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Cheryl Cole Porange Fashion

| 28 June 2011
Are you familiar with porange fashion? Cheryl Cole's photo will give you a hint on what it is. Basically, it's a combination of purple and orange style. The creative director of Gucci, Frida Gianini introduced this line of summer clothing. From then on, several celebrities wore porange fashion clothing during important events. Here's Cheryl Cole enjoying her porange fashion.

Source of Photo: Daily Mail

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Jobs In Cavite

| 27 June 2011
Our featured website for this week is Cavite Jobs. If you're looking for jobs in Cavite, such website is a great source of information. It's like a portal wherein many jobs are listed and categorized, from I.T. work to teaching opportunities. Jobs in Cavite aren't hard to find if there's a lot of resources for job seekers. Thankfully, Cavite Jobs website exists.

Click Cavite Jobs , to visit the site.

Before I end this short site feature, I'd like to share this logo. I hope I was able to share something beneficial for my readers. Thanks for dropping by and read about Jobs In Cavite. 
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My Bestfriend Dog Enzo

| 15 June 2011
I know you want to know more about dog Enzo, my best friend. I'm not one of those who doesn't care for animals. Knowing the existence of individuals who aren't kind to these loving creatures, I'll stand firm to protect them. I can say, dogs are humans too. They can feel boredom. They're aware of their surroundings, sometimes even more accurate than mankind.

Enzo (white) and Ice (brown) during their daily walk

In these photos, they're having fun in their daily walk around the neighborhood. Thanks for dropping by!

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What About SULTARC?

| 09 June 2011
Someone sent an email to me asking about SULTARC. Actually, I've written about SULTARC before here in My Regency blog. That was a detailed post. However, I decided to share some thoughts about the said Sharjah Dental School.

SULTARC is Sharjah University Laser Training And Research Center. As a Sharjah Dental School, it is a school designed to enhance the knowledge of dentists by offering to them specialized courses, like laser dentistry. You can check their website and have an idea of their curriculum.

 In most cases, students want a school that offers essential courses to improve their dentistry skills in accordance with the latest developments. SULTARC is the best choice of all Sharjah Dental School because their educational programs are reliable. That's it! Thanks to all.

 Sharjah Dental School

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Cavite Swimming Pool Resort

| 08 June 2011
Like what I've mentioned before, Watercamp Resorts in Cavite remained to be one of the best place to enjoy swimming. For me, it's a first class Cavite swimming pool resort. If you're planning for a post-summer pool rental party for your family, I'm sure you'll love to experience the fun at Watercamp Resorts in Cavite.

At present they're lowering the rates of the entrance fees because the off-peak season now comes in. When you check their website, you'll see the new rates. As a a first class Cavite swimming pool resort, Watercamp Resorts in Cavite boasts of its wave pool, lazy river and fine dining at Josephine Restaurant.

Watercamp Resorts - Cavite Swimming Pool Resort

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Crosswinds Resort Suites

| 06 June 2011
Have you been to Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay? Seriously, I wanted to know. :) That's because I want to know if you experienced being in one of the most convenient respites. When I attended the Nuffamily Day organized and sponsored by Nuffnang Philippines among with other sponsors, I had the chance to experience serenity at Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay. I love the place!

To reach the place, it takes thirty-minute drive from Makati. That means it is very accessible from the busy metro area. Part of their campaign mentioned that Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay is a development project of Brittany, a Vista Land company, and is positioned to be peaceful, private and picturesque getaway, with all the conveniences of modern living. 

Crosswinds, Tagaytay

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Caring For Your Pet

| 02 June 2011
For the past years, I have been writing about our sweet dog, Enzo. He's our guardian dog. We took him from a breeder and we've been told he's a Mountain dog or a Great Pyreenes. I'm so impressed with his behavior that's why I'd like to share a post on Caring For Your Pet.

Basically, I want Enzo to live for more than thirteen years, so topics about Caring For Your Pet are essential for me. I care for Enzo as if he's my best friend. Even though I'm so tired from work, I'll make sure he's okay. There was one time that he almost died, so we did our best to save his life. The situation needs a lot of money to pay the vet, thankfully, we got huge discount. Thanks to his kind vet.

He's allowed to roam in our small backyard and we made sure he's taken for a walk everyday. We made sure all his needs have been met while he's alive. In caring for your pet, it's also good to read laws about protecting our pets and as well as support events relating to their welfare. As a result, our dog grew up very sweet and loyal.

Enzo :)

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