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Mañosa Properties sets new heights of luxury and sustainability with Ylang Lane

| 30 August 2012
Drawing from an inexhaustible reserve of Filipino-inspired motifs, Mañosa Properties Inc. is destined to top its previous residential creations, as it sets to unveil what is without doubt its most exclusive townhouse development—Ylang Lane in New Manila.

Luxurious Philippine indigenous material interiors evoking the breezy open spaces and tranquility of the finest resorts characterize all seven duplexes and single detached units of Ylang Lane. Each unit rises four story-high with a grand penthouse, and is surrounded by lush vegetation in a marriage of breathtaking beauty and practicality that can only come from the hands of internationally acclaimed Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa.

COLLABORATION OF THE MAÑOSA’s in YLANG LANE. Architect Bobby Mañosa (center), Group Chairman, lead the ceremonial laying of the time capsule of Mañosa Properties’ newest project, Ylang Lane, with sons Architect Angelo Mañosa (left), CEO of Mañosa and Company; and Dino Mañosa, (right) CEO of Mañosa Properties, Inc.

Ylang Lane, as the senior Mañosa admits, is a distillation of his design philosophy that he has nurtured for more than 35 years. His dedication to capture the Filipino spirit in elevated structures and apply innovative “green” architecture is manifested in Ylang Lane’s indigenous landscaping, water conservation features, and energy-saving spaces that let in abundant natural lighting and ventilation.

Creating only seven units allows Mañosa Properties to cater only to a premium market, one that would readily pay a premium price per unit, for the chance to live with that rarefied mixture of exclusivity, sustainability, and even history, since only a select few will get bragging rights for owning a product of a world-renowned architect.

Indeed, the limited number of units has helped Mañosa pour all his talents into and elevate these from luxurious homes to genuine works of art. Every facet of its 350-square meter floor area is a celebration of Filipino innovation, best captured by his design philosophy of “contemporary Filipino green architecture”.

YLANG LANE GROUND BREAKING. The Mañosa Property group during the ceremonial ground breaking. From left to right: JM Palomares, Property Manager; Lisette Mangonon, Sales and Marketing Director; Mar Corpus, CFO; Rony Mayor, COO; Arch Bobby Mañosa, Engr. Gomer Magno, Director for Construction and Dino Mañosa, President and CEO

An exclusive enclave centrally located at the heart of New Manila, Ylang Lane has a wide interior road and open area with generous cuts allowing each unit to have their own garden. Each unit has a 3-car garage and is topped by its own penthouse with rooftop garden entertainment area. Among its “green” features is a rainwater harvester that can collect for landscape maintenance, car wash, and other household functions.  Lastly, one of the project’s highlights is its security, where it is of utmost importance.  Centralized CCTV and roving security are some of the features of the security system in Ylang Lane.

Ylang Lane is the pilot project of BERDE for horizontal town house development by the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC), whose one of its founding members is the young Mañosa architect, Architect Gelo Mañosa, an advocate of Green Architecture himself. With its wide open spaces, lush landscaping, natural sources of light and air, and low-density living, Ylang Lane is designed to satisfy many requirements prescribed by eco certifications.

Located on Ylang Street in New Manila, Quezon City, Ylang Lane Townhouses takes after Mañosa Properties’ other premium townhome development, Lantana Lane, which is also found in the area. For more information, contact 705.1135/497.7302/842.6988 and 0917.585.6709, Lisette Mangonon (Sales and Marketing Director);

Contact Persons:

Air B.Urquiola                                                                                    Faye D. Marcelino                                                            
Business Unit Director                                                                      PR Consultant                    
Telefax: 725-0237                                                                             Telefax: 725-0237
Telephone: 470-8535                                                                        Telephone: 470-8525
Cel: 09178328572                                                                              Cel: 0933-1598929/0906-5839863
        0922-8599216                                                                             E-mail:
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Dentistry Schools in UAE

| 27 August 2012
I've been researching about dentistry schools for my blog posts on education. Basically, I want to know the best schools in the whole world that offer laser technology courses.

I've heard that there is amazing dentistry schools in UAE. I'm primarily referring to Sharjah University of Laser Technology and Research Center, otherwise known as SULTARC and other popular schools in the region.

For dentists to treat their patients well, it's necessary to have a continuing education program. Many dental health practitioners choose to study in the UAE than travel to the US to save time and money. It's also a good choice for those who want to visit the country and have a glimpse of its culture while studying advanced dentistry courses. What do you think?
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To Unwind at Watercamp Resort in Cavite

In finding the place Watercamp Resort in Cavite, I need to drop by Kawit to ask its location. I'm just new to the place and I realize that it is very accessible. With the construction of Cavitex, I'm sure that my trip would be easier.

Watercamp Resort in Cavite is a world-class resort. The place is known for their wave pool and lazy river. I have no idea that they're serving delicious food to their guests. Thankfully, I've asked one of the guards about their food and drinks.

Upon arrival in the area, I started to find a place to relax. I chose the right side of the lazy river and sat in one of the benches placed in the area. There, with my thoughts on the clean water, I thought of starting a personal blog. I realized that if the title of my blog is designed to attract attention, I will get more visitors. Hence, I chose My Regency as a title to remind me that I am the star in my own life. I have to use the talent that God has given me to inspire people, especially my readers. My dear readers, this post is about the first time I thought of this blog in the beautiful place named Watercamp Resort.

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Boulder Used Cars and Life Itself

| 24 August 2012
In this time of fast-paced development, we think that cars are no longer considered luxury but a necessity. We need cars to keep up with time. It doesn't matter if we buy used vehicles, just like Boulder used cars. The important thing to remember is the need to complete all our tasks in a given time without delays and set-backs caused by lack of mobility.

I remember the moments when my close friend was in great danger. She has a rare disease that caused her to loose consciousness. At that time, there was no available car for her to be treated to a nearest hospital. It happened during midnight so it was really hard to find a kind driver to transport her to a treatment facility. Thankfully, we have another friend who offered to bring her to the nearest hospital.

I agree that having a car is a necessity nowadays. It's one of the best ways to reach a destination in a fastest way. Without vehicles, we won't enjoy the latest developments we have in this life. No wonder I have no second thoughts when my sister-in-law asked me to find a car for her. After I purchased the car, I've learned that in buying a car, it is essential to compare prices, check the features and its benefits. Personally, I like cars that are environment friendly. How about you? Thank you for reading this sponsored post.
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Four Reasons to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

| 21 August 2012
There are tons of reasons why it is necessary to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. If you would ask some people who have tried filing for bankruptcy proceedings, they would surely share some of their experiences. In this blog, I'd like to share the four reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

First, it's easy to save money if you hire a bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case. The legal problem is difficult to handle and only experts can help you solve it.

Photo Credit:

Second, you can get protection from creditor harassment if you hire a lawyer. It's true that creditors will harass you from the time you filed a bankruptcy case. The only way to take advantage of the protective mantle of the law that lawyers possess is to hire one of them to help you.

Third, bankruptcy lawyers know the documents and processes needed in seeking a relief. In other words, hiring a legal expert will help you work for the things that you don't know. After all, they're trained to finish the task in a legal manner.

Lastly, you can have peace of mind when you hire an attorney that will help you in the legal proceeding. It's uncertain if you can get a favorable response from the courts of justice. With the help of a counsel, you can be assured of a brighter future.
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Home Office Design Inspiration

These days, it's not hard to create a mod board for home office design. In just one click, you can find many home office designs in the Internet. To find inspiration for your project, you can check out Home Decorating Ideas website. It is the largest portal of home design photos and ideas for us.

I remember working from home last May. I started writing for small business owners and later on hired by bigger companies. By the time my clients dramatically increased, I thought of taking freelance writing a serious job and decided to have a chic home office. Thoughts?
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Finding the Best Mattress in NYC for a Comfortable Sleep

| 17 August 2012
I'm so inspired to blog about mattresses since my husband and I just bought one bed in a local foam dealer. Our purchase is not really expensive because we bought the item with 30% discount. We found out that the store is on sale that day. So, we decided to buy the best product in their store. Finding a comfortable bed in our area is like searching for the best mattress NYC to reward hardworking individuals in the area.

 So, how do you find the best mattresses in town? Let's talk about the topic here.

First, it is necessary to research before buying one item. Your research must start by asking some of your relatives and friends about the best home products they have recently purchases. Ask them about quality, price of the product and where to buy it. Second, you need to read many reviews of the products online. It's one of the best ways to spot possible problems after the purchase. In the Internet, there are bloggers who are willing to write a detailed and honest reviews on mattresses. You have to pay attention to their experiences and the benefits that they had in buying the bed. In addition, find discounted products to save money.

After our huge purchase of a bed,we also won some pillows in another store for blogging about their products. The timing was so great since we really needed some new pillows to match with our new foam. In this sponsored post, I'd like to reiterate that buying quality and affordable beds is one of the best ways to save money. It's also beneficial to your health and personal well-being. What do you think?

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Dream House similar to Beverly Hills Homes

| 10 August 2012
These days, people are inspired to buy their own homes.Some people have dreams homes and they keep on finding the best ways to purchase a house and lot that they really like. For people who can afford a little luxury, they plan on purchasing a home that is similar with Beverly Hills Homes.

Many real estate developers offer low-cost housing with quality homes built in peaceful and progressive areas. In addition, developers offer many add-on features for those who are looking for house and lot for sale. The existing offers of easy payment terms, the presence of many real estate agents and the strength of marketing efforts they showed off to first time home buyers are also inspiring. No wonder there is an increasing number of homeowners nowadays.

It's good to research first before purchasing a real estate property. You can compare prices, seek for the best deal and read reviews to aid the decision-making process. Some bloggers who have tried buying their own homes posted reviews in their blogs. For you to take advantage of the latest realty deals nowadays, just access the Internet for your own good.

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Introducing Karenade Fashion Blog

| 06 August 2012
I've started blogging four years ago. That was years before Karenade fashion was created. Of course, My Regency is my first creation. Although we had a travel-related domain at that time, My Regency was my favorite blog.

Last year, I've decided to have a fashion blog via WordPress. Karenade Fashion housed all my favorite style favorites, including celebrity fashion comments. Later on, I've started writing about shopping and events. I was inspired with my previous work, visiting blogs and leaving quality comments for the readers.

Karenade fashion blog also talks about the latest shows of GMA Network and some interesting style news from Style RPA. I've also some reviews on Pan Pacific Manila, Watercamp Resort, Mount Sea Resort and more.
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More about Kansas City Homes for Sale

| 03 August 2012
I'm aware that there are many people who want to purchase a real estate property in Kansas City. I've read many blogs with the intention to search the best place to reside in the city. In fact, I've noticed that most people rely on the Internet for their homemaking needs such as looking for Kansas City homes for sale, purchasing furniture, finding a truck-for-hire during move-ins and preparing for the process of buying a house and lot property. No wonder real estate bloggers work double time to answer the demands of learning more about the real estate industry in Kansas City.

On my part, I'd like to share the state of the real estate business in our place. I've learned the trade when I started looking a realty for my sister-in-law who is getting married this coming December. There are many developers in our area who heavily invested in building communities and homes to many people. As a result, our place quickly became a city and we have many newly-established properties and commercial buildings near our home.

I've realized that industrialization is realized by helping the real estate industry grow. The Internet has helped a lot of people find their dream homes. Because of the Internet marketers who honestly gave their insights on homes for sale, it became easy to purchase a home. 
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