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Thirty Years of My Past

| 23 November 2010
I'm so early in coming here in the office, so I think this is a perfect time to post about thirty years of my past. This is a recollection of the things I've done after graduating high school because I choose to keep the rest for myself. I'm really happy because things are still getting better despite the challenges that I encountered for the past decades.

The things I've planned and done with my comments.

First, there's a need to take up a college course. I chose Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science for one reason that I want to be lawyer. I enjoyed my Pol Sci days and started being a member of a debating club. Of course, I earned the degree by hard work and diligence.

Take up law. Being in law school is tough. Imagine reading a lot of law school books for daily oral recitations in class. Honestly, I was a very lousy law student. I didn't study hard and I only passed because of my quick reviews before exams. This thing happened in my second year until I graduated with "falling colors". How sad when I was successful in my elementary and high school days, referring to academic and extra-curricular matters. Did you know that I was an athlete even up to law school? Yeah, that was track and field. My last run was in a law school activity.

Attend a practice court hearing. I'm not really an outstanding student in law school but I've tried a lot of fun things to do. I was able to participate in a real court hearing under the supervision of a law school professor. It was nice and fun. Honestly, I was really nervous at that time. We need to help a person recover damages from the defendant. As a side note, I won as speaker in debating contests and made known for a while because of my "impressive they say" performance in a moot court hearing. I can't forget being a popular "witness" at that time. Because of that, I gained friends and enemies, too.

Take the BAR exam and pass.  Some stroke of luck, but I failed. I can attribute this failure to my lousy performance in school, too much time and attention given to extra-curricular activities like debating, mooting, sports, fraternity and others. By the way, I'm a member of an exclusive national law fraternity and sorority.  I've regretted not being a lawyer after my graduation but I never regretted enjoying life that time. I've learned a lot of things because of the bittersweet detour.

To really fall in love. I have a tale to tell because of this. But really, I did this for literature and fun. It's true that I've been in love but when it's over, I realized I should go back to reality. I've known a lot of people because of this and visited a very beautiful and calm place in it's finale.

Visit places. I've been to different places within the Philippine island. The cities include General Santos, Davao, Dipolog, Cagayan de Oro City, Iligan, Marawi, Guimaras, Aklan (Boracay), Iloilo, Manila, Bulacan, Dapitan, Ozamis, and others.

To marry when twenty-eight years old. My plan of marrying at the age of twenty-eight years old happened. I was married in the Philippines Temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), not other temple that you know, by the way, to a man three years older than me. I hope to have twin (little ones) with my husband.

Rent-to-own. I started paying when I was twenty-eight years old. I'll share some pics by the time we we're able to remodel the house.

Insurance. Yes, I'm insured. That's for my future and in case I'll die first.

There are other plans for accomplishment. Until the next recollection....:) Thanks for reading thirty years of my past blog post.



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