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Recent News Stories

| 03 November 2010
I'm inspired just to write random recent news stories today. I've been visiting a lot of websites this time and I got some items to talk about. It's very rare for me to do this because I'm used writing one topic-blog post then. Here are the recent news stories for the day:
Let's talk about the recent viral video about one of my favorite Korean actress who allegedly insulted Filipinos in a KBS television show. The news mentioned that Korean actress Lee Da Hae denies insulting Pinoys' English accent and she apologizes  through her Twitter account. Remember that My Girl star who is so good in her acting skills? Well,  Lee Da Hae is the same Korean actress who plays the girlfriend of Jerome Lee in the original Greenrose Korean drama. I said original because I've read somewhere that ABS-CBN is currently preparing for an adaptation to be top-billed by Anne Curtis.

Lee Da Hae's apology is here (from Style Bible) "As an individual who used to take English classes over the phone with a Filipino instructor, I give you my word that even the mere thought of mocking Filipinos would never cross my mind," Lee Tweeted. "I cannot tell you how much Filipino fans mean to me. I would in no way hurt or upset them."

Another recent news stories from SEO Centro includes the fact that Google is ranking internal pages rather than home pages. It's like over the last day or two, Google has done yet another algorithm change (the 3rd or 4th noticeable one in 2 weeks), where on some searches they are ranking an internal page over the homepage.

We have also here Chloe, Yorkshire Terrier,  who was dressed as a princess in a dog lovers event.

Lastly, check out the Vogue Daily Fashion here in My Regency blog.

Chloe, Yorkshire Terrier,

 Vogue Daily Fashion

Lee Da Hae


{ beanizer_05 } at: November 3, 2010 at 11:42 PM said...

yeah..i've read the news about that korean early this first reaction was "wow! koreans study in our country to learn english and got the nerve to mock at pinoys??"..but then, i was enlightened at the end..i do hope she's sincere in making those tweets and not just thinking the possible causes on her career considering the crazy Pinoy fans she got here..tsk tsk..

that cat in dress is cute..meow meow!!

{ zeb } at: November 4, 2010 at 7:12 AM said...

another points sa tourism natin ito pag nagkataon :D Peace Out!


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