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Finding a Shaving Kit Online

| 25 January 2013
I've been looking for a range of complete shaving kits. My husband asked me to find products that will give him a nice after-shave feeling. He wants a shaving kit that has essential oils and are made of natural ingredients. Since I want to stock up for his much-needed products, I've decided to research on how to find the best shaving kits online.

Earlier today, I've read an interesting article about building your complete shaving kit. It's an informative article with insights on each shaving product that men needed for their shaving routine. These products include pre-shave items, oils, oils for electric shavers, shaving powders, shave products, lathers, brushes, razors and post-shave products. There's a wealth of knowledge for every man's shaving routine.

We know that most men use basic shaving kit. If they have a blade and a can of foam, then that would be enough. However, there are many ways to improve your lifestyle to have inspiration in your daily activities. Are you ready to know the shaving essentials for a perfect shave?

Here are the tips that I have learned from the article.

Use an exfoliant scrub and hot water to open your pores.
Use pre-shave oil to soften facial hair. Natural oils are perfect for this step such as olive, coconut and sunflower.
Use depilatory powder to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
Add shaving lather to your kit to ensure buffer between the skin and the razor. Shaving foams moisturize and lubricate the skin so use it often.
Also, use a badger hair brush to get it right.
It's good to stay away from disposable razors and invest in a quality multi-blade cartridge safety razor or a double-edged safety razor.
Don't forget that post-shave products will relieve burn, dryness and razor bumps, and some will even help heal cuts.

There are other sources of shaving tips online. You can read blog reviews on each shaving products for added knowledge. By the way, this is a sponsored post. However, all the points are my own.


{ Dennis smith } at: August 24, 2013 at 12:13 AM said...

Getting shaving kit online is great as we can get a variety of range of razors. Thanks for sharing.

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