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My Favorite Food For Dinner Is Any Shrimp Recipe

| 30 March 2011
I don't know why. I really like Shrimp A La Karl With Chili, a delicious shrimp recipe and rice for dinner. The drinks must be young coconut juice. Other seafood recipes and vegetable salad adds variety to my dinner favorites too. When I prepare a shrimp recipe, I tend to use vegetables as extenders, like chopped eggplant, cabbage and beans. Also, tomatoes, chili and other herbs give distinct flavor to any shrimp recipe.

favorite shrimp recipe

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Visit Watercamp Resort In Cavite This Summer

| 28 March 2011
I’d like to share with you, friends the best place to enjoy for a summer vacation. I love visiting resorts during summer, so the place that I’d like to share is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. I’m aware that many people from the metro want to visit the provinces for a vacation. That’s why I chose to share the said resort to you.

Of all Cavite resorts I’ve known, Watercamp Resort is the place where I want to spend a vacation this summer. It’s the best place to visit because of many reasons. First, the accessibility of the said resort is undeniable. It’s situated in the historic place of Kawit, Cavite. You don’t have to worry if it’s your first time in going there. The said place is well-known in the area, hence easy to find. Also, the accommodation and use of their facility is affordable. The place is world-class yet you don’t have to worry about their pricing. You may check their website by clicking Summer spot, Cavite area.

 Photo Credit: Visit POPOtography for other nice photos of Watercamp Resorts

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International School For Dentistry

In the United Arab Emirates, there's an opportunity for dentistry practitioners who are using laser technology to enhance their knowledge of the subject. There's no need to visit the US to find schools offering Dental Laser Courses. They just have to check out SULTARC or Sharjah University Laser Training And Research Center to find courses they want to take.

SULTARC is an institution devoted for clinical education and also as research center for developing guidelines in using laser technology as applied to medicine and dentistry. The school is also designed to cater requirements that are applicable to the Middle East region. In other words, students will learn about Laser Dentistry for General Practice within the region and with the assistance of practitioners in the area. There's no need to visit other countries wherein schools offer different means of learning and application.

Source: Geek
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Cuvee Ventures and Cuvee Escapes Real Estate

| 23 March 2011
Let's take time to blog about Cuvee Ventures and Cuvee Escapes which is a high-end travel community. The area is well-funded and quiet, perfect for wealthy individuals who know how to utilize their money well. The foundation of Cuvee Ventures and Cuvee Escapes is the balance of investment and rental. Many investors of the said travel community includes private wealth or money managers. On the other hand, the renters include internet entrepreneurs, celebrities and sports figures.

The founder and CEO of Cuvee Ventures and Cuvee Escapes is well aware of the importance of ROI or return on investment and ROL or return on life investment. In 2005, they created an opportunity to gather funds, make a community of accredited investors and purchase high-end properties in cash. After buying such properties, they invested to make it the best place to live and enjoy with friends and loved ones. If they no longer use the property they bought, they may choose to rent the same through Cuvee Escapes. They also offer extra services like cleaning services, private chefs, concierge on property and many more. It's also amazing to know that the company is 100 percent debt-free. As a private equity fund real estate company, Cuvee Ventures is fit for return on investment and return on life investment set-up with the help of Cuvee Escapes.

Here are photos of the properties.

Source: Luxist

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Cabalen Restaurant Dining Experience

Have you tried dining at Cabalen Restaurant? I've tried eating in one of their restaurants with my friends. The place is nice. The food is delicious and the staff is well-trained to provide quality services.

Cabalen Restaurant offers authentic Filipino cuisine. Their native Filipino dishes mixed with other cuisine and presented in buffet style are very delectable. It's also affordable to dine with friends and loved ones at Cabalen Restaurant.

Thanks for dropping by. :) 
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Love Struck Teenager Who Asked Prince William To Marry Her

| 21 March 2011
This is really funny yet interesting. A lovestruck teenager asked Prince William to marry her. Didn't anybody tell her about Kate Middleton? This happened when Prince William visited Kerang Victoria, which is his last stop on a tour of places of Australia and New Zealand which have been devastated by natural disasters. Tiana O'Brien and her schoolfriend Ayla Fenton, both 17, greeted the Prince with a sign reading: "I'll be your princess."

If you wonder what's the exact reply of Prince William when such girl shouted "Marry me.", the former replied, "Sorry, but you're too late." I wonder if those girls heard about Kate Middleton. The lovestruck teenager even professed that she won't give up. Now, that's really funny. :) I'm thinking of the reaction of Kate Middleton about this incident. Any comments?:)

Source: Daily Mail

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The Bravery of Fukushima 50

| 17 March 2011
I've noticed that a lot of online news publishers wrote about the bravery of Fukushima 50. That's why I tried to research about these Japanese nuclear workers. These people continue to work in shifting arrangement to prevent the full nuclear meltdown. When other workers of the devastated nuclear plants were evacuated to safety, the Fukushima 50 stayed behind with efforts to cool down the reactors and to prevent further explosions.

According to the news, they're mostly anonymous but some individuals shared their sentiments for these brave men. Their work has been dubbed as a suicide mission. Aside from lack of food and being tired, they have to deal with possible damages on their health as they work near the devastated nuclear plants. They're working for the safety, or even the lives of many Japanese amidst the crisis. The Fukushima 50 face danger whatever may be the price.

Source: The Daily Mail

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Would You Wear These Wacky Shoes?

When I first saw the photos of these shoes online, I really laughed. I decided to write a blog post afterwards. On the question, would you wear these wacky shoes? My answer is, no. My only reason is that these shoes are high heels. I don't want to wear high heels because I'm not comfortable wearing such kind of shoes. How about you? Would you wear these wacky shoes?

wacky shoes

Source: Daily Mail

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The Forbes Family Real Estate Listing

According to The Real Estalker, the Forbes family based in the US listed on the market their Old Battersea House, which is a historic and dignified outpost in London. The asking price is £12,000,000. It's well-known that the Forbes family managed well their publishing business, the Forbes magazine. It's a publishing platform of interesting lists of the world's richest individuals and other information relating to financial fortune which are trivial, essential and interesting. Obviously, it gave them financial affluence.

The property was formerly a beautiful and elegant Georgian-style manor house that was built in the late 17th century on Tudor foundations, according to The Real Estalker. The Forbes family hired architect Vernon Gibberd to restore and rebuild the said property that was empty for five long years. For many years, the Forbes family hosted gatherings in the said place with the presence of equally-famous individuals like Margaret Thatcher, Warren Buffet, the royal family and many more. Hence, the Old Battersea House is a very interesting real estate property in London. 

The Old Battersea House

Source: House Hop

By the way, there's a post entitled Find A Realtor here at My Regency.

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Offshore Injuries Lawyers Leger and Shaw

| 16 March 2011
In an attempt to gather all information about offshore injuries lawyers as much as possible, we'll feature law firms this time. Let me share with you Lager and Shaw web site. I've found their site through research. Obviously, if you need attorneys and counselors for offshore injury claims, visiting Leger and Shaw web site is highly recommended. Their offices are found at New Orleans and Covington in the Los Angeles Area.

In the field of admiralty and maritime law, their lawyers are considered experienced and reliable. Mostly related with offshore injuries lawyers' processes, they offer services on Jones Act claims, Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act claims, Death on the High Seas Act claims, Public Vessels Act claims and many more. For more information, click here. If you want to find Canadian lawyers, I've posted about it too.

Source: We Have Brains

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Don't Give Up

"Don't give up!". This has been the words of the Japanese Emperor during a rare TV appearance. He urged his people to withstand the difficult situation they're facing. Personally, I don't want to blog about what happened in Japan because I can't imagine their difficulties, the magnitude is too incomprehensible. No matter how organized, resilient and self-reliant a Japanese amidst the situation, help is still needed.

First, there was a destructive earthquake which caused damage to properties and individuals. Moments later, a tsunami alert allowed inhabitants barely eight minutes to find security in higher grounds. This caused a problem to the sick and elderly, people who can't run as fast as they could. Most of them died according to the news. Later on, there's a growing radiation threat against those who live near the nuclear plants devastated by the tsunami. Also, the rubble-strewn wastelands after the tsunami in Northeast Japan were covered by snow which made it difficult to find survivors. Knowing that the supplies of food, water and fuel run low, imagine how difficult it is for them. For me, it's unimaginable, unfathomable and unpredictable.

after the tsunami scenario...

Source: Daily Mail
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Barbie Xu Wedding Details Leaked

| 15 March 2011
Actually, I don't consider this as big news but knowing that Barbie Xu wedding details leaked, it's not really surprising. The media, her fans, including me want to know about the upcoming wedding of Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei. I've scoured online news regarding their wedding for I want to know about their formal wedding banquet.

Reports mentioned that it will be held at a luxury hotel in Sanya, Hainan on March 22nd, a few days from now. The groom hopes for a low-profile, simple and memorable wedding despite their celebrity status. Also, I haven't seen a new photo of Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei online so I was thinking that the wedding is considered as a secret. News about the couple aren't numerous too.

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Kate Middleton Fashion

| 14 March 2011
There's an interesting article at Daily Mail talking about Kate Middleton fashion. I'm thinking about the Kate Effect or her impact on fashion even before she'll be a princess. I already posted before that I like her fashion sense because of it's mixture of simplicity, elegance and uniqueness. Have you heard of Kate Middleton Burberry trench coat that has been sold less than twenty four hours when designer Christopher Bailey created copies of the design? Correct me if I'm wrong but every copy of Kate Middleton's dress and clothing is hot on the market.

She's not yet a princess but her impact on fashion is huge. As her style become much coveted, ladies who loves fashion wants to know her latest dress or clothing. Her elegant and regal accessories accessories caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts across the world. Kate Middleton fashion is indeed appealing. Just like this photo I found at The Daily Mail.

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Find Canadian Lawyers

Finding a lawyer isn't an easy task, especially when a specific case you want to fight on is difficult. That's why I decided to devote the entire blog this time to help people who are in the process of finding lawyers. As much as possible, I want this blog to be more informative and useful for thousands of monthly visitors. If you want to find Canadian lawyers, take time to read this short website review of Canadian lawyers locator.

The Website. If you want to find Canadian lawyers, you may want to consult Lawyer Locate website. Their tagline, "working to make your legal connections" is very enticing, especially for individuals who need the best attorney for their legal processes.

Lawyer Locate web site is easy to use and well-arranged. Since the design is simple, you can easily find the link you'll need, like lawyers by location and the referral service link. It is suggested by the site administrators that you need to choose among the lawyers who contacted you to help fulfill your legal needs as they facilitate the process of the search. Click here to go to the referral page and find Canadian lawyers.
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Brooklyn High School Girl Attacked Classmate With Acid

| 10 March 2011
I've visited New York Post website and there's a news that catches my attention. It's about a Brooklyn high school girl who attacked a classmate with acid. It has been reported that the victim and the attacker had a history of bad blood.

The teenage Brooklyn girl poured a bottle of acid on the victim's head during a chemistry class. As the acid dripped down the victim's face and eyes, the teacher immediately doused it with water. Later on, the victim was rushed to Staten Island Hospital burn center for immediate medication.

The Brooklyn high school girl who attacked her classmate was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, possession of noxious material and harassment. Her lawyer defended her during arraignment in a Brooklyn criminal court.
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Offshore Injuries Lawyers

| 03 March 2011
Personal damages or injuries are unavoidable while maritime workers throughout the Gulf Coast area continue their work. That's why it's not surprising that a lot of personal injuries victims need the help of offshore injuries lawyers. These lawyers will process the essential procedures in order to help offshore personal injuries victims.

But what are the essential factors for offshore injuries lawyers to consider in order to help the said maritime workers? Many of the factors to be considered include options to choose from in case an injured maritime worker is unable to return to work, processing as to who will pay the medical bills and obligation of employers after recovery. 

Based on articles I've read about this topic, the most common cause of offshore injuries is negligence of employers. There are also cases wherein offshore personal injuries are attributed to an employee's failure to exercise care for safety. Whatever may be the cause, any party-at-fault must have the obligation to answer the damages incurred in favor of the victims. It's up to the offshore injuries lawyers to represent the case for their clients' interest.

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Oscar Red Carpet Favorite

| 01 March 2011
Sandra Bullock is my favorite when it comes to the Oscar red carpet. She was so elegant in her strapless scarlet Vera Wang gown. Her accessories? Think that her red lips, crocodile clutch and simple updo make her so gorgeous with that dress. Here's a photo of Sandra Bullock.

Photo Source: Yahoo Movies

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