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Ko Hyeon Jeong Dae Mul Movie Review Series I

| 10 November 2010
I'm so lucky because I was able to watch the first few episodes of Dae Mul in Youtube. Before it was aborted due to copyright infringement, I was able to watch  the first four episodes. Ko Hyeon Jeong Dae Mul movie review series will be added here in My Regency because I was enticed to watch out for the said Korean drama series. Remember her in Queen Seon Deok as the cunning Mishil?

For the first part of our Ko Hyeon Jeong Dae Mul movie review series, let's talk about my first impression of the drama. First, I'm still captivated by the acting prowess of Ko Hyeon Jeong. She's still very capable of delivering a unique role for the viewers to remember. Being so engaging and intelligent, she could make you wonder, smile, cry, laugh, think and rethink every time you watch every scene of Dae Mul. My first reaction was: There's a unique mix of beauty and intelligence in the aura of Ko Hyeon Jeong in Dae Mul.

The story? Well, such drama series was tagged as where the role played by Ko Hyeon Jeong became the first woman Korean president. In the first few episodes, you'll know how it turned out and where the official journey started. You'll surely love the scenes where she had an exam in a television broadcasting company. She first met Kwon Sang-Woo as Ha Do-Ya that time.

Speaking of  Ha Do-Ya's character, there's an air of drama and fun. You'll agree with me when you'll see the hilarious scene with his father. Of course, you'll also cry like me during the scene where his father kissed the foot of a rude politician whose son is so hateful. That's was a very sad portrayal of abuse and survival. That also caused Ha Do-Ya to work hard and be a fiscal.

I hope to write more about Ko Hyeon Jeong Dae Mul movie review series in the future. I'm just waiting for someone to upload via Youtube the series with English subtitles. Those videos I've seen recently was with Spanish subtitles. Although I can understand a little Spanish, it's still very hard for me.


{ stephen } at: November 10, 2010 at 11:50 PM said...

sounds interesting. .I am looking forward to watch this series:)

HanJiYoon at: November 11, 2010 at 12:35 AM said...

If you would like, I actually have the link to streaming videos of episodes 1-10 of Daemul with English subs that are not YouTube. Are you interested?

{ zeb } at: November 11, 2010 at 4:22 AM said...

isa ka din pala sa natamaan ng mga asian invasion actor and actress, mas lalo na yung mga pamangkin ko they are so crazy sa Super Junior ba yun. hehehehe.



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