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Kate Middleton Fashion Glimpse Of Her Wedding Gown

| 29 April 2011
It's been confirmed, Alexander McQueen's protegee, Sarah Burton designed the wedding dress of Princess Catherine. Of course, the design is unique and innovative. Its simplicity is apparent that makes her so beautiful on her wedding day. As I've expected, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now, Princess Catherine) had a modern twist. With the live feed on television, I can see the ocean of people who celebrated with others during the occasion.

Going back to the wedding gown of Princess Catherine, I noticed the sparkling flowers made of beads and other materials in it. The bodice is simple and perfect for her slender body. The stunning Sarah Burton dress is testament to the demure sense of style of the beaming bride of Prince William. Also, I like the design of the veil and of course the sparkling tiara. The classic and impressive work of Sarah Burton made the new Royal wear the dress fit for a princess.

Prince William and Princess Catherine

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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Cutex Nail Color

| 27 April 2011
I've written about the manicure set that StyleBible gave me as prizes last month. That was one way of showing my gratitude for being chosen as one of the winners of their contest. Two weeks ago, I started using one of the nail colors that I received. I was so happy with the results. Why? I've chosen to apply in my nails the Cutex Nail Color Pure Cotton. Yes. It's so white that it looks good in my nails.

Also, StyleBible is so good for giving me these awesome products. The Cutex Nail Color Pure Cotton is manufactured with Keratin. It is also toxin free, meaning it has no DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Do you want to see a photo of my nails applied with Cutex Nail Color? Here it is.

Cutex Nail Color Pure Cotton
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Fantasy Villa In Mougins

| 25 April 2011
My fondness of Luxist website returned a favor of knowing the best estates across the world. Today, let our thoughts visit France, where an enchanting estate is found. The Fantasy Villa in Mougins stirred my curious mind since it has been dubbed as a fantasy villa. The magnificent villa was built in 1980 and now considered as fully renovated, expressing its true grandeur and beauty. It is also found at North of Cannes, France with a promise of tranquility and calmness to potential inhabitants.

There are other things which you could get in living at The Fantasy Villa in Mougins, according to a Luxist writer. In that vast, scenic and elegant place, many great restaurants are found. I also learned that Picasso spent the last twelve years of his life there. I'll no longer mention the fantastic things that The Fantasy Villa in Mougins could offer. Talking about its manicured gardens is enough. Here's what I'm talking about.

Photo Source: Luxist

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Philippine Web Designing Company Leentech Network Solutions

| 24 April 2011
I know you'll agree with me that there are many web designing companies in the country that provide quality services and readily give promises that they could deliver, but then couldn't. As usual, they'll end up in the piles of ordinary Philippine web designing companies because of numerous qualities that they lack; such as commitment, value, innovation and utmost dedication. Will you find time to know one of the best Philippine web designing companies? I've met the Leentech Network Solutions team in one of the blogging events I attended and all I can say is that they're the best. Why? I've seen some of their end-products and discovered many of their online work, aside from the fact that I've seen the magnificent increase of their network through the years.

Now, let's talk about the services that Leentech Network Solutions offers to the public as one of the best Philippine web designing companies. The team primarily offers professional ecommerce solutions, quality web designs and practically all types of web solutions. Their honest dealings with clients is noticeable such that they're willing to study the latest trends of the information technology industry when needed. They want you to control your own website in the simplest way. For me, that's so cool! To know more about Leentech Network Solutions, visit their website by clicking, Leentech Systems.

I got this photo or logo via Facebook.

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Bloggers Fest At Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

| 23 April 2011
I've been talking about the recent Bloggers Fest in my other blogs. Well, this My Regency post about the event is for my friendly visitors here. The said event was held last April 16, 2011 at Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal area. There were 200 plus bloggers who attended the event, including me and hubby. :) Even here, I'll say that I really like the way all the organizers handled the Bloggers Fest 2011 with the help of the sponsors and also the speakers who provided valuable knowledge about blogging.

I agree with other participants that the food served there is very delicious. That made me plan to prepare the same menu at home. :) Also, Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal area is splendid! When I first stepped in the resort, I was thinking of my favorite movies that could have been taped there. With that, it's like having one of the most important events for bloggers, the Bloggers Fest held in one of the best tourist destinations in the country, Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal with many active netizens to enjoy the day.

the venue

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Fashion Inspiration Blog Ethan Koh Bag Line

| 20 April 2011
He considered himself a bag couturier. That's Ethan Koh from Singapore. If you haven't heard about him and his amazing bag collection, head over to Vogue to read his story. At a young age, he was able to attract clients and start his own line. He was even tagged as London Newcomer in the field of bag making. But, what about that?

His creations aren't ordinary. The latest Ethan Koh bag line is a testament to that. You'll see extraordinary designs and fashion colors mixed with elegance. You don't just think of Hermes or Prada, you'll surely notice his talent on designing and selling bags. At par with the best and sought-after designs, his creations will surely attract more attention in the days to come. See these candy-like bags in crocodile skin from Ethan Koh bag line.

Source: Vogue

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Gifts From StyleBible

| 19 April 2011
Do you know that an interactive and interesting fashion website exists? Yes. It's StyleBible. I've been reading the site since last year and I get informed of the latest fashion trends because of it. Lately, they have a feature about what bloggers' style and points of views. That's great, right? Not only that. They have existing promos for their online readers and supporters. Because I joined one of their contests, I received gifts from them after being chosen as one of the winners. I already mentioned this before and in my fashion and lifestyle blog. Here are the gifts from StyleBible.

I received this manicure set and the April issue of Preview Magazine. To have a preview of its latest issue, just visit the site.
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Jennifer Lopez Crowned As World's Most Beautiful Woman

| 14 April 2011
That's exactly one of the reasons why I watch the latest season of American Idol: I like watching Jennifer Lopez because of her beauty. She knows how to handle herself well, adept in showcasing her talent and being very fashionable despite her age. Now that she was chosen as the World's Most Beautiful Woman, I'll read more about her and watch out for her latest style.

According to Daily Mail, Jennifer Lopez was thrilled earning such most-coveted title at the age of 41. I love her aura in the cover photo of People Magazine April issue. But I'm more amazed about her when she shared that staying beautiful isn't an easy task and that she was able to maintain her beauty. I can sense her hard work and commitment to have that it that way. She deserved being tagged as the World's Most Beautiful Woman.

Source of Photo: Daily Mail

Jennifer Lopez Crowned As World's Most Beautiful Woman

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Facebook Page Launch Giveaway Chic And Sassy Homemaker

| 11 April 2011
I'm hoping to win Skin Food Gift Items! Yes. Chic and Sassy Homemaker blogger is having a Giveaway for her Facebook Page Launch. I'm eager to support her! You may join the said giveaway until Thursday this week. She is willing to share some of her sassy finds through the Facebook Page Launch Giveaway.

I like the Skin Food Nail Vita in Glossy Blue. Also, I love reading her sassy blog. By the way, I already participated two giveaways this week just for fun. I love supporting bloggers like me, that's why. Mommy Des is so kind to follow my blog via Google Friend Connect and leave comments so she really deserves my support.

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Burqa Ban In Paris

I was just reading the major news at CNN when a story about Burqa Ban in Paris caught my attention. I'm thinking, what's Burqa? As I go along the news, I've learned that it refers to wearing the niqab- the full Islamic face veil that reveals only the eyes. There was a law in Paris to ban wearing the niqab that caused confusion and contention among many people living there. That was because there existed in Paris, France more than five hundred people wearing  niqab.

Referring to the situation, the question goes like this: to veil or not to veil?

I'm not part of France. In my own opinion, people should be informed of the burqa ban in Paris. Maybe, the reason of the confusion and contention is lack of information.If there will be issues beyond that, then it will surely brings up religious issues. Let's just see what will happen while the burqa ban in Paris is ongoing. You'll know more about the story here at CNN.

Photo Source: BBC Religions
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Shen's Addiction Contest

| 08 April 2011
You're aware that I'm a fan of blog giveaways. I joined a lot of blog giveaways before and won some. But what I really want to win are beauty product giveaways. That's why I joined Shen's Addiction Third Anniversary Giveaways. I want to increase my modest collection of beauty products and winning some from blog giveaways is a great help.

I hope to win this giveaway. You'll still have time to join too. This is open until the 13th of this month. So, why not join? Just click this, blog giveaways. Have a nice time and God bless us all!

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Republic of Cavite Restaurant

| 03 April 2011
Have you been to Trece Martires City Cavite area? If yes, I'd like to share a good news for you. I'm sure food bloggers, tourists and food enthusiasts will be happy to know about this. There's a cozy and famous restaurant at the heart of Trece Martires City, the Republic of Cavite Restaurant. Being linked to historical legacy and rich culture of the province, Republic of Cavite boasts of its delicious and delectable dining experience offer.

The specialty in the said restaurant is Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce. I've tasted it and believe me, it's super delicious. You'll also love their Paksiw na Lechong Baboy in Liver Sauce and Fried Halohalo. Republic of Cavite also serve Pork Dinuguan and Grilled Eggplant Salad with Salted Egg that will surely entice you to be back in the restaurant with more opportunities to celebrate life with your friends and family members. For me, Republic of Cavite restaurant is the best place to enjoy dining during special occasions.

they serve piniritong halohalo. one of my favorites

they serve this, named as onde onde

You may visit their website: Republic of Cavite

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