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How To Create A Unique Home Decor

| 03 December 2010
I'm so happy with the increasing traffic here in My Regency. When I started this blog two years ago, it was just a play. My husband wanted me to start a blog, but I'm not really serious about it. The love of blogging really started when I met some friends online and when I discovered a lot of tricks in making a blog grow. For today, my post is about how to create a unique home decor. I'm not a professional interior designer, yet I'm really fascinated with unique home designs. My primary consideration is creating a unique home design using affordable materials.

Our home isn't complete, I know. There are many things to accomplish like painting, flooring, finalizing the kitchen, putting up a fence so that dogs won't run away just to play and finalizing the bedroom upstairs. While we're preparing all these, I want to know how to create a unique home decor.

I finally made a unique home decor when I was invited to a church activity which is an art festival. I thought it was unique since the materials I used are all recycled. On my way to the wet market, I searched for tree wigs. I decided to make a Tree of Fashion. I found tree wigs and I brought it with me while looking for fresh pork and fish in the market.:)

Upon reaching home, I took my used nail cream and used it to paint the branches of the tree wigs. I used color pink, lavender, green, red and yellow alternately. After that, I took my handmade fashion accessories and tried it on the tree of fashion. The dogs stood beside me while doing this project. I finished the project two hours before the event. Love it!

"In making a unique home decor, try to find inspiration online. There are lots of bloggers who share their passion on home design. It's also wise to recycle what you have. Look around you, you'll see a lot of materials that you can transform into a beautiful piece." - My Regency

Of course, I won under the "most economical category". Also, our group won the best creation. I was also the one who gave the spiritual talk.  I'm so blessed being a member of our church because my passion on arts, public speaking and fashion aren't neglected.

the tree of fashion

 other entries

the winning piece, one of the judges told me later on that we won because our work is difficult to make


{ aquitenoise } at: December 5, 2010 at 10:24 AM said...

You are very creative....wonderful artistry


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