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Bus Rental Philippines and Planning for Family Travel

| 04 September 2014

Are you planning for a holiday family trip? What are your plans? I’d like to talk about planning for family travel during holidays. After all, the holiday season is on our way and we’re so excited to make it special.

Let’s get started.

Book your travel tickets a month before departure

If you’re traveling with your family by plane, it is advisable to book your tickets ahead of time. It is one way to save money because plane ticket promos are offered usually ahead of your departure.

If you’re planning to hire a bus, research about Bus Rental Philippines and ask for recommendations. Many companies offer bus for rent services for holiday trips to nearby provinces.

Prepare your travel documents

I included this item because there may be plans for family trips abroad. Make sure that all your travel documents are complete, including screen shots of passports or visa as issued for the trip.

Pack up early

Before preparing for your luggage, create a checklist of the items that you need to bring such as clothes, accessories, toiletries, swimming attire and extra t-shirts. Don’t forget to bring your camera, chargers and flash light for the trip.

Bring extra things such as face towels, water and snacks

During trips, extra snacks and water is necessary, especially if kids are traveling with you. Don’t forget the first aid kit because it’s essential in case unavoidable circumstances happen.



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