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My Love Story

| 03 February 2010
This post is a reply to Beanizer's request about my own love story. Beanizer is a regular visitor of this blog.

Back Story

Love is something that I look forward to in this life. It gives me a reason to smile, laugh, think, work, hope, help, and be the best that I could be. But I learned one lesson about love that made me a better person. I met Enzo because of fate. I fell in love with him because of charm. And I fell out of love because of hope. One day, i had a feeling that Enzo would be the guy for me. Why? We share the same interests, we had the same dreams in life, and we both believe in being sentimental. We used to talk within long hours about things that makes life mysterious. We deal with the same problems. We had been separated for years and met again amidst the twist of fate. Enzo's eyes are magical. Having a gaze with him is forever. Well, that is the problem. Having magic is not forever. With just one click of the magic wand, it may end, stop, deteriorate, and disappear. He fell in love with a common friend without me knowing what is going on. Cheating heart. He did not only cheated on me, he turned my world upside down. Maybe, the magic went dreary and our love fell apart. No, it is my world that fell apart. I have to leave him for good. Indeed, the magic must end. There was only true love and great love is only for  moment. He was just a great love but not my true love.

I Found The Castle

For sometime, I went somewhere to move forward. I wanted to find the castle that has been promised to girls that were betrayed by their love ones. I walked, traveled, and climb the mountains to pick the pieces as fast as I could. I will not let time kill me of the pain that I felt. I must do something to live again. Well, it was not easy. But it could happen. Let us say, I met a prince in a certain place. He was alone. He is looking for her princess. And there I am, shedding a tear. The prince wiped the tears and married me when the sunshine finally comes in. I am now happily married living under a castle roof. My love life in the past turned into a cottage of hay. Is it not interesting? There is really something at the end of the rainbow. Believe me.

Don't stop believing!


{ beanizer_05 } at: February 4, 2010 at 5:07 AM said...

wow! well that's ..that's.. i lost my what is the name of the prince you found??..
what a love story!..
wait,hmmm, can i make few more comments??..oh well, i would still say it even you try to stop me..hehehe..
hmmm..i have no question with your saying he(enzo) is not your true love..but i doubt if you mean it because of the cheating thing or not..coz i somehow believe..that true love is really true love..
if sometimes we see our hearts broken,still we must not doubt love, some love might not last forever but it doesn't mean that it is not true :)

i'm glad you found the right prince:)
hey, thanks for granting my wish:)
ah, hope you will not do the revenge on me--ok?..hehehe..
hey, you didn't answer the 25 random things..i tagged you on that one..

{ Karl Lopez } at: February 4, 2010 at 5:52 AM said...

hi beanizer, his name is herex, well i really meant enzo is my true love, i just want my hubby to read the post on his side,,,hehehe, well i am now going to answer 25 random things..thank you

{ beanizer_05 } at: February 4, 2010 at 4:52 PM said...

hahahha!! herex..their names are unique..well, he's a lucky guy-(will you answer, you're the lucky one?), hehehe,,so herex didn't mind your comment box?--oh, it's fine anyway, enzo is your past..what matters most is your happier now with your hubby:)


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