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For Arnold

| 21 October 2010
Back to the days when I experimented my destiny for a decade, when in fact, I just have to choose one best way- I met you. Of all my guy friends, you're so different. You're easy to understand, especially when I gaze at those mysterious eyes. But, you're the most unpredictable. Don't get me wrong, I really like you as a friend during those days. That was also the time that you've seen my "true" self- fierce, genuine and resilient. I don't know if you still remember how much I cared, even when you're easy to neglect some glaring sigh, wish and hope.

I remember one time looking at those group of guys dancing to the tune of "I can't remember". You're so amazing before my very eyes while I'm afar left unnoticed. Fraternity moments? No, that was when you're about to enroll law school. But at least, you invited me to meet your family during your graduation. That was a blast! Really. So, how's your Mom? You once said she's looking for me. However, the reasons why I'm so harsh on you lately are glaring facts of past heartache, confusion and resolution. Your friends, our friends, our brothers and sisters don't know that I had both good and bad times with you. It seems like it's essential to ignore and get trampled upon.

I was there hoping to be ushered home by a friend because it's getting too late and I'm not feeling well. But I was left alone. No one understood how much I needed security in that fateful moment. There were times that some things were questionable but I ignored the signs. All were drawn in that magical evening, yet I'm glad it happened because I finally had the courage to decide on my next step, freedom. That's freedom without you and my trusting heart.

Don't worry. I never felt ashamed and regretful being your friend. It led me to a perfect place and opportunity to truly love a Priesthood holder. He's aware of you because I'm always convinced that you're really a best friend no matter what.

So, here I am. Please excuse me for being fair. You knew why I'm so mad at you. I mean, I'm so disappointed yet happy that I had the chance to learn many things because of you. In fairness, I still remember your songs with a guitar, your brother, Angelo, everything, all things about you but never "us". I got to know Julie Ann, Angelo's wife, your Mom and you became my brother via MKP.

I wish you all the happiness that this temporary life could offer. Since eternity is what I want the next life- I never hesitated to go far away from you to be with Corsene, only to get married to Rex. I'll I want is an eternal family, being a lawyer happens only when God allows. Also, I'm grateful for the good times. Remember, you're one of the people who made my life so colorful and interesting. Isn't it a blessing? Indeed.

Sorry. Good luck. Take care, Arnold.


{ beanizer_05 } at: October 22, 2010 at 11:37 PM said...

sweet and very sincere :)

your friend is lucky to have you too karl:) xenxa po, haven't been here for sooooo long..but still i'm happy to find your lovely blog :)

{ Herbal Cure for Breast Cancer } at: October 23, 2010 at 3:31 AM said...

Another good read from you ate kar!

Weeeh! Nautingkay ang kagahapon..hehhe

Ex links ta te beh..


{ Krincess Carl } at: October 23, 2010 at 7:48 AM said...

Hi Kri, I've added your links in my favorite sites bar. Thanks for the comments. xoxo :)

@bean: hey hey! I've checked your blog lately. Nice posts! Take care. Thanks for the comments, Beanizer! Coming from My Regency and Best of Life.


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