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Wishlist For Christmas 2010

| 24 November 2010
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Here in My Regency, I'd like to prepare and share my own wishlist for Christmas 2010. Prior to that, I'm so lucky to receive several gifts from loved ones last Christmas. Since my birthday falls in the month of December, birthday gifts added my collection of favorite things.

The best thing that I received last Christmas is good health. I can't imagine myself being sick and stay in the hospital. With God's help, I felt I'm healthy and able to perform my daily tasks.

How about you? Let's shift the focus on you, dear readers. What's your favorite gift received last Christmas? If you have your own wishlist for Christmas 2010, please share it by leaving a comment

Here is my wishlist for Christmas 2010:

Basically, I want a necklace, a handbag and earrings this Christmas. I hope my husband reads this post and think about it. :)

This necklace is very beautiful. It's perfect for my pale blue dress. It has been named as hand painted enamel double heart pendant designed by Carole Le Bris Perez.  It's part of the La Petite Princesse collection which can be purchased here.

This handbag is my favorite because it's PINK! Well, I might purchase if HERE, if I can complete my savings. It's called Pink Dylan Satchel Leather Handbag by Linea Pelle. It's so cute, right? :)

Finally, I want a pair of earrings! It must be unique like this one. 

It can be bought here



{ Jolly Princess } at: November 27, 2010 at 9:28 PM said...

Nice gifts!

I have not think of anything to buy for myself this Christmas. I am transferring apartment next year. I am saving on some monies as early as this year. My 13th month pay is already allotted. :)

{ Stephaine } at: November 29, 2010 at 12:08 AM said...

@ jolly princess same thing with me.. one additional person in my family makes me need a new apartment. Though my parents place is so wide open for me I still dont feel like moving in again hehe..

When it comes to material wish I want to have a handbag as well any maybe a really nice clothes for my son..

{ E•M•O•T•E•R•A } at: December 1, 2010 at 12:17 AM said...

Nice wish list thinking to make one but I am lazy as of the moment. :) nice items btw. :)



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