgos and Ryan Eigenmann. Obviously, it attracted many viewers during the gala premiere of the movie.

Mulat "Awaken" is a perfect example of a remarkable movie that will entertain you from the initial scenes up to the ending. Every detail is essential to understand the narrative and answer questions about life itself. Thankfully, each scene is amazing that it's not boring to follow the story until the most-awaited part of realization is visible. The character of Sam, played by Loren Burgos, made me realize that there are things in life that I need to re-consider such as marriage and family relationships.

Everyone who watched the film loved it and I'm really grateful that I took the opportunity to attend the gala night. So I'll invite you to watch the Mulat "Awaken" film on November 2, 2016. Now, I'll end this short film review with a question: How much choice do we have in shaping our destinies?
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My Seafood Island Dining Experience at Market! Market!

| 16 October 2016
The way I see it, freshly-cooked seafood is still my number one favorite dish nowadays. I may have professed my love for grilled pork and chicken lately, but I still stayed true to seafood dishes. No wonder I chose Seafood Island to celebrate my seven years of blogging. I know it's been a long and I haven't plunge to the mainstream yet, but I'm getting there. I promise.

Seafood Island has a branch at Market! Market! and it's my favorite place when I wanted to eat boodle style. It's more of a relaxed way to enjoy food and eat as much as I can finish this time. I know I'm a slow diner because I chew my food carefully, but this time, I really made it clear to be the winner. I finished almost three-fourth of our order, which is very affordable. For less than Php700.00, we had assorted seafood and the mix was cooked a very delicious way.

The rice platter topped with seafood mix made me think of the days when we visit the beach to enjoy swimming. Our packed lunch is just the same - delectable, fresh and easy-to-prepare. This seafood mix is something really yummy since the taste is just perfect for a seafood lover like me.

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Attainable High Street Lifestyle

| 10 October 2016
I know that I haven't written for a long time here. I was busy preparing for my book to be launched next year. Since I transferred here at Taguig, I'm really busy with meaningful tasks that will also inspire you.

My lifestyle has changed since I live near Bonifacio Global City. I'm exposed to more shopping havens than before. SM Aura is just arms away from our place. With Market! Market!'s close proximity at home, I'm really inspired to spend more time with learning to unleash my creativity by visiting these places.

My husband suggested I transferred here since it's near the office. It would be easy for me to attend events, too. My photos are usually taken at BGC, High Street. I love visiting Fullybooked, especially when I want to read self-help books.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. I'm still going to write interesting articles here. Have a great time!
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Fabulous Chairs for Hotels

| 05 July 2016
We love to marvel at beautiful design pieces in hotels. Interior designers really make sure that each piece is awesome. Today, I would to share my favorite picks for hotel chairs.

Pink and Trendy

Image | Karence Lopez

My idea of collecting chic photos of interior design pieces inspire me to create this blog.I like this chic hotel chair because of the way it was presented - neat and classy - with amazing ornament. It's perfect for Meranti Hotel, the place where I discovered this piece.

Red and Classy

Image | Home Designing Picks

Everything red is bold and classy. It ignites the idea of falling in love and sharing happy moments with others. Obviously, this designer chair is made to spread positive vibes. I really like this egg chair design.

Gorgeous Chevron

Image |  Design Hotels Chairs

You'll transform a minimalist hotel lobby with chevron pieces. Stripe chair designs are also remarkable for hotels. Looking for something unique? Get inspired of this one.
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Chic and Retro Decor at Limbaga 77 Restaurant Cafe in Tomas Morato, Quezon City

| 23 June 2016
We know the vintage pieces are hard to find nowadays. If you have no time to visit museums and vintage stores, you'll never see your favorite retro pieces.

As for me, I don't have the luxury of time to visit places that display vintage items. Luckily, I was able to attend the mini blogger conference for Let Gravity at Limbaga 77 Restaurant Cafe in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The casual dining place has a display of fabulous vintage items for its guests.

During the time I had an afternoon stroll at BGC High Street, I saw a lot of old typewriters displayed in one of the stores there. At that time, I was thinking of finding a vintage television set. I was fortunate to see one at Limbaga 77 Restaurant Cafe.

Obviously, I'm impressed with the place. Limbaga 77 Restaurant Cafe is cozy and homey - you'll always feel at home there. With the tasty dishes and drinks that they offer to their guests and the awesome customer service, it's the perfect place to visit for your next food trip routine.
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Seal of Excellence Awards 2016 at AFP Theater

| 20 June 2016
The Seal of Excellence Awards night was held at AFP Theater in Quezon City. I was just curious and wanted to learn about it. Luckily, Veni Flores invited me to support the event.

Here's the list of awards that he received at that time, including his wife, who was also present at the venue as awardee.


1. 2016 Dangal Ng Bayan Awardee
2. 2016 Global Excellence Awardee
3. 2016 Global Brand Awardee
4. 2016 Seal of Excellence Awardee
5. Argent9 Network Builder Awardee of the Year
6. Argent9 Best Brand (Concept Builder of the Year)
7. Argent9 Global Excellence (Competitive Product Awardee)
8. Optimus Fries Consumer's Quality Start-Up Company Awardee

Christy's Awards:

9. Sexy Coffee 2016 Best Brand Awardee (Concept Builder of the Year)
10. Sexy Coffee 2016 Competitive Product Concept of the Year


1. 2016 Leadership Trainer/Sales Increase Guru & Network Builder of the Year
2. Youngest Most Effective Life Coach & Business Coach in Asia & for OFWs
3. 2016 Business & Life Coach, Personal Mentor of the Year
4. Most Sought-After Motivational Speaker in Asia
5. Most Productive and Result-Oriented Trainor in Asia.
6. Concept Builder of Outstanding Skin Care & Whitening Products Brand
7. Concept Builder of the Most Praised Start-Up Direct Selling Company in Products and Compensation
8. Creator of the Fastest Moving Start-Up Direct Selling Company in the Country
9. Creator of the recognized as one of the Best Gourmet Flavored French Fries Kiosk Chain in the Philippines

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the industry. It was all worth it.
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Favorite Paintings at Meranti Hotel

| 10 June 2016
We're here again to talk about travel and finding chic pieces from anywhere in the world. Last month, I had the chance to visit Meranti Hotel in Quezon City with other bloggers. It was a memorable experience for me, knowing that I love to travel and marvel at beautiful properties everywhere. Luckily, I was chosen to be one of the invited bloggers to attend the event, which is the launching of Maple at Meranti, the hotel's chic restaurant.

My favorite paintings at Meranti Hotel. I love the beautiful combination of bright colors.
We had a sumptuous dinner at the restaurant - with all the tasty dishes and drinks served for us. Obviously, I'm still thinking about their Chilean Mussels and Prime Rib Tapa. The food presentation was awesome and my favorite choice was the Southern Style Fried Chicken. You'll always feel at home in the said fine dining place, Maple at Meranti.

However, I'm also enamored with the hotel's unique pieces, such as the amazing paintings at their sala or veranda. The fabulous and artistic paintings are created by UP students and displayed at Meranti Hotel for possible buyers. Indeed, it's a great idea for art lovers and guests of the boutique hotel.

For my Maple at Meranti Restaurant review, you'll have a glimpse of the dishes offered at the elegant dining place. Share your comments below. I'll definitely reply. Cheers!

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Argent Nine Giveaways June 9 2016

| 08 June 2016
Hello everyone! I'm so thrilled to announce the lucky supporter who participated in the latest Facebook activity of Argent Nine. The direct selling company is a new one and we really appreciate you for welcoming such an exciting business opportunity.

Here's the result.

Likes and Shares

For the lucky participant, please PM me for details on how to grab free products of Argent Nine.

Thank you so much for supporting me and Argent Nine. Stay tuned for the next activity. Cheers! 

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Amazing Inspiration for Decorating with Flowers

| 07 June 2016
These days, decorating our homes is considered one of the most fulfilling activities. When it comes to decorating with flowers, we always want to know the best ideas. Luckily, I've found these chic flower decorating ideas online.

1. Make use of your old boots for flower decorating.

It's not only a way to recycle old products, it's also one way to make your home garden look chic and stunning. Since there are different kinds of boots nowadays, you'll end up collecting colorful and fabulous shoes for flower decorating. Go for rain-boots creativity!

Image: Flower Pots Shoes

2. Indulge in glass tube vases for flower decorating.

Here's another way to make use of your old items from home: creating flower vases using glass tube. Personally, I prefer wooden holder for a more natural look. It will surely upgrade the way I do flower decorating. Am I right?

Image: Unique Flower Vase

3. For flower decorating, don't forget to use materials that you can find in your backyard. 

To make it more interesting, incorporate useful materials such as unused pails and old cups. Obviously, your home garden will look more organized with this simple idea.

Image: Fabulous Vases

There are many ways to make your living room or home garden dazzle nowadays. However, it's really amazing to include recycling ideas in your flower decorating projects. It's more fun and economical that way. 

Have you tried doing these flower decorating ideas at home? Let's talk about it in the comments below, Cheers!

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Inspiring Vintage Pieces for Living Room Interior Design

| 06 June 2016
Every person who loves vintage pieces wants to look for inspiring items everywhere. There's no time to waste here, knowing that vintage items are rarely seen in our favorite stores. For now, let me share with you some ideas to fill your living rooms with the right vintage pieces.

1. Choose simple pieces to harmonize a vibrant place.

It's really inspiring to decorate a room that's full of vibrancy since the colors are awesome. All you have to do is create a subtle balance. For example, you can choose a part of your living room where you put a darker color such as fuchsia pink, dark blue and blazing red. Then, choose vintage pieces to break the monotony. For a simple look, a small center table is a good choice. Obviously, this design is perfect for wooden floor design.

Image: Colorful Living Room

2. Make your modern interior design ideas for the living room look cooler by adding random vintage pieces.

There's nothing wrong to mix modern interior design ideas with retro look. It's even better to incorporate vintage pieces to your modern living room interior design. I'm so inspired with the vintage chair placed in an ultra-modern living room.

Image: Barn Living Room

3. Take a cue on your wall color or floor design in choosing vintage items for your living room.

Many amazing interior design ideas starts from the floor design. Don't forget to use it as your inspiration in choosing the best vintage items for you to decorate your living room. Or maybe, you can use retro-inspired furniture to complete the look.

Image: Vintage Pieces for Living Rooms
Since the living room is the center of attention in the house, it's necessary to make it more attractive. After all, it's one of the first parts of the home that guests see every time they visit your place.

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Mediterranean Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

| 05 June 2016
Every time I check styling inspiration online, I also include looking for amazing interior design ideas. Today, I'm really inspired to choose my favorite Mediterranean bedroom interior design inspiration by scouring photos online. Here, let me share with you my thoughts on these fabulous bedroom ideas that have Mediterranean vibe.

1. Focus on Incorporating Chic Wall Art Decor

Image: Boost Up the Bedroom Interior Design
To add extra vibe to your bedroom, choose a stand-out wall art decor. It's easy to design a room with such idea since it's no longer tiresome to think more about additional pieces to style it. By just using the huge decor, it will be enough to glamorize your bedroom, granting that you've already thought of a scheme that has harmony and balance.

2. Explore More on Specific Style Such as a Moroccan Modern Mediterranean Bedroom

Moroccan Modern

If you're a fan of Moroccan interior design ideas, it's your time to shine. Choose chic pieces to complete your tools in creating this look such as a well-designed chair, lampshades with European look and other ideas.

3. Check Photos on Eastern Mediterranean Small Apartment Master Bedroom

Image: Bedroom Design Ideas
If you need more vibrant colors for your bedroom and you want an Eastern Mediterranean vibe, be inspired of the ocean. Here. it's all about making blue as a way of adding a pop of color to your creation. To make it stand-out, choose white wall color and settle on a wooden floor design.

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The Beauty of Wearing Houndstooth Clothing Pieces

We know that style stays forever. That sounds true to all fashion lovers who wear houndstooth clothing pieces. Even if the trend was very popular last year, many stylish ladies still wear houndstooth pieces nowadays.

The beauty of wearing houndstooth clothing items is simple: texture and style combined provides semi-edgy style that doesn't just fade through the years. All you have to do is experiment and pair it with different pieces to maximize the look.

Image: Demi Lovato 

Personally, I prefer wearing houndstooth skirts and jackets to add texture to a delicate top or blouse. Earlier this month, I had picture-taking at SM Aura grounds since I was wearing a pink houndstooth A-line skirt, white long-sleeve blouse and Forever 21 strappy sandals. I really like the color combination of the attire and here, I've posted my favorite photo from the said activity.

Image: Fashion Complete

My inspiration for the photo shoot was Demi Lovato since she wore a houndstooth mini skirt last year at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards. She finished off the look with a pair of heeled shoes and a white long-sleeve top. I'm also inspired with a post by Complete Fashion about the trend.

Are you a fan of this trend? Let's talk about it in the comments below. Cheers!
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Descendants of the Sun

Two months ago, I heard about a very popular Korean television series entitled, Descendants of the Sun. At that time, I just finished watching Someone Like You on YouTube. When I watched the first few episodes of the series, I started to follow its story. The television project was remarkable.

Currently, Descendants of the Sun continue to shine across the globe. Many leading television networks from around the world bought rights to air the show in their respective countries. Obviously, fans of the famed Korean drama continue to support it, even up to now.

Many bloggers posted their own review of the show. I really liked the post of Rolala about this on her blog. I also found an amazing feature at Yes Style for your reference. My own review was posted on my official blog, Karence Lopez.

Personally, I have a lot of favorite scenes of the show. My favorite was the time when Captain Yoo helped Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon to tie her shoelaces. It was an emotional and romantic scene that depicts the amazing bond of the two leading characters. If we think about it in a deeper way, it's like telling us that love exist even in the most depressing circumstances. No one shouldn't give up on true love. I think a lot of people like the television series a lot because Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo was able to portray their characters in a natural way. The chemistry between the two lead stars were obvious even at the start of the story.

Recently, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo won the Most Popular Male and Female in TV Awards at 52nd Baeksang Art Awards and Descendants of the Sun got Grand Prize in TV Award.

If you're a fan of Descendants of the Sun and you want to share your thoughts about the show, let's talk about in the comments below. Cheers!

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Taking Pictures at Meranti Hotel Room

| 26 May 2016
Every blogger can relate to me that after being mesmerized of something beautiful, taking photos is the next big thing. We tend to forget the other people in a certain place and focus on the subject instantly.

I'm like this when we visited Meranti Hotel in Quezon City.

The place is so beautiful that I instantly took photos of one of their standard rooms. Obviously, I focused on the little things, such as their minimalist bathroom. I've also took photos of their version of vanity mirror and the powder area that has everything you'll need.

If you're planning to stay in an elegant boutique hotel in Quezon City, drop by Meranti Hotel to experience exceptional customer service. For those who have experienced staying in the place, let's talk about it in the comments below.

My post about Maple at Meranti is on my official blog. Cheers!
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Beautiful Lampshade at Meranti Hotel in Quezon City

| 20 May 2016
If you're a real estate shopper and you want to have an inspiration for lampshades, you'll check the ones showed off in your favorite hotels. That's I've been doing lately. Obviously, the amenities and interior design of Meranti Hotel has attracted my attention. I'm sure you'll be delighted of it, too.

The fabulous lampshade displayed at the standard rooms at Meranti Hotel is perfect for minimalist interior design. Or maybe it's the perfect thing to break the beautiful chaos of a colorful room. It's not so modern since it has a trendy effect when used in a hotel room or in your own place.

We're grateful that a boutique hotel with an awesome concept has been built for all of us. Meranti Hotel has gorgeous chairs, lamps and other interior decor that are totally amazing.
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Old Typewriter Photo

| 13 May 2016
It's been so long that I didn't write a post for this blog. I was busy preparing my other blogs so it was hard for me to maintain this one. However, I have no plans to discard my first blog so here I am, getting back on this one.

Finally, I found a perfect piece to think about my love of writing and being so creative these days. I've rarely seen amazing old typewriters so when I found one at my favorite street, I took a photo of it.

If you've tried using this for your writing assignments, you're probably touched by now. Many people have created a lot of amazing books, essays and reports because of this one.

For those who love collecting pieces to decorate their homes, an old typewriter is one of the best collector items. What do you think?
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