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The Beauty of a Woman

| 17 May 2010
The beauty of a woman is in interesting topic to explore. People usually mention that a woman's beauty can be measured by knowing what is in her heart and not only by judging her outward appearance. I decided to write on this topic after I met a person with a beautiful heart. Her beauty is unique. With a long black hair and simple make-up, her beauty is truly remarkable. For a long time, I was wondering what was her secret. Last week, I also stumbled upon a magazine wherein it was written that a woman always looks beautiful when her actions reflect what is in her heart. In other words, there are myriad secrets to show or express the beauty of a woman.

As they say, speaking words of kindness makes your lips so attractive. I remembered Audrey Hepburn words relating to this. True enough, if you happen to see or hear a woman speaking evil words, her unattractive lips become noticeable. No wonder women always try to speak kind words! Additionally, women who always seek the good in others project lovely eyes. Then, it is true that your eyes become dim and scary when you happen to think ill against someone. Here is a funny yet touching words, to stay fit, share your food with the hungry. It is a written heavenly rule that we should feed the poor and the needy. These people are also our brothers and sisters. Since women are known to be compassionate, it is expected that they share their food to the hungry from time to time, as in literally. In that case, it is easy to maintain one's vital statistics.

Finally, to have poise, women should always think that they never walk alone. As daughters of God, women were considered princesses on earth. They should act and think this way in order to remain poised and dignified amidst all kinds of trials. Indeed, the beauty of a woman is found in her heart and expressed in her eyes and finally seen in her actions. Truly, the beauty of a woman is not only represented in her outward appearance but also reflected in her innate beauty.    


{ beanizer_05 } at: May 17, 2010 at 11:26 PM said...

oh my!! There she goes again..she's so stunning (the pic)

you said them all right..what made women beautiful is how they show value to their words and actions..
just like you...

btw, claim an award in my last post

{ sagameem } at: May 27, 2010 at 7:18 AM said...

great article.
you're right. for me the real beauty is coming from heart inside and their outward appearance is an xtra bonus!!


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