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Using Resume Templates in Preparing Your Resume

| 29 June 2012
There are many readers of this blog that are interested about building a good resume. We know that finding a job is not easy because of the stiff competition in the job market, but there are ways to get ahead of your competitors. You just have to create a fantastic, complete and winning resume that your potential employers will shortlist you right away. By using resume templates, you're making the right way to success in job hunting.

Building an impressive resume is not difficult. Basically, it's like correlating the facts that future employer needs to know more about you. In that sense, your resume must be complete and concise. Keeping the details clear and complete will allow your interviewers to save time and directly notice your potential. It is also essential that you prepare your resume in relation to the job that you want to apply. In that way, you'll be writing related education, work experiences and enlist references or people who work in the same industry that will boost your chances of getting hired.

The best way to write a complete resume is to use resume templates that can be found in the Internet. I've tried using an online template builder and I can truly say that it's the best way to complete an impressive resume. I'm always successful in job interviews and even get hired immediately. That's why I want to share the trick in this sponsored post.

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Want To Win Uniqlo Gift Certificates?

| 27 June 2012
Hyundai Sand Sea Sky, HARI’s Youth Marketing Campaign, is holding its first ever promotional giveaway!

To learn more about Hyundai Sand Sea Sky, please visit Hyundai and Sand Sea Sky.
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New Kapuso hunk Benjamin Alves nervous on first kissing scene

| 26 June 2012
Benjamin Alves, the latest addition to GMA Network’s roster of stars, was presented to some members of the entertainment press today after he was officially welcomed to the Kapuso network on Sunday, June 24, in the afternoon musical variety program Party Pilipinas.

During the interview, Benjamin talked about his on-going movie project “Guni Guni,” a production of Regal Films slated to hit theatres this August.  He stars in the film alongside the beautiful and talented Kapuso actress Lovi Poe.

Asked about how it was working with Lovi, Benjamin was all-praises for the actress.
"Lovi is such a nice person.  I'm so lucky to have such a big [project] and to have Lovi as my leading lady.  She keeps me at ease.  The biggest adjustment for me was that I can't relax as normally as I can.  Seeing Lovi being relaxed, being down to earth and being someone that I can talk to, nakakagaan talaga ng loob," he said.
Benjamin, however, admitted that he felt very nervous when he was told that he was going to do a kissing scene with Lovi in the film.

"(Laughs) We had a 'moment' there (laughs).  Yeah, we had a kissing scene (laughs).  It was a little awkward kasi it was a first for me but after the first take, we're fine.  The good thing about Lovi is that she does not make it any weirder than it has to be; game din siya.  For your co-actor to be like that, you have to make sure that you take the job seriously as well," Benjamin said.

So how did it go?

"Interesting (laughs).  Interesting because of the set-up.  Kasi everyone's watching us e (laughs).  But I don't kiss and tell, so.. (laughs)," he said.

Benjamin grew up in Guam where he graduated summa cum laude in college.  He took up AB English and is planning to pursue graduate studies.  Despite his American upbringing, Benjamin is lucky to be able to speak Tagalog fluently without the “twang,” which usually hinders most aspiring Filipinos who grew up abroad from making it big in the local entertainment industry.

Although being compared with his uncle Piolo Pascual seems inevitable, Benjamin hopes that he would have the opportunity to establish his career in the showbiz industry on his own. 

"It’s unfair to expect someone to achieve in a day what he [Piolo] had achieved in years.  But I do hope that in due time, I’d be as successful as he is,” he said.
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Kansas City Real Estate

| 22 June 2012
In the world of realty, there are many things to consider before purchasing a house and lot property. Our goal in buying a realty should not be based on the decision of other people but on our thorough research about the property in the market. In case of Kansas City real estate, listening from your brokers and guides is not enough. So with this sponsored post for Remax, it is important to remember some points before buying your dream home.

You should have your own way of collecting facts and figures about your future home. In that way, you will have a full view on where is the best place, what is the best developer and the most valuable property.

Just like the suggestion of other people in your area, it is also necessary to read blogs about Kansas City real estate. It is a specific topic that needs focus while you are in the midst of extensive research. Remember, when bloggers talk about the best developers and the most valuable realty, people start to listen. In other words, you will have an opportunity to compare prices, home designs and financing schemes based on your budget. Don't forget to consider communicating with the right real estate agent.

There are also websites that talk about the real estate business. Most of these websites contain lists of trusted brokers, best properties in the market, price ranges, requirements and also the steps in acquiring your dream home.
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Mediatrix Homes Inc in the Beautiful City of Dipolog

| 18 June 2012
Have you been to a far, far away city? Dipolog City is one of the most interesting places that I have visited this year. The tourist spot, which is dubbed as the future super-city in Northern Mindanao, has given us the opportunity to roam around beautiful places such as Mediatrix Homes community.

Meditrix Homes Inc. is a company that offers the best real estate properties in Northern Mindanao. If you are looking for a house and lot for sale in Dipolog City, Ozamiz City and Oroquieta City, it is the right company to deal with. I have personally seen the designs of their houses, including those that are built for low-cost housing provisions. The exquisiteness of the home design, the practicability of location and the value of the realty is perfect for your investment needs.

For more information, visit Mediatrix Homes or contact the CFO via this number 065) 906-00-87.
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Room So Clean and White

These days, people love to go on a vacation to unwind and enjoy life. There are many places and tourist spots that give instant comfort and relaxation. Having a lengthy vacation is also an opportunity to learn many things, enjoy good food and meet new friends.

Personally, one of the most important part of having a vacation is being inspired in a hotel room's design. I have  penchant of sleeping in a clean and white hotel room. Since I prefer budget travel, I like small rooms that are painted with light colors, including crisp white set-up.

Last week, I had an opportunity to stay in a stunning hotel. At Restreto Inn and Cafe in Dipolog City, I was able to enjoy a three-day stay with other bloggers. I like the room design because it is so clean and white. The minimalist design inspired me and I'm thinking that our home renovation will be based on the said room set-up.
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BROKEN VOW airs final episode this Friday

| 14 June 2012
GMA Network’s top-rating afternoon drama, Broken Vow, starring Bianca King, Gabby Eigenmann, Luis Alandy, Rochelle Pangilinan -- concludes with an explosive finale episode this Friday, June 15.

Broken Vow has been one of the network’s top-rating teledramas in the Afternoon Prime block since it premiered last February 6. The captivating story and characterization constantly intrigued and thrilled the televiewers and managed to pull off a victory in the ratings game, consistently registering high in the charts.

This Friday, the tension between Felix (Luis) and Roberto (Gabby) escalates and ends with a fatal conclusion. Only one will survive this dramatic confrontation and Melissa is caught in between these two men. Who will Melissa choose to save? Will Melissa be finally reunited with her daughter Eva? Or is happiness too far to reach for Melissa and Felix?  

Broken Vow also stars Marco Alcaraz, Juan Rodrigo, Carmi Martin, Matet de Leon, Jace Flores, Pancho Magno, Lou Sison, Melissa Mendez and Ms Celia Rodriguez and is directed by Gil Tejada Jr.

The finale of Broken Vow should not be missed this Friday, June 15 right after Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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| 06 June 2012
Be careful what you wish for -- it might just come true!

Beginning June 11, GMA Network presents viewers the spell-binding and hilarious yet heart-warming story of Bong and his daughter Daisy in the new family romantic-comedy series My Daddy Dearest.

Multi-awarded singer-songwriter-actor Mr. Ogie Alcasid plays the role of Bong, son of a rich man who grew up without the guidance and care of his mother.

In the story, Bong – just like his father – is a smooth “lady-killer” who lives the good life until he meets and falls in love with Rose, a simple, loving woman who has a unique gift for growing and tending plants. Their love continues to blossom with the birth of a beautiful daughter named Daisy.

But unfortunately, fate has other plans for Bong and his family. Rose dies in a tragic accident during Daisy’s first birthday. As a result,Bong goes back to his old playboy ways, obliviously leaving his daughter to fend for herself. He is unaware of the daily torments that Daisy goes through in the hands of her Lola Mercedes, her Tita Daphne, and cousin Lily -- who all want nothing more than to possess all of Bong’s inheritance including the family company.

Despite the luxury being provided to her, Daisy feels lonely because of the absence of her father. Often, she finds refuge in her beloved mother’s garden, which, unknown to her, is occupied by a small magical pixie named Winnie. Knowing Daisy’s pain, Winnie decides to help her by granting her one wish: for Daisy’s dad to become a mom instead!

Bong’s life turns upside down as he transforms from a Macho-Papa to a Sexy-Mama!  Meanwhile, Mercedes and her kin of spoiled socialites cease the opportunity and use Bong’s identity crisis as an excuse to take over the family company.
Will Daisy be able to undo her wish? Will Bong be able to regain his true form before time runs out? And will the evil Mercedes and her kin succeed in taking all the family riches?

Joining Ogie in this enchanting series are Jolina Magdangal as Rose/Camilla, Pinky Amador as Mercedes, Sherylin Reyes as Daphne,Pauleen Luna as Winnie, Annie, Minnie and Ada, JC Tiuseco as CJ, Ehra Madrigral as Ivy, Mike ‘Pekto’ Nacua as Marco, Kyle Ocampo as Lily, and Milkcah Wynne Nacion as Daisy.

Under the helm of director Don Michael Perez, GMA Network’s new family drama series My Daddy Dearest will air weekdays beginning June 11 before 24 Oras on GMA-7.

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The Importance of Real Estate Investment

The real estate industry is one of the most interesting businesses I have ever known. Home ownership is very essential because it gives us security and good social standing. We know that people who are homeless are striving. No wonder many real estate developers are dreaming that all people must have proper dwelling places. They keep on building houses to fulfill that dream. With Brentwood real estate for instance, many home owners are grateful that they have finally bought their dream homes. In this sponsored post, we will know several tips in having a real estate investment.

Our chances of having our own homes are laid down by real estate developers. With the help of an experienced and reliable brokers, appraisers and real estate agents, we can find our dream homes. All we have to do is be more focused in our search of a value-packed realty deal.

In my case, I have tried purchasing a real estate property. In our place, we have many properties to choose from. My first consideration in buying a house is to find a trusted agent or broker. After that, I had an extensive research about the industry. Then, I was able to choose the best location for us. I've checked the availability of supermarkets, church and schools in the area.

When it comes to the price, I get through the process of comparing one home to another. I've asked about the means of payment, the number of years to pay the property and the monthly amortization including the taxes and insurance fees. I've also asked the developer to let me re-check the area, especially the house before its delivery.

It's important that you hire the best agency representatives in finding a house and lot for sale. To avoid being victims of scams, make sure that they are accredited with the right agencies and parties and that the real estate agents are licensed to perform their job.
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