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Kansas City Real Estate and the Industry in General

| 21 December 2012
In the past five weeks, I had occasional posts about Kansas City real estate and other related topics. Since I started blogging about real estate four years ago, I became acquainted with the industry. To be familiar of the business, I often read news about the popular developers in the country. Earlier this month, I started reading the books of Donald Trump specifically about his real estate business. The things that I've learned for the past three weeks are valuable and helpful for those who are active in the industry.

Aside from knowing the whole picture of realty business, I also had an account of one unit through mortgage loan under a government-funded institution. Because of that development, I tried to read about mortgage loans, first-time home buying and other related topics. In fact, I bought books about real estate and developed this blog for record-keeping and sharing my ideas.

 During the process of home-buying, I really learned many things. First, I learned that it is necessary to determine prices and compare one unit to another. It's important to diligently shop for the best deals and compare prices in order to save money. Aside from that, getting a value-packed offer is the main goal during the search. Second, it's essential to determine accessibility. You don't want to live in an area that's too far from the main highway, I guess. It's better to live near supermarkets, government offices, churches and hospitals. In that case, strategic location is an item that shouldn't be taken for granted.

The third item that should be considered is the design and look of the unit. Personally, I want a semi-modern design. Since eco-friendly home designs became popular, I like houses that have energy-saving roof designs. I'll also consider the strength of the house knowing that storms come and go in our area. I like spacious house and lot units that are situated near a park, too.

Lastly, it's essential to check carefully the house during the turn-over process. It's still under warranty period so make sure you have checked the quality of the house. If ever you've found defects in any parts of the house, inform the marketing department right away for needed repairs. Don't wait for a time that they're too busy to attend to your requests in time at the end of the warranty period. By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own.

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Magical Home Design

| 17 December 2012
These days, we rarely see homes with a magical design. In most cases, we find amazing house and lot properties but are made of common materials. No wonder I was thrilled upon seeing this very unique and magical home design.

With lots of fantastic colors and ornaments, the house is really gorgeous. The flower design at the porch reminds me of magical gardens. I also like the chimney since it's made of colorful rocks.

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Mortgage Loan Modification | Home Buying

| 14 December 2012
These days, buying a house and lot is popular. There are many real estate investors who have taken time to reach out to low-income individuals to purchase properties. No wonder it's necessary to learn more about mortgage loan modification. It's part of the realty business and we have to learn a little about it. But before I'll talk about it, let me share with you the latest property that my client wants to buy.

I've recently attended a launching of a condominium project in a prominent location. The units are really stunning and the design is remarkable. I've seen one of the units in the showroom and I can see that it's perfect for a small family. After the event, I shared the photos with my clients. One client liked the studio unit because of its design. She definitely wants to buy a studio unit that has everything such as kitchen, comfort room, bedroom, living room and a dining room.

Personally, I also liked the unit. But my choice is the one-bedroom unit. It has a semi-modern design complete with furniture and appliances. I like the wall colors and the design of the bedroom. Since it's practical and affordable, I'm sure many people would like to live in the spacious and gorgeous one-bedroom unit.

Now, let's talk about mortgage loan modification. According to Wikipedia, mortgage modification is "a process where the terms of a mortgage are modified outside the original terms of the contract agreed to by the lender and borrower (i.e. mortgagor and mortgagee). In general, any loan can be modified." To understand the term, let's remember that a loan modification will typically result in the change to the loan's monthly payment, interest rate, term or outstanding principal. Since most of our properties are under a mortgage agreement, we need to understand this financial process in the field of real estate.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own. Let me know your ideas by leaving comments.

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Bankruptcy Lawyers in New Orleans

| 07 December 2012
I've been writing about bankruptcy since I started blogging. Aside from the fact that it's very interesting, it's also one of my favorite subjects in law school. Now, I'll write about the same topic, especially about bankruptcy lawyers in New Orleans. I hope you'll get some points in this post and remember the ideas that I'm going to share in this blog.

To understand the term, let me introduce to you the definition of bankruptcy as stated in Wikipedia.
"Bankruptcy is a legal status of an insolvent person or an organization, that is, one who cannot repay the debts they owe to creditors. In most jurisdictions bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor."
The legal term is actually applicable to both personal and business financial problems. Many people have to deal with the problem while it's becoming difficult to handle. That's the reason hiring a skilled bankruptcy lawyer is necessary to fix it.

As a former legal researcher, I've seen how clients trust their attorneys while the proceeding is processed for debt relief. I know how difficult it is for them to face the scenario, with creditors who would harass them in the process. With the help of an experienced attorney, many papers and documents that are necessary to speed up the case can be filed correctly and on time.

Basically, one of the most horrible scenarios of a bankruptcy case is the safety of the debtor's properties. Sometimes, creditors will buy time and harass the client to get something to compensate what they have lost. Without a lawyer, this is not an easy thing to prevent. No wonder clients seek help from bankruptcy lawyers as soon as possible.

In this sponsored post, I've shared some basic ideas about bankruptcy. I had personally shared the reasons it's essential to hire an expert of the field to help clients with financial problems. Remember, there's no other way to fix the dilemma. Trust your bankruptcy case to a skilled lawyer to ensure a better future. In that way, you can have a fresh start and achieve peace of mind.
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Candy-themed Move-in Party

| 06 December 2012
Someone asked me for a theme of a move-in party. The couple is planning to move-in their new house in a stunning, newly-built community.

Image: Candy Theme

After a few minutes of searching for the best theme, I remember a gorgeous photo from a popular wedding website. It's actually a theme for a shower party. But I thought it's a good idea for a house warming party, too. The candy-themed move-in party is perfect for the new home owners since both have a sweet personality.
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Real Estate Signs | Necessary Thing

| 30 November 2012
These days, the real estate industry is progressive. Many real estate investors build house and lot for sale in different areas. As a result, first-time home buyers and investors attend open house events and launching of properties for sale. In this case, any realtor would provide all their needs and assist them in the day they started asking about the realty. One of the best things that developers and homeowners could provide in the community premises are real estate signs. Obviously, I have a personal experience to prove this premise.

Three months ago, my friend and I received an invitation to attend an open house event organized by one of the most popular realtors in the province. I remember it was my first time to visit the place so I have to use Google Map to locate the area. I don't want to be late so I told my friend that we just find the exact venue of the event on the day we are supposed to be there. Since she agreed with me, we had an amazing adventure that day.

It took us an hour to locate the exact place. The real estate development is so huge that we had the hard time looking for the venue. The club house, where the party will be conducted, is located in the northeast area of the property. When we arrived in the location, the program already started. It wasn't a good thing, I know. But because we've concentrated on reading real estate signs and a sales agent helped us, we had the chance to participate in the gathering even though we are late. We learned that day that real estate signs are necessary, especially in a huge community newly-built by realtors.

Basically, the real estate sign is the first thing that a home buyer will find in a house and lot for sale. If you're selling your place, don't forget to display a useful sign for the potential buyers. You can place a notice about the specifications of your home and inform the public about the best things found in your house. In that sense, potential buyers will have ideas about your place that will help them decide on the next step, which is the purchase.

In this sponsored post, I've given a hint why real estate signs are necessary. Let me know in the comments section if you have more ideas to add in this post.
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PRO-FRIENDS unveils first-ever condominium project

| 28 November 2012
The Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS), one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the Philippines, has unveiled Ilustrata Residences, its first-ever residential condominium project in Metro Manila.

Located along Santolan Road in Cubao, Quezon City, the residential condominium offers young professionals and start-up families the unique advantage of comfortably and conveniently living in the city while being detached from the metro’s pollution.

Strategically built to connect its residents from north to south through EDSA and east to west through Ortigas Avenue, the Ilustrata Residences is accessible to any given route involving main roads, alternative detours and public transportation to go around the city.

Ilustrata Residences is a mid-rise residential condominium with six buildings amidst the affluent lifestyle of Greenhills, the tree-lined avenues of New Manila and the laid-back ambience of the residential enclaves along Mariposa. With these surroundings, the Ilustrata Residences offers its residents their own urban haven in a prestigious address.  Buyers can own units starting at P7,500 per month.
“We are pleased to have our most recent city residential condominium built right in the middle of Metro Manila to cater to discerning individuals and families who are looking for homes that fit their budget, provide them value for their money and are easily accessible to any part of the city,” said PRO-FRIENDS Corporate Communications Director Monica Morales.
Ilustrata Residences is situated at # 39 Boni Serrano Avenue, Bagong Lipunan ng Crame, Cubao, Quezon City. For more information on Ilustrata Residences, visit

This studio-type Ilustrata Residences unit is suitable for any young professional today.

The spacious dining area of the Ilustrata Residences is perfect for start-up families.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.
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Living Room Design Ideas

| 26 November 2012
In my favorite interior design website, I found these amazing living room design ideas. I'll share these colorful living design with you for home decor ideas.

I like these living room design ideas. I like the choices of color, the combination is gorgeous. Now, I have an idea on how to design our small living room. I'm sure that bright orange is perfect to accentuate light-colored home decor.
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Featuring Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

| 25 November 2012
I know that some of you have heard about SULTARC, otherwise known as Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center. In terms of quality education specifically in the field of dentistry, Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center is very popular. It's an international school that offers continuing study on cosmetic surgery, laser dentistry and dermatology.

To give you a glimpse of the school's courses in the past, here are popular courses of SULTARC.

Medical Laser Safety Officer

This approximately 8-16 hour course is designed for those assuming the responsibility of the facility Medical Laser Safety Officer (LSO), who manages the Laser Safety Program, and for practice and clinics owners.

Surgical Laser Principles & Safety

This approximately 4 hour program broken into modules is designed for staff working with or directly around surgical lasers in a hospital or clinic setting. It covers relevant biophysics, laser concepts, tissue effects and Safety. This course is also included as the first part of the Medical Laser Safety Officer Course.

Laser & Light Based Hair Removal

This approximately 16 hour program goes through all the skin & hair biology, laser concepts, safety, and laser & IPL hair removal methods. You'll receive a written course manual as part of this course that includes sample forms and guidelines.
By clicking the link in this post, you will know more about the school which is located in UAE. I hope I have given you an opportunity to decide on your educational plans. Thank you for your continued support.

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ReMax Kansas City Properties for You

| 23 November 2012
These days, many people want to buy their own home. The real estate industry is gaining momentum since people are now interested in buying properties. Basically, condo units and house and lot properties are popular especially for young professionals. The sudden rise of real estate developers coincide with the idea that now is the time to invest on realty such as ReMax Kansas City properties. Obviously, many home buyers are doing the same thing now - take the best realty deal properly.

How to spot the best real estate deals? It's simple. You should talk only with accredited real estate agents, brokers who are trained and licensed to perform the task of selling properties. It's the best way in finding the most beautiful unit too. Dealing with the right real estate agent is like buying the best house in town.

 The same thing is applicable in finding lands for sale. I have a friend who recently bought an agricultural land. She told me that the property was sold in a lower price since the owner is planning to relocate to another place. If not because of her agent, she won't be aware of the sale right away.

Personally, I also deal with the right real estate agents. Currently, I'm looking for a house and lot for sale. It's for my friend so I have to find the best unit for her.

I decided to find a semi-modern design with spacious lawn. I expect that the property is located near shopping malls, government offices and other strategic location. I'm hoping that I can also find a good deal, considering that I have a budget to follow. I've checked several magazines to spot the right realty offer. Since asking other home buyers is a must, I've emailed some of my friends who have recently bought a property. Then, I checked the Internet for more leads so that I can compare prices and terms of sale. As you know, I've talked to real estate agents for comparison and assurance that I'll be getting a good realty investment for my friend.

In this sponsored post, I've shared my personal points about home buying. It's up to you to research and find the best house and lot or land.
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Chic Tiny House Design

| 16 November 2012
I'm a fan of tiny houses designs. I've seen newly-built small houses, usually two-bedroom style, and I became a fan. Now, I'd like to share a beautiful tiny house design shared by Temperate Climate Permaculture website.

 Image Source: Temperate Climate Permaculture

This house is really stunning. I like the fence and the roofing design. The pathway leading to the main door is absolutely well-designed. The window grills matched with the color of the main door.
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Short Sales in Nevada

| 09 November 2012
Home buying is one of the most exciting activities in the world of real estate business. For those who just want to own a home, obviously unaware that it is also a form of investment, following the traditional way of home purchase is common. For instance, it's common to shop a house and lot for sale and then book for an opportunity to check the property on site. As long as it's offered to you, buying a unit is the next thing to decide. But, what if you think first of the chance to pay less and get more of your property? Yes. I'm talking about short sales, including the popular shorts sales in Nevada. I'm sure you'd love to learn the basic things about it.

Obviously, "short sales" is not a familiar term among home buyers. In fact, if you inform your friends that you're participating in a short sale, you'll get exasperated look and offers of sympathy. It's not a popular way of owning a property but you can have many benefits in this system of home purchase. Simply put, it's like you're shopping in a super sale event and you'll get more of what you've paid. Isn't it fun? Yes. Of course.

There are many books, magazines, online articles that showcased the benefits of short sales. However, you must remember that studying both the advantages and disadvantages is essential. You don't want to loose an opportunity in the business, right? So don't forget to be well-informed. Ask those people who are already experts in the trade and take note of their tips.

In addition, try to talk to brokers who are experienced in short sales. I'm sure you don't want to deal with brokers who can't even state their "brokers price opinion" in a confident manner. I guess the Internet is the best source of information nowadays. After all, many brokers and sellers are now offering their precious services online. As I've said, do your homework well.

I'm sure you've learned a thing or two in this sponsored post. By having an idea of the trade, you're the best person to try short sales. Just deal rightly for the bank to approve the sale so that you'll have what you deserve.
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Importance of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

| 02 November 2012
These days, many people carefully build their lives to avoid financial burdens in the future. Many people have been reading self-help books about success. They tend to make every single step in tune with their financial plans. However, problems about money occur at times. It happens. No wonder bankruptcy cases remains one of the most popular legal actions nowadays. Even rich people file bankruptcy before the courts of justice. Some of them seek help from to ensure proper legal protection.

The importance of hiring a bankruptcy attorney is the main topic of this post. I want to share the necessity of seeking legal help while the problem exist. If other people don't understand the importance of bankruptcy lawyers, they'll also loose opportunities to simply face the dreaded legal scenario.

Here are some things that you should consider as you decide to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.

Skilled lawyers will help you completely eliminate your debt. I had an experience working in a law firm. I  remember one client asked help from my employer. It's a good thing he did the move on time. The lawyer was able to eliminate his debt completely by all legal means.

Bankruptcy lawyers are trained to protect you from harassment because of your unpaid bills. Some clients have experienced tremendous problems as they go through the process of bankruptcy. They're in the hands of creditors who won't accept their explanation and swiftly take advantage of their situation.With the help of a lawyer, you'll be protected from harassment that you don't deserve. You will have relief from bill collectors with the help of an experience attorney.

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer will ensure that you'll no longer have sleepless nights. It's true. Those who are in the process of bankruptcy proceedings have sleepless nights. For skilled lawyers, they're aware that you need help to gain peace of mind. Let them solve your dilemma in a legal manner. They're trained to fix the problem and are experienced in handling court documents for the bankruptcy case.

I'm sure you're familiar with people who filed bankruptcy proceedings before the court. Some of them need help especially when they're on the verge of total financial loss. In this sponsored post, I hope I had given the basic reasons to hire a competent lawyer while being in the midst of a financial problem.

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Finding Kansas City Homes for Sale

| 26 October 2012
This post is about the decision of buying a house for the first time. It's a difficult situation, I know. Three years ago, I've also experienced the process of purchasing a home as a first-time buyer. But for those who are planning to buy Kansas City homes, it's not really hard for you. In the Internet, you can find reliable and dedicated real estate agents to deal with.

But should you buy a home? Is it really necessary? You have a choice to rent an apartment for your family. It's convenient to do so. With the basic questions presented earlier, you have to understand that there are factors that will affect your decision, whether you like it or not. In purely emotional terms, you'll probably decide to buy your own space. In that case, proceed with thinking in a logical manner and forget about your emotional reasons. After all, you'll be spending money in the process of buying a home.

 Nowadays, we believe that home buying is a sound investment. We want to have our own place and later on decide to sell it. The profits that we will get from the sale is tempting. Some people even used it as a business scheme. They tend to buy and sell houses for huge profits. In other words, buying a house and lot if a sound investment and a worthy goal for everyone.

However, not all home purchase is a sound investment. You have to be a smart buyer to ensure a successful real estate investment. Find the best deals in the market. Ask your relatives and friends for suggestions and referrals. Don't forget to compare prices. Be sure to check reviews from people who have tried buying the properties of the developer that you've chosen to deal with in your real estate shopping. In that way, you'll have a first-hand information about the property that you want to purchase.

Since we have social media these days, it's easy to ask from other people about the realty business. In this sponsored post, I'd like to reiterate that being a smart home buyer is essential. Obviously, you just have to use available resources and be knowledgeable on the subject.

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Easy to Own House and Lot for Sale

| 22 October 2012
In the real estate industry, many sales associates have been selling properties that are located away from the metropolitan area. In other words, many provinces have been considered home to real estate developments of some popular brands. Some offers are actually expensive and many people just can't afford the sale. No wonder many people are looking for easy to own house and lot for sale.

house and lot for sale

How about you? Do you want to own a house by just following an easy to accomplish process? Many first-time home buyers want a developer that has provided easy steps in purchasing a property. The first step is the time when the buyer establishes relationship with the agent or the sales associate. Then, you should prepare an amount for your reservation fee. This step is common in the industry so it's necessary to prepare a designated amount for this one. In most cases, agents will ask for your ID and TIN. By the time that you have paid the reservation fee, expect a 15-20 month down payment schedule. This is one way of paying for your new house and lot in a monthly basis. After paying the downpayment, you'll be instructed to transfer or move-in to your new home and at the same time continue paying your balance.

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My New Travel Blog

My Regency is the first blog that I created three years ago. This blog is my practice field, especially in writing and search engine optimization. I became familiar with social networking sites because of this blog. I've started to be a frequent visitor of Bloggers when I started My Regency. I discovered many paid to blog programs because of this journal too.

These days, I've written many blogs and had collaborated with many advertisers and other bloggers. I have fashion blogs, lifestyle and real estate online journals. However, I finally have a formal portal that has something to so with my travel experiences and other related topics. Karenade Travel is a new blog and I'm really working hard to share this project to many readers.

I'd like to invite all of you to visit my new blog. I'll be sharing more of my ideas and points about travel and food. Don't forget to let me know if you have ideas to share.

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Searching Real Estate Properties with Partners Trust

| 19 October 2012
Our community became popular because of real estate companies that have established many subdivisions in the area. In just one year, many shopping malls were developed  and people have processed their move-in papers to settle in this place. Due to the large number of people who transferred here, the town became a city two years from the time we arrived in this place. Indeed, the progress is swift. Simply put, an area may become progressive in just few years with the help of many developers such as Partners Trust.

My husband joined a company that offers easy to own house and lot properties to first time buyers. The company has been offering affordable realty for years. Because of that, I became familiar with the business and I noticed that there are many people who want innovative house designs. Last year, I helped processing two real estate properties for a relative. I can still remember what they want for  house so I want to share it in this post. Based on their specifications, they want a semi-modern house. The design must be impressive and simple. They want also a place that has a huge playground and garden.

On my part, I want a house and lot that is build in a flood-free area. I want a small property but with a spacious backyard for gardening purposes. In other words, I want a small house with a huge service area. The design of the house must be simple so that I can incorporate the interior design that I really like. I want houses that are built as environmentally-friendly for purposes of sustainability and safety.

In terms of location, I want a house that's located near government offices, shopping malls and parks. I like communities that are developed near public places such as churches and supermarkets. It would be easy for me to shop and purchase the things we need to find a nearby shopping haven.

In buying a real estate property, I want to make sure that the real estate agent is reliable and honest. I heard nasty stories about them before and I don't want to be a victim. I want also to buy in a company that allows me to freely air my comments and grievances. After all, it's only the way to exert my rights as a home buyer.

Lastly, I want a property that is located in a corner lot. Even though it's a bit expensive, I know I can save space with that. By the way, this is a sponsored post. But the views and points are my own.

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House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines

| 11 October 2012
Earlier this week, I wrote about house and lot for sale in the Philippines in support of a local real estate developer. The topic of my post is about a ground breaking ceremony of a certain urban development project.

These days, I've been supporting many realtors because I believe that building more communities and homes is a positive sign of economic progress. In our area, I can see the improvement in terms of community development. It's now easy for us to shop for our needs at home with the construction of shopping malls near our place.

I'm particularly grateful that Puregold Anabu has been opened to the public. We live near the area so it's a good thing for us since the grocery shop is a walking distance from our home. I've also seen the construction of Ayala Mall which is also located near Kostal Anabu. Because of these projects, the people living in our area will experience convenient living and a more relaxed lifestyle.

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Expert Bankruptcy Attorneys in North Carolina Area

| 28 September 2012
I'm sure that small business owners, individuals and even huge companies have to deal with financial issues. Since maintaining liquidity in a business setting is not easy, there should be a fallback plan in case things get worse. I'm referring to filing a bankruptcy proceeding which will eventually protect your business, especially your assets. For instance, some bankruptcy attorney North Carolina area have made the lives of many people who are having bankruptcy problems in the right legal path.

There are many people who thought that filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer is an option. In other words, it's possible to go through the tedious process in solving the legal issue without the help of a skilled legal professional. However, you have to deal with things that you're not familiar with. Do you really need a lawyer to do it?

Of course. Lawyers are necessary in handling a bankruptcy case. Some of them are even giving you an edge by providing a free evaluation. You're in a good path if you're wise enough to learn from the advice they would give you. But hiring them is really one of the most essential things to do when you're determined to be benefited of the legal action.

Don't be fooled by some individuals who believed that you can handle the case alone. Remember, bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences that may affect your life in the long run. Why not protect your rights before you'll loose it?

Before I started blogging full time, I worked as a legal researcher. I've seen how clients prepare for their cases, including bankruptcy. I'm fully aware that they really needed lawyers to run the case especially in preparing the documents necessary for the legal action. Some documents are difficult to prepare and only experts are able to protect the rights of debtors in the fullest extent. Hence, hiring an attorney is one of the best solutions to the problem.

By the way, this is a sponsored post  by John T Orcutt. However, the points and opinions are my own.

Image Source: Article Oak

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Our First Christmas Party at Watercamp Resort

| 24 September 2012
Three years ago, we had a Christmas party at Watecamp Resort in Cavite. I can still remember our preparation for the special occasion. My relatives and I helped my mother prepare all the things we need for the party. I remember that was our first get-together event for the entire clan living in the metro.

It has a happy occasion and we took a lot of photos in the resort. However, all of my photos of the activity were lost after we experienced a terrible storm in 2009.

Watercamp Resort in Cavite is the perfect place for a vacation. It is located in Kawit so I know that it is very accessible. It is just 40 minutes away from Baclaran, taking into consideration the traffic in the area. For me, swimming is an exciting activity in the resort because of their lazy river. All my cousins enjoyed the place. We had an amazing time there especially that their food is delicious. I hope we will have another fun Christmas party at Watercamp this year.
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Finding Plumbing Services

| 21 September 2012
Our home is the only place where we spend most of the time we have after work. We exert efforts in beautifying and making our place of abode a comfortable one. Since the work of art involving interior design was invented, people tend to focus on making their home spacious and lovely. However, the most important part of homemaking is plumbing which is keeping our tools and materials at home in good condition.

It's necessary to hire the best plumber in town, someone who is experienced enough to do any plumbing job and has the necessary qualifications. There are plumbers who aren't skilled and they perform their tasks inappropriately.

Image Source:

Why is it necessary to hire a good plumber?

It's important to deal with a plumber who has a license to perform the task. This qualification is required in other countries. To hire a dependable person, ask referrals from your neighbors, relatives and friends. For sure, they're going to give a list of dependable plumbers. If you have broken pipes or damaged faucets, hiring an experienced plumber is a must. Don't wait for the problem to get worse because I'm sure you'll have to spend more money to fix it in the future. Also, hiring an incompetent plumber will give more problems and increase the expenses instead of saving money.

I have some experiences at home that's even funny. Since we're new in the neighborhood, we don't know anyone who's good in plumbing. One time, I was cleaning the kitchen when the faucet involuntarily showered water. I've just finished taking a bath at that time so you can imagine my horror in seeing our faucet in a damaged condition. Because of the problem, I immediately called a friend to help us. Fortunately, she knew a plumber who also reside near our place.

How to get the best plumbing service?

First, you need to evaluate the companies that are offering the service in your area. You should hire the person that has all the qualifications in doing the task to avoid substandard service. It's also necessary to ask for quotes from many plumbing companies. In that way, you can compare prices for the services that you need.

By the way, this is a sponsored post by Rotorooter, but the views and points are my own.
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Interior Design Ideas

| 17 September 2012
If you're a first-time home buyer, you're very enthusiastic to decorate your new place. Of course, you're interested to check some interior design ideas online. In most cases, you'll have a chance to check the posts of many bloggers about home decorating. In this post, be inspired of these interior decorating ideas.

These living room photos are very stunning. I like the idea of using colorful shades in the wall. The carpet, which is very immaculate-looking, matched with the multi-colored design of the room. In the second photo, I'm impressed with the dining area which is divided by a tree branch attached to the ceiling. It's color matched with the table and furniture.

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Real Estate Career

We know that the real estate industry is very popular nowadays. Many developers focused their investments in building communities in an effort to provide affordable housing  services. In our area, there's a newly-opened subdivision that can accommodate more than a hundred families. Because of the existence of many realty businesses, malls are built in strategic locations to provide shopping services to the people.

However, I've noticed that there are many housing units that are not sold in our area. I'm not aware of other subdivisions but I'm sure that there are only few people who are seriously selling housing units.

If you're interested in selling house and lot, there are many ways to learn the trade. I've known many self-employed individuals who participated in seminars to become duly-accredited real estate agent. In other words, they signed-up and become team members of companies that sell real estate properties. It's also highly recommended to take government-assisted examinations for those who are interested to have a license as real estate agent.

To be an accredited real estate sales representative and earn extra income, you may check easy to own house and lot website for more information.
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Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles

| 07 September 2012
My experiences in the law school where I finished my law degree are inspiring. I had the opportunity to appear in court as a practicing student and under the direction of my professor. However, such experience is just a brief moment since the next hearing of the case was scheduled in a later date after my graduation. Even though I had only a few moments preparing for our client's case, I had already an impression that every person who is facing a legal problem needs a lawyer.

Let's say you have a pending bankruptcy case and you're wondering how to find the best legal remedies of the dilemma. Your primary concern is to prepare money to fund a legal action. Next, you're also faced with the predicament of finding the best lawyers such as bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles to help you finish the proceeding to your advantage. In that sense, you need to research well before hiring an attorney. But before that, it's essential to learn the importance of hiring a legal counsel who is an expert in the field of bankruptcy cases.

Basically, bankruptcy lawyers are trained to prepare the necessary documents that you need in the case. If you're a business owner, the attorney will prepare the legal papers for you. Some people are not familiar with the data needed in the filing of the case, including vital documents that are necessary to the case. With the help of an experienced lawyer, it would be easy to finish the task on time and in the proper way. In addition, skilled bankruptcy attorneys will protect you from harassment of affected creditors that might harm you in the long process. The legal practitioner will file necessary actions in the court to provide you utmost protection.

I'm convinced that most people who have won bankruptcy proceedings are guided by the best attorneys in town. No wonder some of them share their experiences online. In this sponsored post, I'd like to share my honest comments about bankruptcy lawyers. They can be trusted in your goal to achieve your financial stability.
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Vivienne: Chic Single Detached Model House in Cavite

| 06 September 2012
For the upscale market, Profriends developed a stunning community for home buyers. It's called Bellefort Estates and the project is specifically located at Brgy. San Miguel, Molino IV, Bacoor Cavite City.

I'm so impressed with the real estate development because of its fabulous home designs. My favorite house model is Vivienne, which is a single detached unit and featured a spacious lawn. The housing unit is available in two colors, yellow and blue units. It's perfect for first-time home buyers, including those who want to invest in real estate.

Vivienne House Model is absolutely an easy-to-own house and lot for sale in Cavite. It's also the best unit for a large family since it's the biggest unit in Bellefort Estates with five bedrooms, three toilets and baths, spacious living room, dining area and kitchen, laundry/service area, and provision for a garage that can fit two cars.
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Mañosa Properties sets new heights of luxury and sustainability with Ylang Lane

| 30 August 2012
Drawing from an inexhaustible reserve of Filipino-inspired motifs, Mañosa Properties Inc. is destined to top its previous residential creations, as it sets to unveil what is without doubt its most exclusive townhouse development—Ylang Lane in New Manila.

Luxurious Philippine indigenous material interiors evoking the breezy open spaces and tranquility of the finest resorts characterize all seven duplexes and single detached units of Ylang Lane. Each unit rises four story-high with a grand penthouse, and is surrounded by lush vegetation in a marriage of breathtaking beauty and practicality that can only come from the hands of internationally acclaimed Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa.

COLLABORATION OF THE MAÑOSA’s in YLANG LANE. Architect Bobby Mañosa (center), Group Chairman, lead the ceremonial laying of the time capsule of Mañosa Properties’ newest project, Ylang Lane, with sons Architect Angelo Mañosa (left), CEO of Mañosa and Company; and Dino Mañosa, (right) CEO of Mañosa Properties, Inc.

Ylang Lane, as the senior Mañosa admits, is a distillation of his design philosophy that he has nurtured for more than 35 years. His dedication to capture the Filipino spirit in elevated structures and apply innovative “green” architecture is manifested in Ylang Lane’s indigenous landscaping, water conservation features, and energy-saving spaces that let in abundant natural lighting and ventilation.

Creating only seven units allows Mañosa Properties to cater only to a premium market, one that would readily pay a premium price per unit, for the chance to live with that rarefied mixture of exclusivity, sustainability, and even history, since only a select few will get bragging rights for owning a product of a world-renowned architect.

Indeed, the limited number of units has helped Mañosa pour all his talents into and elevate these from luxurious homes to genuine works of art. Every facet of its 350-square meter floor area is a celebration of Filipino innovation, best captured by his design philosophy of “contemporary Filipino green architecture”.

YLANG LANE GROUND BREAKING. The Mañosa Property group during the ceremonial ground breaking. From left to right: JM Palomares, Property Manager; Lisette Mangonon, Sales and Marketing Director; Mar Corpus, CFO; Rony Mayor, COO; Arch Bobby Mañosa, Engr. Gomer Magno, Director for Construction and Dino Mañosa, President and CEO

An exclusive enclave centrally located at the heart of New Manila, Ylang Lane has a wide interior road and open area with generous cuts allowing each unit to have their own garden. Each unit has a 3-car garage and is topped by its own penthouse with rooftop garden entertainment area. Among its “green” features is a rainwater harvester that can collect for landscape maintenance, car wash, and other household functions.  Lastly, one of the project’s highlights is its security, where it is of utmost importance.  Centralized CCTV and roving security are some of the features of the security system in Ylang Lane.

Ylang Lane is the pilot project of BERDE for horizontal town house development by the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC), whose one of its founding members is the young Mañosa architect, Architect Gelo Mañosa, an advocate of Green Architecture himself. With its wide open spaces, lush landscaping, natural sources of light and air, and low-density living, Ylang Lane is designed to satisfy many requirements prescribed by eco certifications.

Located on Ylang Street in New Manila, Quezon City, Ylang Lane Townhouses takes after Mañosa Properties’ other premium townhome development, Lantana Lane, which is also found in the area. For more information, contact 705.1135/497.7302/842.6988 and 0917.585.6709, Lisette Mangonon (Sales and Marketing Director);

Contact Persons:

Air B.Urquiola                                                                                    Faye D. Marcelino                                                            
Business Unit Director                                                                      PR Consultant                    
Telefax: 725-0237                                                                             Telefax: 725-0237
Telephone: 470-8535                                                                        Telephone: 470-8525
Cel: 09178328572                                                                              Cel: 0933-1598929/0906-5839863
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