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How To Avoid Car Accidents At Night

| 07 May 2010
My cousin's friend died because of a car accident at night. My high school teacher's husband also died out of the same reason. Many lives are wasted because of car accidents at night. At this day, I remembered the death of my cousin's friend. In order to avoid car accidents at night, here are some tips to go over.

First, lower your speed because distances are harder to judge at nighttime.

Second, make sure all lights and signals are operating.

Third, dim dashboard lights.

Fourth, never drive with parking lights. They confuse approaching drivers.

Fifth, turn on lights at first hint of dusk.

Sixth, keep headlights on low beam when driving directly behind another vehicle and when approaching another vehicle.

Seventh, avoid highway hypnosis on long trips by keeping eyes moving. Check traffic in all directions and do not stare on any single object for prolonged periods.

Finally, be prepared. Pedestrians and objects are more difficult to see at night.

All these tips on how to avoid car accidents at night helped a friend safe while driving at night. Hoping that these tips will help you, hence this post was made.


{ Karl Lopez } at: May 7, 2010 at 8:56 PM said...

in remembrance of michael

{ Kevyn Hagemann } at: February 16, 2011 at 8:52 PM said...

There's nothing wrong in lowering speed! I don't why some people think that lowering speed is for cowards. Well for me, lowering speed at night and even during rainy days or winter season, is important to avoid accidents. Obviously, high speed is not appropriate for night and slippery grounds. If you drive on a high speed, you might encounter problems with your brakes. Since I mention brakes, checking brakes of your car before leaving is important. You know, my Dodge Caravan that I bought at Edmonton has a good feature. But I'm still checking my car before I leave my home because I hate encountering hassles during travelling.


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