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The Necessity of Taking a Vacation

| 19 August 2014
Every time I want to unwind after days of writing, I prepare for a weekend getaway. One of my favorite destinations is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. I also visit resorts in Laguna and other neighboring areas.

When I got married, my love of travel was heightened. My husband also loves to travel so it wasn’t difficult for me. We included in our travel plans the idea of visiting islands. So we dropped by Camiguin Island in one of our trips to Mindanao.

Now that I’m fully charged, after taking a two-year vacation from working so hard in the metro, I’m ready to travel again. This time, my plans are more concrete.

I’ll travel for three reasons.

1. To unwind

We know that relief from every day strains restores the joy of living. Remember, your vacation must be sensibly planned. Make sure to list down the activities that you want to do while on a vacation.

Personally, I go on a vacation to unwind because I’m a writer. Sometimes it’s boring to just stay at home and mechanically perform household tasks everyday.

2. To learn

It’s essential to learn something while you’re on the road. It’s a requirement, not just a whim. Why? You’ll never really enjoy being on the road without learning something along the way.

I learned a new skill while visiting a new place. I became acquainted with ornamental plants, too. And the list goes on.

3. To earn

Obviously, I also earned money while travelling. Except during vacation days, I travel to sell something or do something for a client such as research and writing. After all, the ideas that I collected during trips are useful in my writing tasks.

These reasons are vital to my plans in life. I want to enrich my blog so it’s necessary to widen my route.



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