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Invisalign Treatment Over Traditional Braces

| 14 August 2010
I'm going to write another post about Invisalign treatment, and this time via My Regency. I've researching about this product for documentation. I noticed that many orthodontists in the US offer this dental service or treatment. Basically, its for crooked teeth and applicable for teens and adults. I asked my dentist if this treatment is available in the country, but his answer is in the negative.

Invisalign treatment is also designed to achieve a perfect smile. Compared to traditional wires or braces, Invisalign is invisible, meaning it's not obvious if a patient is wearing Invisalign braces. It's also made of plastic and must be worn six to eight months, depending on the needs of the patient. Upon consultation, the orthodontist will take pictures of the patient's teeth and uploaded in the computer. Through 3d effects, a treatment plan can be made for the patient. Meaning, this course of treatment consists of a set of clear aligners that are molded to fit your teeth using a proprietary technology. Patients wear them all day and night, except for meals, brushing, and flossing – when you can easily slip them out to make eating and cleaning a snap.

In order to learn about Invisalign treatment, you may click on the following blogs. These are honest reviews on the product from bloggers who experienced wearing the Invisalign trays:

 Sharon's Invisalign Adventure. She said "I am very happy that I did this! I love my smile now. I can stop obsessing over my crooked teeth. I can walk by a mirror and feel happy about my smile and not try to see if they look crooked in the lighting that I am in. Yes, it was expensive, but worth it in my opinion".

My Invisalign Blog. She said "Not much new with the Invisalign. I am used to them, I take them out when I eat, I put them in after I eat. I keep the trays clean, mostly because if you don't they feel gross in your mouth".

Thank you for checking this out. Have a nice day!


{ Isha Shiri } at: October 12, 2010 at 8:58 AM said...

Very good post about orthodontics.

Vernell Leider at: January 5, 2011 at 3:10 AM said...

I can say that invisalign is really trendy and cool, because they're not visible, unlike the traditional braces. Unfortunately, today, not all people can be a candidate for having invisalign, because it doesn't suit to all forms of teeth and gums. I also wanted to have invisalign, but my dentist advised me to stick with the traditional braces. I had my braces last year (November 1, 2010, to be exact) at Mt. Pleasant. Dental services are known for great dental care and my mom knew this dentist since 2007. My dentist advised me to visit him twice a month so he can monitor the improvement of my teeth, as well oral health. Thankfully, I haven't had a problem orally so far, and I can see the great improvement in my teeth. Though I have traditional braces, I can say that I don't look like a nerdy student because it really suits me. I can say that in Mount Pleasant, dental services are truly great.


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