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Corner With Love

| 09 July 2009
I am a certified drama addict as I would not stop watching the show until it wraps up. Since I love writing and reading literary pieces, I also watch telenovelas or soap opera just to learn how plot develops, different genre and its combination, and even how the characters embraced the story. I finished watching "Corner With Love" recently with matching remembrance of the TV-hit Meteor Garden I and II. This is because the lead female star of "Corner With Love" is the also the female lead star, and yes, I am talking about my favorite Barbie Xu.

The story is very interesting as this time, Barbie played the character of a rich princess named Sherry. Alan Lou played the leading man named Qin Lang who is an artist and a grandson of a famous oyster omelet cook. The story started in Shanghai when the family of Xin Lei (Barbie) are living while Qin Lang worked as oyster pancakes chef. The two characters met when the rich princess wanted Qin Lang to teach her how to prepare oyster pancakes. Xin Lei is about to marry a son of a rich couple. There are many twists and turns of the story aside from the fact that the title itself presents the possibilities of meeting anything good or bad in corners. When the family of Xin Lei experienced financial difficulties and announced bankruptcy before fleeing away and leaving behind their daughter, the life of Xin Lei changed. Her fiancée is also about to marry another girl for family business purposes. She was forced to transfer in Taiwan with a key and a house address in her hand. The said address turned out to be the house of Qin Lang! The rich princess tried to live the life before her, when there is no personal chef, driver, and housekeeper anymore. When she is about to love the people who accepted her in Taiwan, her ex-fiancée asked her to return to Shanghai. Her heart is for Qin Lang, but her fate is for her ex-fiancée who made her family take back their properties. Xin Lei decided to forget the past, but her mother (who happens to be the best friend of Qin Lang's mother and the co-owner of their house in Taiwan) allowed her to choose what she really want in life. Of course, the story ended well where Xin Lei went back to Taiwan with Qin Lang.

Barbie Xu is really a good actress while Alan Lou is very talented also. Besides, the drama Corner With Love has 16 episodes with genre romance/comedy. It is indeed, a magical story of two people who truly love each other.


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