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Using Herman Miller Chairs to Relieve Back Pain

| 31 May 2012
Our health is the most important factor to enjoy life. Without good health, it would be difficult to participate in activities that are truly worthwhile such as eating, playing and having a quality time with your family.

In most cases, we experience discomfort in our bodies especially if we are hard working. We experience back pain that hamper us to perform other tasks. It distracts our attention from other important matters. No wonder people keep on finding the best solutions to ease back pain, including using ergonomic office chair to relieve back pain.

There are many ways to stop back pain. First, it is necessary to eat nutritious food that makes our body healthy. With a balanced diet, we avoid health problems that might affect our overall well-being. Second, the importance of daily exercise cannot be taken for granted. Having daily exercise regimen is essential in making our backs strong and healthy.

Lastly, we enjoy life by wisely avoiding back pain. We need to use products that will help us relieve the disease. These products may include beds, pillows and chairs. One of the most popular products that will help us solve the health dilemma are Herman Miller chairs. The award winning product has been used by many individuals to maintain good health and comfort. By the way, this is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all the points and views are my own.
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| 29 May 2012
GMA-7 redefines love and rivalry in Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?

GMA-7 offers an intriguing but no less heartrending addition to its unbeatable afternoon drama block with "Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?" The program will air beginning June 4, Monday, after Hiram na Puso on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Starring Geoff Eigenmann, Jennica Garcia and Jackie Rice, Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? follows a compelling storyline that explores how bonds between family members are put to the test in the face of love. It also features Michael de Mesa, Angelika dela Cruz, Bobby Andrews, and Sharmaine Arnaiz together with Bubbles Paraiso, Diego Castro, and Pancho Magno.

"Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? is deliciously daring and sinfully addicting," described its director Mr. Mark Reyes. "It's very exciting to see real life father and son Michael de Mesa and Geoff Eigenmann face off as rivals in an edgy love triangle with Jackie Rice, as we guarantee everyone an unpredictable show."

While this new Kapuso afternoon drama delves on mature topics, it also looks at a person's capacity to bear with life's challenges, and sacrifice for the sake of his or her loved ones.

In the series, sisters Erica (Jackie Rice) and Bianca (Jennica Garcia) have always lived a happy and comfortable life with their parents that painted for them an ideal image of "true love".

Keeping this so-called image in mind, the simple and unassuming Erica meets the endearingly handsome yet arrogant Jake (Geoff Eigenmann) and falls in love with him. But her idea of a perfect love story was ruined after Jake mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again.

As Erica tries to move on with her family by her side, life takes a dark turn when they meet an accident that left both Erica and Bianca's parents dead.

Things only become worse after the girls realize that their parents have been hiding their family's real financial situation for some time. Both must now make a living on their own in order for them to survive.

Tension begins to grow between the two sisters but even more when Bianca finds out that she might be in danger of losing her sight as a result of the accident.

With no one else to turn to, Erica approaches her boss Jaime (Michael de Mesa), a divorced businessman who has always paid special attention to her, and asks him to take care of the expenses for Bianca's operation making way for the sisters' reconciliation.

Soon after, Jaime professes his feelings for Erica, and eventually asks for her hand in marriage. Erica, being reminded of the many good things Jaime has done for her and her sister, agrees.

As the day of their wedding approaches, Erica's life turns upside down when Jaime's children from his first wife Beatrice (Sharmaine Arnaiz) return - Jaime's scheming daughter Leslie (Angelika dela Cruz) and son, Joaquin (Geoff Eigenmann), who turns out to be Erica's former boyfriend Jake.

Still having feelings for her first love, how will Erica reveal the truth to Jaime whom she and Bianca are beholden so much of their lives to? What will come out of this unexpected rivalry between Jaime and his son Jake? What lengths will Leslie take to ruin Erica's reputation in the eyes of her father as well as her brother? Can anything or anyone still come between Erica and Bianca?

Discover the answers in this afternoon drama created by the GMA Drama Group led by GMA Entertainment OIC Lilybeth Rasonable, AVP for Drama Redgie Acuña Magno, Senior Program Manager Cheryl Ching-Sy, Program Manager Hazel Abonita, and executive producer Joy Lumboy-Pili. The show is crafted by creative director Jun Lana, creative head Roy Iglesias, creative consultant Des Garbes-Severino, concept creator Kit Villanueva-Langit, and headwriter Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan.

Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? redefines love, sacrifice and rivalry  beginning June 4 after Hiram na Puso on GMA Afternoon Prime.

To get the latest updates on the show, log on to the Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? official facebook page and the GMA Network.

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My Friend Admitted that She Met her Future Husband while Watching Utes QB

| 27 May 2012
I received a call from a friend, Stella, that she is getting married next year. She was so excited while sharing the good news. She even asked my address for the wedding invitations that she is planning to send before Christmas. I readily gave her my latest address and asked her about Diego.

Photo Credit:

Diego is Stella's fiancée. The couple met at the latest Utes Quarterback event, a sports gathering that she really want to witness. They were introduced to each other by a common friend, who is also my cousin's best buddy. The first meeting went smoothly, until they have decided to know more about each other.

The couple used to watch sports competitions with my cousins, including basketball and football. Although I'm so busy with work lately, my cousin made sure I'm always updated with their activities.

I'm really happy to know that Stella has found the man of her life. Her love of sports gave her an edge in finding the right man to marry her for all time and eternity.

Since I am into beauty and fashion, I gave her tips for her wedding gown and reception set-up. She told me that the theme of their wedding must have a touch of sports, specifically football. Now, I'm excited to give her tips to make her wedding special. No wonder I'm smiling as I write about this sponsored post.
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International School for dentistry in the UAE

| 24 May 2012
I have shared in this blog before that there is an international school for dentistry in the UAE. The school admits medical professionals with background in dentistry and have been practicing their profession. The students are expected to learn the latest laser technology to improve their services.

 The primary goal of Sharjah University Laser and Training Center is to deliver meaningful educational programs encompassing pertinent basic and clinical sciences related to the safe and effective applications of laser in different disciplines of surgery, dentistry and aesthetics. This is achieved by providing the highest quality of education through a series of comprehensive lectures, hands-on training and one-on-one practical workshops.

The Sharjah University Laser and Training Center is the best school to study dentistry related courses. These are the courses offered by the school. For Dental Courses, the school offers Dental laser physics and safety, Laser application in conservative Dentistry, Laser application in surgical Dentistry and Laser application in Aesthetic Dentistry. In case of Medical Course, the school offer Medical Courses, Dental laser physics and safety, Laser application in conservative Dentistry, Laser application in surgical Dentistry and Laser application in Aesthetic Dentistry.
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GMA brings love and inspiration to the entire family with Luna Blanca

| 21 May 2012

GMA Network presents an enchanting addition to its primetime block with the premiere of its newest family-oriented drama on primetime TV, LUNA BLANCA.  It will replace Biritera beginning May 21 on GMA Telebabad.

The series, which is the network's first multigenerational drama, tells the story of twin sisters Luna and Blanca and their journey towards discovering their ancestry and, at the same time, fulfilling their personal destinies.

Chosen to play the coveted lead roles in the first generation are Kapuso Network's adorable child superstars Jillian Ward as Luna and Mona Louise Rey as Blanca. The sisters are born with completely different features -- Luna has a dark complexion while Blanca is fair-skinned. Making Luna even more unusual is her mystical twin shadow. 

Portraying the teen characters in the second generation are two of the most popular Tween stars of GMA-7, Barbie Forteza as Blanca and Bea Binene as Luna.

For the third generation, the adult characters will be played by two equally beautiful and multi-talented TV personalities - Kapuso A-lister and multi-awarded actress Ms Heart Evangelista as Blanca; versatile and sought-after dramatic star Bianca King as Luna.

Adding more star power to this pioneering program are seasoned actors and actresses Raymart Santiago as Luis, Rowena's well-off lover and heir to their family's business; Camille Pratts as Rowena, mother of Luna and Blanca who will fall in love with Luis; Chynna Ortaleza as Divine, Luis' childhood friend who is  in love with him.

Completing the star-studded cast of Luna Blanca are Dante Rivero as Lolo Igme, Rowena's protective grandfather; Marissa Delgado as Doña Consuelo, Luis' arrogant mother; Karen delos Reyes as Tetchie, Divine's bestfriend; Mercedes Cabral as Marieta, Rowena's confidant; Buboy Villar as Jojo, Blanca's close friend; Arkin Magalona as Toti, childhood friend of Luna and Blanca. 

The story of Luna Blanca begins with Rowena (Camille) who is believed to be the last descendant of Luna, the woman with a mystical twin shadow named Celestina.

Rowena grows up under the protective wing of her grandfather, Lolo Igme. She is clueless of her mythical roots and Lolo Igme would always warn her to be mindful of her surroundings.

Then, Rowena meets Luis (Raymart), the rich and kind-hearted unico hijo of Doña Consuelo (Marissa). Despite the extreme difference in their lifestyles, they fall madly in love with each other and their relationship grows even stronger with Rowena's pregnancy.

When Lolo Igme learns of Rowena's situation, he once again cautions her to be extra careful of the supernatural beings that inhabit their land. He tells that engkantos are believed to be most fond of pregnant women.

One day, Rowena gets lost while roaming in the forest. Engulfed in tension and fear, Rowena feels that a shadow is following her. Suddenly, she sees an unknown creature - a dark and terrifying engkanto! Panic-stricken, Rowena immediately faints upon seeing the dreadful creature.

When she wakes up, Rowena learns from the villagers that it has been a week since her disappearance. She slowly regains her memory and Rowena reveals that an engkanto raped her. No one would believe her story including Luis who vows to exact revenge. He sets off to the forest and comes face to face with the engkanto. He fights against the terrible monster and because of its powers, Luis will be banished to their realm.

Doña Consuelo's anger aggravates towards Rowena and blames her for Luis' unexplainable disappearance. Left with no choice but to leave their mansion, Rowena heads out to Manila to start anew. Meanwhile, she feels uneasy with her pregnancy and fears that it has something to do with her horrible experience with the engkanto. On the day of her delivery, Rowena gives birth to twin girls, but much to her bewilderment, the babies have different features -- one is a fair-skinned mestiza (Blanca) while the other one has a very dark complexion (Luna). 

Rowena believes that Luna is her offspring from the engkanto. Because of this, she resents and neglects Luna but showers Blanca with her love and affection. Despite this, Luna doesn't harbor any grudge against her mother. The twins are likewise very close and inseparable. Luna is carefree and even becomes the protector of the weakling Blanca. Luna's shadow also turns out to be their friend and defender whenever someone bullies them.

However, the twins' life is about to change with Rowena barely making enough money to make ends meet. Because of her dire situation, Rowena decides to give up Blanca for adoption to Doña Corazon, a rich spinster who likes Blanca very much and treats her like her own daughter. Luna, feeling very sad about their separation, instructs her twin shadow to join Blanca and keep her safe.

How will the separate lives of Luna and Blanca affect their relationship? When the time comes and their paths cross again, will the sisters be able to discover their true identities and reconnect with each other? Will Rowena find it in her heart to accept Luna and acknowledge her as her own daughter? What will be Rowena's reaction if Luis comes back after being away for many years? Will Luis succeed in having a second chance at life and love?

Under the direction of Dominic Zapata, the spellbinding saga of Luna Blanca begins May 21 on GMA Telebabad and May 23 worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. 

Get the latest updates about Luna Blanca from its official facebook page Luna Blanca GMA, twitter account GMA Luna Blanca and the GMA Network website.

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Local Business Marketing for Real Estate

| 18 May 2012
In the real estate industry, your contracted sale may still be taken by another broker. This is possible if intended machinations are used to snatch the deal. This is the dark side of the business that real estate agents must be avoided. However, the best way to secure sales is to start with your wise choice of the most reliable local business marketing process.

I'm sharing this information in this sponsored post because I have solid experiences in the realty business. I've learned that mastering the sales kit and talking to a lot of people with business in mind is not enough. Yes. It's true that I have connections in the industry and I have a loyal clout of potential buyers that made our goals reachable. But when I learned that some of them are negotiating with our competitors, I didn't have second thoughts of hiring a team of marketing experts to help us regain the trust of buyers.

Our chosen search engine optimization experts are totally amazing. They know the perspective of buyers and they're smart enough to detect what they really need, things that they don't usually reveal with their agents. With the help of attractive adverts, informative articles and dealings in social networking sites conducted by the local marketing team, we have decoded their insights. As a result, our sales soared high and we have secured each sale for our convenience. In that way, we have solid proof that Internet marketing is essential in the realty business.
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The Born Expeditions: Tale of Two Whales' finale on GMA-7's Born to be Wild

| 15 May 2012
For almost two weeks, Doc Nielsen Donato and his team have been documenting whales and dolphins in Bohol's seas for "The Born Expeditions: The Tale of Two Whales."

They filmed the behavior of spinner dolphins, melon-headed whales, and bottlenose dolphins.  Until Doc's team spotted the biggest whale yet - a Bryde's whale.  Along with other marine mammals and the biggest fish in the world, the whale shark, Bryde's whales were once hunted in Pamilacan.  After what seemed like years of "absence" from Bohol's seas, a Bryde's whale sighting was finally reported by researchers in 2010.  And as Born to be Wild's footage shows, the Bryde's whale is indeed back in Bohol.

But the question remains - where is the blue whale that the team documented a year ago?  The blue whale is the largest creature to have ever existed on earth, and in the Philippines, it has only been formally documented a few times.  Last year, Born to be Wild showed Philippine viewers what was then the most extensive footage of the blue whale in our own waters.  This year, Doc Nielsen and the team wonder if the blue whale will surface again, for a more detailed observation.

Suddenly, they see a fluke or "tail" which appears to be the same size as their boat, if not bigger.  A fluke this big can only mean one thing. 

Don't miss the awe-inspiring finale of The Born Expeditions' "Tale of Two Whales" this Wednesday night on GMA-7's Born to be Wild after Saksi.

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Kate Middleton wears Elegant teal Floor-length Gown

| 14 May 2012

Kate Middleton, the lovely Duchess, recently wowed again in a floor-length gown. I've found this fashion news all over the Internet. I'm so inspired with the color of the gown and its modish design. The teal gown perfectly matched with her towering shoes and gorgeous makeup.

What do you think?
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Some Great Tips for Salad Decoration

| 11 May 2012
These days, women are more interested in preparing their own food. Although we are now in the modern era, we tend to go back to the basics and prepare our own meals.

Preparing vegetable salad is one of the best ways to improve our diet. Since eating nutritious food is essential to have a healthy body, preparing fresh vegetable salad must be learned by all of us. However, we should also improve our knowledge in salad decoration, the most exciting part in the process of vegetable salad preparation.

Here are some great tips for salad decoration.

In salad preparation, noodles and macaronis are also used.

Being creative is essential in salad decoration. Having the right balance in arranging the ingredients is necessary.

The colors of the salad ingredients must vary. The prominent colors include green, yellow, red and dark brown.

Use glass decorative bowls in presenting your vegetable salad.

All salad ingredients must be chilled before preparation time to maintain freshness.

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Tropang Potchi’s Summer Getaway this Saturday

| 09 May 2012

The Santacruzan is one of the most popular and most anticipated festivals throughout the Philippines. And for their summer episode this Saturday, May 12, the Tropang Potchi is all set to join the festivity!

Same as the previous year, Bianca is again chosen to be this year’s Reyna Elena. However, on the day of the Santacruzan, things heat up a bit. The Hermana Mayor suddenly replaced Bianca for a famous actress, Lexi Fernandez. This incident left Bianca hurt and disappointed.

Feeling hurt, the Tropang Potchi will try to ease and comfort Bianca through Julian’s fun adventure stories about their summer getaway in Batangas. It is packed with exciting and thrilling adventures such as Aqua Glide, Couch surfing, Sailing, Sumo Surfing, Zipline, Wall Climbing, and Giant Waterslides!

Will Bianca feel good after hearing Julian’s summer adventure stories? Will she finally accept the fact that she was replaced as Reyna Elena?

Find out in Tropang Potchi this Saturday, May 12, 9am on GMA 7.

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How to win a Nokia Lumia 610 Mobile Phone

| 07 May 2012
Aside from telephones, mobile phones are also essential gadgets nowadays. People rely in cellular phones to connect with others, especially with family members. No wonder mobile phone companies are creating the most reliable gadgets for every modern human being.

You don't have to buy a mobile phone, though. There are ways to have your own gadget aside from using your own money to have one. One way is to join contests. It's more fun and easy to do.

Globe is giving a chance for every consumer to win a Nokia Lumia 610 mobile phone weekly. Here's the mechanics:

1. All Filipinos, wherever in the world they are, are free to submit entries.
2. To join, participants must capture themselves in a video or photo, solo or in a group, inviting foreigners in a fun way to visit the Philippines.

· Group of dancers inviting Koreans while dancing Tinikling
· A girl climbing a Palo Sebo while inviting Americans
3. Unique pictures and videos will be accepted as long as it shows how fun it is in the Philippines.
4. All submissions must have the DOT tagline “It’s more fun in the Philippines” using the Harabara font. It can be placed at any point in the material. It can be shown visually or mentioned verbally.
5. A website portal/application in the Globe Facebook page will be provided by Globe where the videos can be uploaded. Uploader must provide his name, location, and contact details upon submission of entry.
6. Submissions can be made from April 01 to May 31, 2012.
7. The best and most fun submissions will be chosen by Globe and DOT representatives and will be put together in one video invitation for all countries in the world.
8. The commercial will then be released and shown worldwide in various international channels (i.e. TV channels, LED sites abroad, etc.) as the Philippines’ invitation to the world.
9. Final products will also be downloadable and share-able from the Globe Facebook page.

1. One Nokia Lumia 610 will be given to the best video submitted for the week.
Globe will announce one winner on these dates:
a. May 7, 2011
b. May 14, 2011
c. May 21, 2011
d. May 28, 2911
2. One 3-day Boracay family package worth P50,000 will be given away for the best video submitted for the entire campaign.
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The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Last May 1-3, I had the opportunity to visit The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal. I'm one of the youth leaders who attended the Cavite Philippines Stake Youth Conference. We had fun overseeing the youth in their activities during the entire conference.

I'll write a detailed review of the hotel and resort in my other blog. I'm just sharing it here to give you a glimpse of one of the best travel destinations in Tanay, Rizal.
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How to Lose Weight, My Story

| 03 May 2012
When I was in my late twenties, I gained weight that changed my outlook in life. I lost my confidence and ability to interact with people. I was ashamed of my increasing body weight and so conscious of the way I look. I wanted to lose weight and enjoy wearing fashionable clothing, something that I used to do before the problem emerged. At that time, my first priority is to learn more about individuals who share weight loss success stories.

Photo Source:

To solve the dilemma, I immediately researched for the best solutions. I consulted books with topics about weight loss programs. I also visited the Internet to look for tips in losing weight. I listened to people who have shared weight loss success stories and applied their tips.

After my research, I came up with a plan to accomplish my task of losing weight. I have decided to overcome my cravings and unhealthy eating habits. I stopped eating junk foods. At that time, I planned my meals and stick to it all the time. I also chose dancing as my way of exercise. I eat the right food and exercise daily. I started eating fruits, vegetables and drink fruit juices that I personally prepared everyday. I also changed my outlook in life and made sure I always think positive. With the idea of body cleansing and balanced diet, I gained a shapely figure that is perfect for my love of fashion. By the way, I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.
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Affordable Quality Homes in Cavite

I'm impressed with the diligence of many real estate agents in our community because of their efforts in selling affordable quality homes in Cavite. As we all know, the realty industry has been invading the province with the increasing number of developers who are willing to invest and improve our place. But there are a few things that we should remember in dealing with these people.

Patricia Executive Village

1. It is right to invest in real estate properties but the decision to do so needs extensive planning and research. Remember, most realty contracts comprise longer period of time with your money involved.

2. Before choosing the right place or location, check facts about safety and security. There are areas that are known to be flood-free but some are not. You need to choose a community that is peaceful.

3. In case you work in the metro, be aware of the time frame of your travel. This is important because accessibility is one thing that you cannot just take for granted. To avoid traffic, choose an accessible areas such in Lancaster Estates since it is accessible through the Cavitex.

4. Do not forget to ask questions, including terms of payments and other miscellaneous fees.

5. Consult other homeowners who have already bought affordable quality homes in Cavite. I personally have an experience in buying a home in Cavite, so you can ask me too. :)

With your investment and willingness to buy your dream home, being informed is necessary. The Internet is a vast source of information for you to start with. Thoughts?
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