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Iligan City and its Undeniable Beauty

| 27 July 2012
For a decade, I was a resident of Iligan City as I worked hard to finish my studies at Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University. I've visited almost all corners of the place with my relatives, classmates and friends. I've experienced attending parties and enjoying festivals, hiking and participating in community projects. In 2007, I've decided to transfer in Manila with my friends. Even though I'm no longer in Iligan, the city has a special place in  my heart. No wonder I'm always enthusiastic in sharing about its restaurants, schools, shopping centers and tourist attractions.

 lunch at Dear Manok

The beauty of Iligan is popular across the globe. The chartered city is well-known because of Ma.Cristina Falls, Mimbalut Falls and Tinago Falls. Ma. Cristina Falls is the most beautiful waterfall  in Iligan. Known as the "Mother of Industry" and "Fountainhead of Progress," the waterfall is the landmark of the city. On the other hand, Mimbalut Falls is very captivating with its naturally crystal-clear water. The majestic beauty of Tinago Falls has also enthralled many visitors. The tourist spot has a dazzling view with the falls cascading beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean, and deep with icy cold water. The three scenic spots contributed to the development of its economy, tourism and food industry. 

Gorgeous Ma. Cristina Falls

In 2008, one year after I left the city, I immediately returned with my true love. I was newly-married at that time and part of our two-week travel to Mindanao includes a side trip to Iligan City. Of course, I wanted to let my husband see the beauty of the highly urbanized industrial city. We had an opportunity to visit Timoga Swimming Pool, Bucana Beach and other tourist spots. I really love the mouth-watering pork lechon and snacks sold in the streets of Timoga. We enjoyed dining at Dear Manok, Big Dipper Restaurant, Epay's Lechon Manok and Peek 'n Berry. During our three-day trip, we stayed at Famous Pensionne House and Casa Royal II.

Stunning Tinago Falls

These days, my love affair with Iligan City is still obvious. I still enjoy reading write-ups about the city and my stalking days are not yet over especially when I've heard about the existence of new restaurants and shopping havens. On our next vacation, I'm planning to book at Cheradel Suites and dine at Dear Manok and Jacko's Kan-anan. I've heard that Jacko's Kan-anan is offering crispy squid to their loyal customers. I'll also visit some of the most elegant waterfalls found in the city.

My husband enjoying at Timoga

I would like to invite all of you, my fellow bloggers, travelers, backpackers, foreigners and tourists to visit Iligan City. Enjoy an exciting vacation and adventurous tour around the city. You can choose from any available mode of transportation such as jeepney, taxi, foot-pedaled tricycle, horse-drawn carriage, motorcycle-for-hire. Let the adventure begin. Cheers!

“An official entry to the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012"

Source: Scenic Spots



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