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2011 Ford Future Cars

| 28 December 2010
Today, let's talk about cars. This personal blog of mine became so huge that I need to cover a lot of topic. Honestly, I can't think of any topic to write. I ran out of interesting topics to digest. Since I also love cars, I'll write about the 2011 Ford future cars. Let's take at 2011 Ford. Future cars are great to marvel at, since the said car products will take the road in the future. Here are the 2011 Ford future cars.

2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan Side Static

2012 Ford Focus Front Three Quarters Static

2012 Ford Focus Hatchback Rear Three Quarters Driver

Source: Automotive

Don't mind me choosing red colors. I'm fascinated with red cars. There was one time that I was able to take a photo of red cars while on stop. Although I'm not an expert when in comes to this topic, I'll always ask a friend who knows more about this. Going back to this future cars, let's wait until any of these hits the road. These are just concept photos, by the way. Have a nice day!
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Ultimate Money Guide

| 23 December 2010
I've been thinking on what to post here this time. Since I need to evaluate what is my weakest point this year, I decided to write about Ultimate Money Guide based on my favorite magazine, Marie Claire. Yes, I'm not good in money management. Although there is improvement this year, I still want to hit my target-complete my homemaking wish list. I want to remodel our house. I want a functional kitchen. I want to save more for future expenses. I want to save for our insurance. There are so many things to do.

I'll just pick up the Ultimate Money Guide I could grasp from the magazine. Join me in checking our evaluation on these items.

Develop a simple personal statement of assets and liabilities. I'm talking here of net worth. Net worth is the difference between our estimated amount of liabilities and our assets. It determines our financial health. In order to do our personal statement of assets and liabilities, we just need to write in a notebook our sources of income in one column and our expenses in another. The clue here is just to make it really simple.

Track our expenses. This is essential because its our way of gauging if we live within our means. If we discover that we spend more money on things we can live without, we must do something to change it.

Create budget. On my part, I create weekly budget, yet I'm not able to follow it. However, this is alright as long as I did it on balance. It's important to be realistic here. Our ability to balance and project self-discipline matter.

Debt management. Talking about credit cards isn't avoidable here. If you own a credit card, it's like you declare that you owe company money, right? But this is not bad, as long as you're good in debt management. There are three things to do when in comes to debt due to owning credit card. First, pay with cash if you can. Second, pay off the card that charges the highest rate of interest first. It's one way of reducing your debt. Third, be disciplined. Remember, credit cards are not bad to your finances if used properly. Buying assets through your card is good.

Savings and investment. It's important to exercise caution in using savings money for investment purposes. Also, the "save then spend" process is still helpful for proper money management. Right now, I have a separate savings for kitchen renovation at home.

Finally, we'll write our money mantra. You can write your own money mantra too. It's up to you. Here's mine.

I will seize every opportunity to save money or invest it when the time is right. I will eliminate severe debts. I will walk away from a store without unnecessary expenses. I will continue depositing in my "untouchable" savings account. I will not be selfish because of money and any money problems. I will think about these words: A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. Thanks for reading about Ultimate Money Guide. Share your comments!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from:

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Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game For Christmas

| 22 December 2010

We had our annual Children Christmas Party in our community yesterday. My sister helped me organize the party since other neighbors were busy preparing food. Our theme is just simple- anything barbecue-related. We had hotdogs and marshmallows barbecue which are considered fave food of the children. They liked the food so much.

Before eating time, we had a short program. Most of the children sang songs. Three girls danced to the tune of California Girls by Katie Perry. My favorite presentation is a song rendered by Natasha, who sang "A Whole New World".

There was also a message given by a young mother. Her talk is about "The Spirit of Christmas". She mentioned that the real meaning of Christmas is true love and concern for other people, especially the needy. After the talk, gift giving follows.

There were children who really enjoyed the games. Their favorite is Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game since it gave them the opportunity to learn and recall bible characters. It's a printable bible quiz ideal for children gathering. It's really amazing because Python Printable Games company made the said product to make a Christmas party for children so memorable. The Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game is a giant, printable board game which tests kids' Bible knowledge as it entertains them. The printable "board" is nine squares (A4 paper sheets). I was the one who sets up the game and reads the trivia questions, or action cards, as they are drawn. Kids move ahead, stand still, or move back depending on their trivia knowledge. My cousin, Cindy, won the Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game that I've hosted.

My Review.  The Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game is really a nice party game for children. The children love the game, especially when they received amazing prizes. For me, it's the perfect game we had this year because not only the children were entertained, they also learned bible lessons.

It wasn't hard for me to do it because I love printable games found online. Python printable games products isn't new to me either since I've been reading and using their products, lately. Overall, the children party organized in our community is a success.

Do you want access to this game? Just place a comment on this post and one lucky reader will have it.

The materials used

Sponsored by

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using and sponsored by Favorite Wigs Shop Name Brand Wigs at Low Prices! Large Wig Selection of Estetica Wigs, Quality Wigs. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

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Because It Snowed

| 19 December 2010
It's my habit to check international news before heading to Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and other sites. I also stop over at Daily Mail since there are many interesting news delivered by the site about UK and its people. Every visit includes news about snow, very destructive snow. In my first visits of the site, I thought it wasn't a problem and that it's normal. But this time around,  a Daily Mail contributor wrote this one: planes grounded, thousands of festive holidays ruined, roads ungritted and others, meaning "not their finest hour". I cannot say in happy tune that the country where I belong don't have this kind of problem. I know how difficult it is on their part.

Imagine the scene where millions of people where stranded because it snowed. Imagine how cold it is for them. Imagine the massive destruction of the festive period for millions of people. Not a good experience, really. And I heard that it's the worst this year.

Mostly those who were affected people were so angry, yes. But then there's no one who could start the snow from dumping. It's part of nature. The best thing to do is prevent any untoward damage to the people and their properties.

Their question surrounds on the ability of Britain to solve the problem, knowing that the holidays is here. The transport system is very chaotic, that's why. Because it snowed, Christmas-related activities of the people were severely affected. But don't get me wrong, people work harder to solve the problem. Because it snowed, people were asking if they could refund their airline tickets. I hope it will solved as early as possible.

They should take this as a lesson. Preparation is a key in everything. What was last year's condition? That could be a measure for this time.

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Dog Blog Post

| 10 December 2010
I'm so excited to share this dog blog post over My Regency. Our dogs, Enzo and Ice, turned one this month. In dog years, that would mean they're seven years old. That explains their funny behavior and notable dog intelligence. They're not professionally trained but they always understand our requests. 

The reason that we had these two pets is for protection or safety. They understood that very well. Enzo used to chase after rats, which amazed me. Ice used to protect us from insects. We're always warned in almost anything because they're there ready for their jobs. Since they used to bark like lunatics, people don't mess in our area. That's good for thieves to spare us, I think.

I want to share these photos of our dogs in these dog blog post.

Dog Blog Post Photos

Enzo: I'm single. :)

best friend

that explains why socks got tiny spots  :)

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Five Unique Photos A Day Project

| 09 December 2010
I only have one wish for this Christmas: to live life to the fullest by keeping footprints of memories. I want to enjoy my thirtieth year on earth more than the past years. I know it can only be done by having a happy, healthy, industrious and righteous way of living plus a sense of being organized.  

I devised an exciting plan to accomplish this wish. I need to complete a project called Five Unique Photos A Day within the entire year of 2011. The first photo should be taken while I'm on a happy mood, the second is about anything healthy, the third is about my day in the office or any work-related, the fourth one is a photo taken at a church activity and the last one is a random photo. The said random photo may include a unique car, a snapshot of our dogs, a photo of my attendance in a charitable work and many others. It's interesting, right? That would make me so busy everyday plus a chance to explore my new-found love of photography. Yes, I'm just new in the field. I'm not a professional photographer. But as you know, it's impossible to write a really nice blog post without a nice photo.

So, you ask: What is the rationale of the Five Unique Photos A Day project? It isn't a joke snapping at least 54, 750 photos a year. Plus, I'll have an additional task of having the photos printed and placed in nice albums. It's a good thing we've just bought a new printer for my photos to be printed. Well, I have reasons why I want to accomplish my wish for this Christmas in the most exciting way:

First, it's for genealogy and record-keeping purposes. The next generation after mine need lots of photos, I'm sure. My collection will help them a lot, especially for genealogy purposes.They'll have a glimpse of their past though my wide collection of photos;

Second,  it's for blogging photo collection. Because I have so many blog, I developed this habit of snapping and collecting random photos for a good post; and

Finally, I'll be able to accomplish my wish of living life to the fullest by taking photos of very essential daily tasks like living a happy life, choosing a healthy lifestyle, working hard, being a good citizen and keeping records and photos of amazing things life could offer. I'm also able to influence my loved ones and friends to live a happy and balanced life.

Yet, I have a problem. I need a handy, useful and technologically-advanced gadget to help me complete the task. As of now, I don't have one. Why not wish for a Nokia C7? Do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas? Yes, I really need that kind of  Nokia phone for my Five Unique Photos A Day project this coming 2011. A Nokia C7 phone is perfect for my daily snapping of photo task. In using the said phone, videos and images look sharp on the vivid 3.5" high-resolution display. Aside from that, it can capture high-quality photos and HD video using the 8 megapixel camera. How cool is that? The said Nokia phone is a perfect companion to make the coming year so memorable and fruitful. It's so amazing.

I wish I'll have a Nokia C7 this Christmas. I hope I can finish my project for this coming year. Also, I'm deserving for a Nokia C7 this Christmas because I'm an industrious blogger. I blog to influence other bloggers and friends to always look at the brighter side of life and keep fighting for the universal good. The legacy I'll leave for the next generation is noble. Hence, I know all the good things I want in life will be mine.

 Thanks to Nokia and Nuffnang for this wonderful opportunity.

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Chanel Resort Collection 2011

| 08 December 2010
I've visited Vogue lately and I'm so excited to share the Chanel Resort Collection 2011. I'm a total fan of nice ensemble of beach wear which is why I chose this collection to share it here. The Chanel Resort Collection 2011 preview is very attractive because of the unique designs where color and lines perfectly meet. You'll see a lot of fuchsia pink, light orange and baby blue hues. Isn't it interesting? Here's the Chanel Resort Collection 2011 preview from Vogue Fashion:

I really like the color combination of this outfit. It's exciting to look at!

I like the way it has been combined- color and lines met well.

This one is perfect for a beach party.

This is perfect as a gift for a friend. :)

Have a nice day!

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Eveready Moments Rewind

I'm fond of watching action films, especially those that has been patterned on real life stories and historical events. My favorite action films include Band of Brothers, Pearl Harbor, Platoon and The Pacific. I know, you noticed that all these films include US Rangers stories and their line of duty. There's a feeling of happiness and contentment that I was able to watch these movies thrice.

So, what's the connection with this introduction on Eveready Moments Rewind? Once upon a time, I had two Uncles who were serving the country as members of the Army. We had nice memories with these two amazing individuals because they've been close to our family. The other one (named as Mr. M) is not married, so it's not surprising that he spent a lot of time with his nephews and nieces, including me. It's still fresh in my mind when we cheer out loud every time he visits our humble dwelling. In most cases, our treats include nice meals, candies, bread and school supplies. He's the happiest when all of us gladly accepted his presents. For so many years, he'd been with us sharing positive thoughts and strength every time we need it.

The last time I saw him was when he's trying to hop in a bus but unexpectedly fell down. Thankfully, the driver waited for him to finally join the ride to work. Two days later, we had a gathering in the nearby village. This time, I'm with childhood friends and cousins. Since we used to listen to the radio, we brought with us a portable radio set and Eveready batteries. We don't want to miss listening to our favorite music and drama programs. As children, we usually prefer radio broadcasts than television because of the interesting drama programs. Also, we had tons of Eveready batteries prepared at home in case we need it. In between nice radio programs; local, national and international news are usually aired. That fateful Friday afternoon, we heard over the radio a sad news that our beloved uncle, Mr. M was killed.

The things I remember about another Uncle, Uncle P, include beach parties, farming and his way of carrying his son (my cousin) over his shoulders. Like Mr. M, he's also part of the Army. We're aware that his last assignment was in Basilan. Yes, he got killed there while participating in a very dangerous operation. How we heard the news? Of course, we're always using our portable radio and sets of Eveready batteries. Before their station commander sent a message to my Grandma, we already knew the bad news. And his last words for me before he went to war? "Study well. Prepare for your future."

See? We had good and bad Eveready Moments. For so many years, I've learned a lot because of our radio. Also, I got hints of how to create literary pieces because of my habit in listening to drama programs. On the day Princess Diana died, I heard the sad news over the radio. Until this day, we still have our radio and sets of Eveready batteries in my huge treasure box in the province. Although it's been so long that I got the chance to have it checked, I still remember those memorable things.

So every time I watch action films, you'll expect me think about my colorful childhood days, our radio plus Eveready batteries, brave Uncles and their Army adventures and opportunity to learn many things.

Finally, we can always prepare during typhoons and earthquakes because of timely news given by radio announcers. It's easy for us to get news about loved ones, good or bad too. I've got to prepare school examinations during brownouts because of our radio and its dependable batteries. Preparing for my future isn't easy but the task became lighter because of using a family companion (radio) and dependable batteries called Eveready.
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Gifts and Talents

| 05 December 2010
I would like to share to you the spiritual thought I shared during the Art Festival in our ward. I was given the topic about gifts and talents. Upon knowing the topic, I prayed and asked guidance for my assignment. My only concern is to deliver the message well.

There are many things that I learned in this topic. The word gifts and talents has been considered as part of cultural, visual and performing arts. However, this has been considered as a very limiting definition. There are myriad ways to express gifts and talents given by God.

The examples of gifts and talents include cooking, dancing, singing, writing, sports abilities, painting and others. These are given by God for mankind to explore and develop. In that sense, we're approved of by Him to develop the gifts and talents we received. Yes, each one of us receive different kinds of talents. It's up to us to use it for our own advantage in a righteous manner.

Simply put, when we received gifts and talents from God we have the obligation to use it. However, we should develop it on righteous purposes. It shouldn't be used to damage or defraud another person.

According to Elder Henry D. Taylor, "You probably have gifts and talents that you have not yet discovered or that are dormant. These must be awakened."

The counsel is very clear. I'll pray that I'll be able to follow this counsel. Have a nice day, everyone!

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How To Create A Unique Home Decor

| 03 December 2010
I'm so happy with the increasing traffic here in My Regency. When I started this blog two years ago, it was just a play. My husband wanted me to start a blog, but I'm not really serious about it. The love of blogging really started when I met some friends online and when I discovered a lot of tricks in making a blog grow. For today, my post is about how to create a unique home decor. I'm not a professional interior designer, yet I'm really fascinated with unique home designs. My primary consideration is creating a unique home design using affordable materials.

Our home isn't complete, I know. There are many things to accomplish like painting, flooring, finalizing the kitchen, putting up a fence so that dogs won't run away just to play and finalizing the bedroom upstairs. While we're preparing all these, I want to know how to create a unique home decor.

I finally made a unique home decor when I was invited to a church activity which is an art festival. I thought it was unique since the materials I used are all recycled. On my way to the wet market, I searched for tree wigs. I decided to make a Tree of Fashion. I found tree wigs and I brought it with me while looking for fresh pork and fish in the market.:)

Upon reaching home, I took my used nail cream and used it to paint the branches of the tree wigs. I used color pink, lavender, green, red and yellow alternately. After that, I took my handmade fashion accessories and tried it on the tree of fashion. The dogs stood beside me while doing this project. I finished the project two hours before the event. Love it!

"In making a unique home decor, try to find inspiration online. There are lots of bloggers who share their passion on home design. It's also wise to recycle what you have. Look around you, you'll see a lot of materials that you can transform into a beautiful piece." - My Regency

Of course, I won under the "most economical category". Also, our group won the best creation. I was also the one who gave the spiritual talk.  I'm so blessed being a member of our church because my passion on arts, public speaking and fashion aren't neglected.

the tree of fashion

 other entries

the winning piece, one of the judges told me later on that we won because our work is difficult to make

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Beauty Ambition 600 Followers Giveaway

| 02 December 2010
I've been visiting blogger friends lately, and I was so happy to find another beauty blog giveaway. This time, let's talk about Beauty Ambition 600 Followers Giveaway. It's so awesome that she reached that blogging milestone. That means a lot of people has been reading her blog. I'm so happy that I'm one of them. 

If you like to join Beauty Ambition 600 Followers Giveaway, you better hurry up because deadline is so close. You'll be amazed of her prizes too. Since I love make up and other exciting beauty products, you won't be surprised why I joined. Just click Beauty Ambition 600 Followers Giveaway.

Beauty Ambition blogger is so fantastic for planning to give nice prices. She mentioned in her blog that,

"You can win Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol III ! This set contains 16 highly pigmented eyeshadows, two 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils, & a mini eyeshadow primer potion. If you already own this set, you are welcome to enter since the holidays are coming and it'll make a great gift to a loved one, or you can keep it as a back up."

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Ann Ward Is America's Next Top Model 2010

We had a tag in this blog about supermodels, right? This is noticeable when you're a regular reader. Why am I so excited? Because I'm so impressed with Ann Ward. I'm so inspired to throw a post about this topic Ann Ward Is America's Next Top Model 2010.

There's a controversy surrounding such a stunning supermodel. On her her first appearance of the America's Next Top Model 2010 contest, a judge revealed he could fit both hands round her tiny waist. She said she was often bullied while in school because she's so different. Isn't it interesting? She's so tall, 6'2" in very pretty. Her hair fits the runway and being that photogenic, she won the contest. Hence,  Ann Ward Is America's Next Top Model 2010.

What about the loser? Well, when you search stories about this topic, you'll know that Chelsey Hersly from Idaho felt that she was cheated when Ann Ward won. She thinks her photographs and performance prove better than the winner. That's  why you'll see awkward hug with Ann Ward during the announcement of winners.

The prizes. Ann Ward had a modeling contract to sign, a spread in Italian Vogue, and a contract worth $100,00 and a chance to endorse Cover Girl cosmetics. Here's Ann Ward Is America's Next Top Model 2010 photos.

  Thanks for dropping by, The Backpack Man and others too! :)

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